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  1. E34Guy

    E39 M5 breaking.

    Sorry guys, have had no net access for the last few days. All pm's replied to.
  2. E34Guy

    E39 M5 breaking.

    sorry both sets of headlights are now sold. pm sent re eisenmann
  3. E34Guy

    E39 M5 breaking.

    Great, will pm you some details. Thanks
  4. E34Guy

    E39 M5 breaking.

    Hi Mike, will do those for £60 delivered, thanks.
  5. E34Guy

    E39 M5 breaking.

    Pm Replied thanks, no plenum available I'm afraid. Headlights, airbox's, strut brace and ARB all sold. Thanks
  6. E34Guy

    E39 M5 Eisenmann Sport Exhaust

    Still available
  7. E34Guy

    E39 M5 Gruppe M Carbon Intakes

    Id be inclined to do a bit of negotiation but I have someone making an offer this afternoon on this and the exhaust together. Ill keep you posted. Thanks
  8. E34Guy

    E39 M5 breaking.

    Hello, please see photos of headlights, cheers
  9. E34Guy

    E39 M5 Gruppe M Carbon Intakes

    Hello, they were fitted to my own car and no bumper removal required, they pick up the standard air box inputs.
  10. E34Guy

    E39 M5 breaking.

    No problem will do today
  11. E34Guy

    E39 M5 breaking.

    Thought as much, no hassle.
  12. E34Guy

    E39 M5 breaking.

    Hello, yeah they come complete with the bulbs/ballasts. Perfect lamps only needing an adjuster or two. Im afraid I don't want to split the armrest from the full centre console as that's provisionally sold. It is a solid black leather armrest with no phone No problem, this is still available. Will I hold it for you?

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