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  1. bmpaul

    Active headlights - inactive

    Put it all together and disconnect the battery and leave it for half an hour and reconnect and see if it’s all restored. I have the flashing green light and I did this and all worked fine after
  2. Hey all, just wanted to share a little issue I had with mine and how it was sorted. A while ago I managed to bump into the back of a van at some lights- not actually my fault but I was behind it and all that.... but as a result of that bump which I didn’t realise at the time, my passenger side headlight xenon stopped working, I put this down to the bulb being blown, but I pressed the button on the fob for the follow me home lights and they both worked fine, so I had a closer look, and after seeing the headlight swivel warning lamp on the dash and the flashing green light in the light switch I did a bit of Googling and it was coming back as water ingress in the light control box on the underside of the lamp. So I took mine out and had a look, I could see the lamp casing was cracked and thought that’s where the water is getting in, i then had a look into the control box and it was obvious it was knackered, so another headlamp purchased from a breakers, I noted that the control boxes had different part numbers, but I thought I’ll try anyway, installed and nothing- same issues so more research and it was pointing to me needing to code it in and all this and because they are different part Numbers that it might not work- then I had a thought, so I disconnected the battery for 30 mins then reconnected and as if by magic, normal operations had resumed and I had both lights working and no more warnings on the dash!!!! Nowhere on the web suggests doing this so if you are having trouble after replacing things- give it a go! (Sorry for the long post)
  3. bmpaul

    1998 728i on Facebook

    I can’t believe these are getting dearer now, I bought a 728 a few years back, 2012, in better condition than this and it’s was £900! Now you can’t find too many for sale, shame as I wanted one back again, Miss my old girl
  4. bmpaul

    535d turbo refurb options?

    This sounds like a major ball ache, if this ever pops up on my car- some other poor sod can do it!!
  5. bmpaul

    Bixenon angel eye bulbs

    See, they live amongst us........... trust no one!
  6. bmpaul

    My new favourite BMW saloon

    Definitely, they need to be a sport to really carry off the look and turn heads
  7. bmpaul

    My new favourite BMW saloon

    I had one of these and if it weren’t for a change of job in 2012, I’d still have it. Superb cars, and the itch still remains
  8. bmpaul

    Cold start nightmare

    What outside temp does it need to be to see the pre warming message? ive never seen it on my 35d, even in this last cold snap it just cranked and fired straight up
  9. bmpaul

    Fitting LED day time lights

    Please don’t do this, they always look absolutely terrible and even worse when one decides to stop working
  10. You sure those large gaps are not the missing trims that always seem to go missing as they only clip in. As far as I knew the radar is is a circular thing and there is just the one part of it in the grille rather than two bits
  11. bmpaul

    What will you do in ThanksGiving Day?

    Yeah, thanks giving isn’t really a thing here so other than what we’ve seen on tv, we don’t really know
  12. bmpaul

    Engine bay strut.

    Is it really composite? Thats intresting and annoying as one of mine has a crack in it which is slightly alarming
  13. bmpaul

    Battery and IBS

    As you’ve bought it and winter on its way, I’d be inclined to keep the 110 battery
  14. bmpaul

    BMW E38 740D BI-TURBO

    It was something to do with the rhd steering column being in the way and also, I suspect they probably didn’t see enough of a market for it to warrant the re engineering. Absolute shame as I would have loved one myself