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    Beemers, Liverpool FC, beer, wife
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    e39 530i sport
  1. jimboe39

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    I was in the Royal Navy as an aircraft maintainer, now in the civil service (mod) teaching RN maintainers how to fix Merlin helicopters, love the job.
  2. jimboe39

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    thanks for the comments by the way, love the colour too.
  3. jimboe39

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    wow, I live about 1/2 mile away from the tanks , small world.
  4. jimboe39

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    By all means lol
  5. jimboe39

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    Bet that looked nice
  6. jimboe39

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    Yes champagne interior, it,s got "BMW Individual" door sill caps, don,t know what that means, the last one I had was fitted with "M" sill caps. got her for £4,449. Probably a bit too much????? Thanks for the comments. By the way, anyone had there pixels done? Is it better to send it off somewhere, if so any recommendations, many thanks, Regards, Jim
  7. jimboe39

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    Thanks bud, not seen many in this colour.
  8. Hi all, after 4 years in a S Max ferrying round the grand kids I,m back amongst the fold. Just got a E39 530i Sport in Mora Metallic with 67k on her.Picked her up in Windsor and drove her back to Cornwall. Did not put the radio on for the first 4 hours , just listened to the engine going down the motorway. I will put some pictures up of her as soon as I have uploaded them to my pc. Good to be back, Regards, Jim bmw 530i e39 sport _ eBay.html
  9. jimboe39

    E28 M5 spotted in Munich legends

    What a great looking E28.
  10. jimboe39

    Car Battery on its way out?

    Got the biggest Varta one that would fit in the hole for mine. My lad said it looks like a battery off a boat !! Had no problems since fitting it. ( I was getting the trans fail thing )
  11. jimboe39

    A prickly issue but is it the hedgehog?

    What makes you think it has anything to do with the hedgehog? I thought it only controlled the fan speed??<br />Battery knackered imho, or maybe alternator, or both. I had to renew them both on mine.<br />Have you had a "Trans Fail" warning? This is normally accociated with a very tired battery.<br /><br />Cheer,
  12. jimboe39

    The E39 gearbox issues poll..

    90k on the clock and no issues. Touch wood! Oil has not been changed yet but will probably get it done at 100k to ward off evil spirits.
  13. jimboe39

    New interior trim

    I like it, where did you get it from and much if you don't mind me asking//
  14. jimboe39

    What ' Don't' you like about your E39

    Had mine 8 years now, only thing i don't like is the wiper arms rusting. Had most of the typical things done, hedgehog, alternator and the rust spot under the boot lid. My last four cars were a E28 520, E28 525E, E30 325 and a E39 535 SE. My 530 sport is the best car I have owned.
  15. jimboe39

    estroil blue 530i info needed.

    Too many unknowns for me. Better than this out there. Like the colour though.<br />(Why do people put M5 badges these cars FFS?)