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  1. ChizFab

    Alpina Centre cap keys... help?

    Guess whos back... its the key haha thanks for the help guys but went and had a look in@my mums and found it in the key cupboard! anyone fancy a set of alpinas haha? thanks again. kyle.
  2. ChizFab

    Alpina Centre cap keys... help?

    aye the caps are off, i have been to a 2 locksmith before about a similar key for other caps and they just shook there head at me said there was nothing they could do. they have just been refurbed but cant sell em without keys really lol.
  3. Got a set of e34 Alpina's without keys for the centre caps, so phoned bmw with all relevant details and they came back to me saying i need to buy a set of new centre caps just to get new keys??? If anyone can help, or has any suggestions i would be very greatfull chaps! kyle.
  4. ChizFab

    E39 540 Drift Car no. 2 !!!!!

    lee kit is the bmw aero kit, i would sell you this one, but the rear valance now has a hole in it lol. as jeek said various water system related issues are a foot! And my lecy fan burnt its wiring out due to a short, so need to replace the water system accumulator chap that runs between cylinder heads, whatever else the -17 winter has bust, the lecy fan, and also need to plumb in a swirl pot at some point before the season kicks off again, suffering really bad fuel starvation on cornering after fuel drops to between 1/2 and 1/4 tank which kills power mid way through bends making for randomly snatching grip in the rear and trying to punt me off on the inside of corners. not cool! These things are awesome fun when they work haha. just discovered after fixing core plugs, and a split water pipe that 540 no 3 has a fooked matrix. lovely!
  5. ChizFab

    e34 track day car

    nicks work is awesome!! absollutely awesome. cars looking bad ass mate.
  6. ChizFab

    E39 540 Drift Car no. 2 !!!!!

    finally managed a drift day with all 3 540's on track at same time and not breaking, pitty it was pi$$ing it down! finding that 2 of the cars suffer from bad fuel starvation when fuel level drops close to 1/4 tank, mines is better with a replcement pump, but still an issue. winter developments ahoy.
  7. new air filter and spark is really good, have fitted new cap/arm and good coil too. Hmm i wonder if the valve clearances are that bad?! more things to check later cheers duncan il let ya know any findings! kyle.
  8. brand new plugs and changed leads for good 2nd hand efforts, doesnt seem like its misfiring at all to me duncan.
  9. tps now adjusted correctly...no change still stinking rich!! now wondering if this is the cause?? 3bar was the measurement i took@idle so will try another FPR. thanks for your help chaps.
  10. cheers duncan/seventhirtyeye you guys never fail with the knowledge!! another reason why this is my favourite forum by a LONG way!! will look into the tps position today and report back thanks for the suggestions chaps. kyle.
  11. ChizFab

    E39 540 Drift Car no. 2 !!!!!

    hahaha. well from experience we find TC systems ususally give up soon as you run a welded diff, mines did so too so i thoguth nothing more off it, then it started working again, and where the front edge of my hydro handle rests is up against the tc button, so everytime i pull it and let go it switches the traction on/off lol. simple fix. will see if TC runs its on fues, failing that knock an abs sensor out the equation, or imobilise throttle flap controller i guess. car seemed good when traction was OFF lol.
  12. viewtopic.php?f=9&t=63521 cheers lads.
  13. as above almost completed on a partial resto for a customer on an e28 m535i, lovely car but just wont run lean enough to pass emmisions for mot, co2 is through the roof! reading 10 as opposed to under 2 where it should be! so far i have tried the following.... - Replacement AFM - Checked resistance across temp. sensor for ecu - Deleted cold start valve/injector from circuit to eliminate that, or a faulty temp. time switch, causing overfuelling - Checked all vacuum lines for leaks, and tested vacuum circuit with guage - Checked fuel pressure @ fuel rail - reads 3bar which as i understand it is correct as m30 runs a 3bar fuel pressure reg. - Checked inlet hoses for any leaks car runs great, starts first time ebery time warm or cold, pulls like a train, no misfire other than when the plugs begin to get coked up from super rich mixture! drives great but when its sitting idling and warm it stinks, makes your eyes water if you stand near it lol!! any ideas suggestions much appreciated guys. kyle.
  14. ChizFab

    vans - £1000 budget - help which one?

    avoide french vans they will let you down. vw caddy is prob your best bet in that price ramge for loads of space anda solid 45mpg+