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  1. Splondike

    E39 530i Touring Individual Manual

    Sold to the first viewer, a local BMW nut via ebay in the end. Viewed this morning collected tonight and almost for the asking so all good. He's very excited which is nice
  2. Splondike

    My 'new to me' 2011 F01 730D

    Looks a lovely place to be that Dan
  3. Splondike

    E39 530i Touring Individual Manual

    2001 BMW 530i Touring Individual Manual Spec: Rare 3.0 petrol manual, in BMW individual Orient Blue, with Grey Montana Leather. It was originally SE spec in 2014 when Steve (Oxo) acquired the car and he set about going right through the car and upgrading to Sport Spec. Including, suspension, front and rear bumpers, black headlining, ///M door mouldings and sills etc. Options: Dynamic Stability Control Self Levellling Suspension Multi Function Steering Wheel (works with new Stereo too) Alarm Satin Chrome Roof rail delete Privacy Glass Cruise control Roller Sunblinds Rear side Windows Dual Zone Climate control PDC Front and Rear Auto Reverse Dipping Nearside mirror Maintenance wise, anyone who knows Steve will know that he fastidiously maintains his cars and that’s why I bought this safe in the knowledge it had been supremely well looked after, oil changes every 5k miles etc. Even without an official service history. It has had the following renewed: Clutch and flywheel E60 550i short shift Clubsport weighted gear knob New rocker cover Rear crank oil seal Clutch slave cylinder Radiator Water pump Expansion tank New viscous coupling and fan Front and rear gearbox seals New ABS unit Brake lines cleaned and undersealed Springs Shock absorbers Rear Airbags Steering arms Rear arms Drop links Windscreen replaced Exhaust – Power flow rear box Vacuum Hoses Diff and Gearbox oil refreshed Brake discs and pads Xenon Headlights New tailgate Rams Bosch Silver battery Recent history Initially when I got the car I replaced the standard silver trim inside for a classier brushed silver set and updated the steering wheel to the later sport type. I had this re-trimmed with M stitching slightly fattened and topped off with a new badge, it’s really a lovely thing to use. The gear change is crisp and clean thanks to the 550i lever and new linkage. When I picked the car up it was let down by a couple of bodywork defects, the front passenger side wing was a pattern item which did not fit perfectly and the paint was blistering and on the rear quarter there was a crack in the wing were a dent had been filled. I found a perfect condition original wing and ended up having the whole side correctly repaired and painted (I have full set of images of the work). This was superbly repaired and the car now looks spot on. It was developing the E39 “shimmy” at certain speeds and examination revealed the front arms were in need of replacement, I suspect the large spacers to accommodate the Rota Grids with a 3 series offset was the cause, so I replaced the arms with Meyle heavy duty items and then set about looking for a set of M Parallels. I managed to source a set of the hard to find 19inch ones at surprisingly large expense and had them re-furbed with diamond cut faces and slightly darker silver inner faces to key in with the car, obviously with new centres and ///M badges. Shod with new 265/35/19 and 245/40/19 Khumo PS 71s They look stunning and transformed the car instantly from drifter to executive express ! I then set about upgrading the audio to get some Bluetooth functionality and mp3 playback etc. So opted for the Innovadrive and a Kenwood DMX 125. Which looks kind of OEM and has the touch screen functionality I wanted. I also upgraded the front speakers to Focal Audio 130AS components and rears to Kenwood KFC-PS1795 and installed a Rockford Fosgate amp and subwoofer with the housing neatly installed in the battery compartment. I have fitted a removable tow bar with 13 pin electrics and a new rear splitter, this can easily be unbolted if not to the new owners taste. Bodywork wise the car is extremely clean underneath and the orient blue paint comes up nicely after a wash and polish. There is a small amount of corrosion inside the tailgate area, however I have filled with cavity wax and cleaned it up and it has not changed at all in my ownership and none of it is visible so the car looks great. There are a few stone chips at the front as you may expect. Interior – With the upgrades it’s a very nice place to be, the air con is ice cold and the seats and bolsters are in great condition with minimal wear. The carpets have quality overmats and the black gives a nice contrast to the grey with the black headlining and pillars. The leather is regularly gliptone treated and looks great when cleaned and conditioned. The correct boot blind/dog blind combination is in place. I also purchased a tailored boot area protection mat. History The car has had an Oil Service and check over just recently. I have also installed a new Bosch Silver battery when I first got the car. But sadly has not much history before Steve owned the car. Since then there are bundles of receipts for parts and work done, MOTs etc and the original booklet and manuals. The MOT’s have been advisory clear with the tester stating what nice condition the car is in underneath. Next MOT due Feb 2022. Current Mileage is 108,500, will rise slightly as the car is used some days. The car will be supplied with a full set of keys including 2 main keys, the valet/service key and wallet key. One of main keys is a brand new replacement from BMW as I lost my keys when out and about earlier in the year. I have also just repaired the rear wiper, which had slowed down to a crawl and then stopped working. I stripped it out from the glass, cleaned the mechanism, re-greased and re-fitted it and it now works correctly again. I have decided to sell the touring as I am feeling the call of a diesel daily again now as my mileage is going to start going up significantly as work sites now my employers sites are starting to open up fully again. So in summary, a really nice example of one of BMWs best which is ready to be used and enjoyed, with all the major E39 mechanical foibles addressed and which drives exceptionally well. In this desirable and rare manual format it’s a far better proposition than the auto in my opinion, which can develop costly faults. The manual box is able to properly exploit that lovely M54, it is somewhat spritelier than the auto version (I have owned both). I will be sad to see it go but I am glad it got me out of my previous Mercedes and back on the right BMW track. So it’s up for £6750 with the M Parallel wheels or £5250 on the Throwing stars in the final image, which are my winter/service wheels, these have a brand new set of 235/45/17 Toyo T1Rs on them. I have all the original audio components which will be supplied with the car plus a few spare parts including a seat in nice condition. I am only a mile from J9 of the M20 or if you travel by train I am happy to pick you from Ashford International which is only a mile or so too ! There are a load more images in the Pistonheads ad here : https://www.pistonheads.com/buy/listing/12372861
  4. Splondike

    Genuine Hartge (OZ) Alloy wheels 17x8.5 ET13

    I had 235/45/17s on them mate.
  5. Splondike

    Genuine Hartge (OZ) Alloy wheels 17x8.5 ET13

    Yeah, they are lovely. Just did not look as good as my Borbets on the E28. Now on another M535i E28.
  6. Splondike

    530i Touring Manual

    Sadly I am going to be putting the touring up for sale, which is a pity after all the effort to get it how I wanted it. I am returning to the office next month having worked at home 90% of the time during covid times and my role now means more traveling round the country to a number of new sites. I don't really want to pile thousands of miles onto this car really so a newer diesel will probably make more sense going forward. I would have done it sooner but things have been a bit difficult as my father became very ill over the last month and sadly passed away on Sunday. I will put an advert up in the for sale section once I have completed my upcoming university drop off duties. I have drafted an advert a while back, I just need to take some decent pictures. If anyone wants any details before then drop me a pm.
  7. Splondike

    My 'new to me' 2011 F01 730D

    Very nice, that colour will keep you busy mate
  8. Splondike

    530i Touring Manual

    As above, yeah sorry. It's indeed a double din Kenwood DMX125 unit and Innovadrive. I have been away on hols to Yorkshire and not been around much, car performed faultlessly as you would expect Piccy at Elvington with a bunch of cool jets ! A Meteor, a couple of Hunters, a Tornado, a Buccaneer and a Javelin
  9. Splondike

    Splondike's M535i Project

    No, I think the guy's son you are referring to is called Tahmid, did his dad have an E24 M635i as well ? I met him at a car club meet a few years back. These were both dark blue probably Macau, or similar. Nice little collection though !
  10. Splondike

    530i Touring Manual

    After a sabbatical from having a BMW as my main car, with the Landcruiser Amazon and then the E350 the count went back up to four in the house during lockdown one. I discovered a poor dejected looking E39 touring in Welling that had been languishing unloved for a period of time and another forum member pointed me in the direction of the car and thought the owner would take a sensible offer for it. So a bit of a "barn find", only out in the open........... ......not really. It was Steve's (Oxo) and as such had been well looked after and nicely brought up to spec during his ownership and was too nice to pass up When Steve first got the car around 2014 it was a nice individual Orient Blue 530i Manual which he set about bringing up to sport spec. He added sport bumpers and a sport headlining and then set about bringing up to spec and when I got it had the following: New Clutch, New Flywheel, Rear crank oil seal, New Clutch Slave cylinder, New Radiator, New expansion tank, Gearbox oil seals front and rear, New ABS unit, Underside checked, Brake lines cleaned and undersealed, New brakes / disks etc, New suspension all round, new rear air bags, New springs, New shocks, New Steering arms, New drop links, New windscreen, New black Headlining, New front and rear sport bumpers, 7 x Rotagrid wheels, New door cards, New exhaust, New vacuum hoses, Diff oil changed, Gearbox oil changed New Viscous coupling and fan. So too good to pass up really. I got her home and she looked like this: Immediately I wanted to update the interior a little, so I found a nice set of brushed aluminum trim and the later sport steering wheel to give the interior a lift. Whilst mechanically perfect and a nice looking thing, the front offside wing was a pattern item and the paint had reacted and was letting the side down a little, and on the rear was a crack where a dent had been filled so it needed those areas attending to. I found a perfect original BMW wing and sent it into the paint shop to get these areas remedied. I was not expecting the outcome but once the filler was removed the size of the dent in rear wing was revealed ! The bodyshop did a brilliant job of removing all the filler and re-shaping the panel before addressing any other issues with the doors and painting the whole side ! She came home looking stunning. Having got used to a couple of cars with decent audio systems I set about upgrading the sounds with a Kenwood head unit a Rockford Fosgate amp and 10" sub in a bespoke enclosure and some nice Focal audio speakers up front. I am quite happy with the sound now. Whilst I liked the Rotas I felt it was making it look a 520i trying to be something it was not, and with fond memories of my previous 530i Touring on 19" parallels I had a look around for some. However they seemed to be pretty hard to come by so started to look for OEM 18" ones. Whilst doing so I discovered a set of the 19s which were nice and straight but had been painted in plain silver. So I had them re-furbed with a slightly darker silver centre and here is the result: The eagle eyed will have noticed the change of plate to an ageless one which cost £46 plus the fee to swap. I also had to fit a tow bar as it has to do some towing duties. But I am quite happy with the result and will now enjoy. I did have to replace the front arms due to the famous E39 shimmy despite them being replaced fairly recently, I am not sure if the big spacers on the Rotagrids had a part to play in this but she drives perfectly now Big thanks to Steve for letting her go, Perfect Paint for the excellent work and Diamond Cut for a lovely job on the wheels. Now what to upgrade next
  11. Splondike

    Splondike's M535i Project

    Finally had them out after a mix a lockdown and poor weather ! I must either try and use them more or flog them to someone who will. I dropped my son to a friend of his and took the M535i. His dad says, "Oh that's a lovely E28. I have a few BMWs in my garage do you want to take a look?". Anyway he opens up this large garage area and the first thing I see is a nice 840, and a B3 3.3 Alpina convertible. To left though is something really special, a lovely 850Csi (V12 Manual beast) and over in the corner a nice blue E12 M535i and a Carbon Black E39 M5. A nice surprise, nice bloke too so hopefully will see these things out in the wild some time !
  12. Looking good mate, mine has a similar amount of tint by the looks
  13. Always grateful to Ja for letting me drive 172 at Marham, an epic machine indeed. Capped an awesome weekend hosted by the RAF lol Off the clock down the straight, and the noise ! Surreal moment overtaking my own M535i as well haha. Let's hope she goes to a good home
  14. Splondike

    Genuine Hartge (OZ) Alloy wheels 17x8.5 ET13

    Sold for the asking
  15. Splondike

    Genuine Hartge (OZ) Alloy wheels 17x8.5 ET13

    Lol Si I've re-thought the price and figured out due to the vast selection of cheaper ones available I'll leave it as is