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  1. Always grateful to Ja for letting me drive 172 at Marham, an epic machine indeed. Capped an awesome weekend hosted by the RAF lol Off the clock down the straight, and the noise ! Surreal moment overtaking my own M535i as well haha. Let's hope she goes to a good home
  2. Splondike

    Genuine Hartge (OZ) Alloy wheels 17x8.5 ET13

    Sold for the asking
  3. Splondike

    Genuine Hartge (OZ) Alloy wheels 17x8.5 ET13

    Lol Si I've re-thought the price and figured out due to the vast selection of cheaper ones available I'll leave it as is
  4. I persuaded another forum member to sell me these wheels as they are one of my E28 favourites and I had been looking around for ages for a set to come up. Anyway we struck a deal and although not essential, I had them powder coated in BMW silver and fitted new Hartge centre badges to freshen them up. I then put them on the car and it looked lovely, however not as lovely to my eyes as it looks on the Borbet Bs and they have since sat in my garage gathering dust. They have the proper centre cap key and fit perfectly on the E28 with a really nice dish, much better than the much more common 16 inch variety and the come with correct centre cap key. They really deserve to adorn an un-kitted E28 or an E34 which would look fantastic, sadly they won’t fit on my E39, E46 or the E36 M3 so with some reluctance I am prepared to let them go if anyone here wants them. I would buy a car to put them on however this is slightly impractical I can pm individual pics etc if anyone is interested. £1200 Socially distanced collection possible. Located in Ashford in Kent.
  5. Splondike

    Innovadrive NXG-39 / OEM look Double DIN Fascia

    Finally got this unit installed in my recently acquired 530i Touring...BMW count now up to 4 lol It's nice quality and looks like it belongs in the car so I am really happy. Even I managed to install it so it must be simple I do keep trying to adjust the volume with the fake "knob" though lol Thankfully I have bought a kit that allows for the steering wheel volume up/down and track/station skip to work (and it worked first time amazingly) Thanks to Dennis for the prompt service
  6. Splondike

    Everyone with a e28 put your pics up :D

    It was just a reflection, I was moving around my garage space and one of my spare set reflected nicely in the headlights
  7. Splondike

    Everyone with a e28 put your pics up :D

    Currently taking mine apart and cleaning things that have been annoying me After taking this picture I noticed my "Hartge" light was smashed by a stone so another job to add to the list !
  8. Splondike

    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    Loving what you are doing Ian. I had a chat with Piers about his M30 work and he was very happy with Lester Owen and Alunox. Those guys really do nice work.
  9. Splondike

    To all the newbies :-)

    What he said ^^^^^
  10. Splondike

    The price of originality!

    Looks like a stunning example, nice one :)
  11. Splondike

    Tracking down my old e28

    Any alive or dead really Dunc. Good to see the old 520i is still fighting on
  12. Splondike

    Tracking down my old e28

    No, probably not Ivor. It was based on those who made contact and some that I knew of already, the previous incumbent had nothing to pass on and it's far from extensive ! But any details are welcome, drop me an email mate. I have model, exterior and interior colour, chassis number, reg number, owner and some notes on them.
  13. Splondike

    Tracking down my old e28

    Hi Rich, I may be able to help as I look after the register for the car club, but would need a little more info. Reg no, chassis no etc would help. Cheers, Mark
  14. Splondike

    E28 528i on ebay forever...

    It was for sale when I bought mine ffs !
  15. Splondike

    Who is that man with the camera ?

    Yep, guilty as charged