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  1. Cheers for the input guys. Yeah the facelift will come with the same 8 speed auto as the F10's they say, but i doubt my dad will buy the facelift and capitalise on the cheaper older models. I'm not a huge fan of the Jaguar design, yes the little gadgets are cool inside, but i just found some interior plastics a bit low quality compared to the rest (grab handles on the door). And i prefer the subtle lines of the F10, but the interior i love the most, best one yet IMO.
  2. Hi guys, Dads after an upgrade now and he really fancies an XF, where as I'm pulling him towards a 520d sport. He went for a test drive in the XF a couple of weeks ago and he really liked it, especially the interior, but i found the headroom in the back a little cramped along with the ride quality from a passengers point of view not being that much better than our current E39 SE in terms of ride quality if I'm honest. We were meant to go and test drive the F10 soon, but need to find some time. But i think being a 2.0 diesel, 50mpg and decent performance (for a 4 pot) would be best against the XF. Would like to hear what you guys think about it? If anybody has had experience of both, i'd be interested to see what you have to say. Cheers
  3. Sav

    I've just priced up my F10

    I spec'd up a 520d sport for my dad, 14k of extras, quickly decided against it lol Quite a few coming for sale though, with decent spec, front heat seating etc. In 3 years time, there will be a million for sale once the finance is up.
  4. Charged £89 for just under 6 hours work.
  5. Well it had a spray by a cheap guy a while ago when my dad was being tight, and there was overspray on the bootlid and other areas, and then it got resprayed again by somebody better so it had 3 different paints on it lol Pro Polish Daniel Bryson 07807555883 daniel.bryson@blueyonder.co.uk
  6. Yeah Justin, its just my dads car, came on here when he bought it. Cheers guys, was well worth it! He showed me the dirt from the carpets, dirtier than the dirty water after a car wash!
  7. Hi guy, decided to get the car detailed by a local guy, who's done a pretty good job considering! Before: Pre Clean using Tardis G101 and then Valet Pro Snow Foam Dr. Leather was used on the interior, along with a shampoo of the carpets Engine bay was cleaned using full G101 wash down and rinsed down, dryed and dressed with 303 Protectant X4 Coats of Miligori Wheel Seal applied and tyres later dressed with Zaino Tyre Gloss Scratch on the o/s rear quarter from the guttering falling onto the car Headlights machine polished full car polishing via rotary and Menzerna 203s and 3M Finishing pad Few more little jobs and it'll be up for sale, never gets used anymore
  8. Sav

    Persisting Braking problem

    Bushes bought from BMW, whats the tightening procedure?
  9. Sav

    Persisting Braking problem

    Just an update to this guys... Bushes that were on the car both seemed fine, although 1 was slightly split but looked like it wasnt damaged enough to cause any problems. Got them replaced anyways, but the problem still isn't fixed Now me and my dad are thinking of what to do, whether to just trade it in to BMW and get a new car or still try and fix it. I've said i'll go halfers with him on the hubs to get replace (£50 each from eurocarparts) but we have no idea if that will cure it. Any other suggestions guys?
  10. Sav

    Persisting Braking problem

    Spot on mate, thank you, and fingers crossed!
  11. Sav

    Persisting Braking problem

    aa i see. Any idea of the cost of the bushes? Diagram to where they are? Theres also a bush problem for the rear isnt there? cant remember which ones though.
  12. Sav

    Persisting Braking problem

    I read in Autocar, in the buyers guide, that the bushes caused a comon braking problem, so told revolution AND our mechanice to have a look at all the front end bushes, and they came back saying they were all fine. I'll mention it to them again mate, cheers
  13. Sav

    Persisting Braking problem

    All good. Having a french nightmare with the clio at the minute, but should be completed by the end of summer, and then a big euro road trip to be planned. Then a plan to invest into M power in 4 years How about you? E28 still perfect as last time?
  14. Hi guys and girls. Long time no speak. Forums looking good as ever. Our cars had a continuing breaking problem for a while now. Last year, the old discs were fairly knackered and the car had some violent shaking under breaking. We then fitted new EBC discs and pads and the problem was fixed for a short while. Until a few more car journey saw the discs to quickly have a vibrating problem with the steering wheel when breaking. This quickly got worse and we had them inspected. Mechanic had said the discs were faulty, so EBC checked them out and sent us another set. We then had them fitted at Revolutions as they used a dial out gauge to make sure the discs sat straight. But now with these replacements, the discs started to slightly begin to vibrate under breaking. Took them back to revolution, and they said the breaks were fine, but the ball joint on one side was at fault. We than had it replaced by our local garage, but the vibration still wasn't fixed. A friend of the mechanics worked for BMW, and he then faxed the headquarters to see what the problem was. And now they are saying it is the wheel hubs. So, is it part number 5 in this diagram yes? http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=DT12&mospid=47538&btnr=31_0255&hg=31&fg=10 And do you guys think anything else could be the problem? Cheers
  15. Sav

    E60 LCI Headlight retrokit request

    As far as i know, you cant get a wiring adaptor from BMW, and if you could, it would be no where near £30. The £30 in the posts previously are refering to headlights i think. When i went to BMW for a quote, i was quoted £800+ for the parts etc. There is somebody that has made a custom adaptive wiring loom which have proven to work, IIRC it was £200 brand new from him? So that ebay link seems to be the same thing. Hope that helps