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  1. jimboe39

    instrument cluster replace

    thanks for that Dennis
  2. jimboe39

    instrument cluster replace

    Thanks guys, will get it sent off for repair.
  3. jimboe39

    E60 BMW 525d (3.0) LCI M Sport in Manual

    Nice car, GLWTS, do not see an asking price ????
  4. jimboe39

    instrument cluster replace

    Hi all, my pixels are bad and was wondering if it is just as easy to replace the whole cluster with a second hand one off the same car or get the pixels done.? Is there any issue with the mileage readout or is that stored elsewhere in the cars modules. TIA for any info.
  5. jimboe39

    M Tec brakes?

    just fitted the mtech C hook discs and pads to the front of mine and they are very good imo
  6. jimboe39

    M54 Dip Stick blockage - a Heads Up

    Thanks buddy, cheers.
  7. jimboe39

    DISA valve re-build?

    Wow, you have been a busy boy, nice one.
  8. jimboe39

    M54 Dip Stick blockage - a Heads Up

    Hi mate, could you please send me a link to this, I have trawled through C3BMW,s website and cannot find this tube. Many thanks, regards, Jim
  9. jimboe39

    DISA valve re-build?

    So, job all done, the plastic bit under the flap broke when I was trying to remove it so I had to saw the flap in half to push that out to remove it. Got the orange seal out and put the new O ring in there and cleaned up the flap gate so the new flap did not stick. Gave it a test flight after fitting and all good. Like Dan said, peace of mind. And by the way, the pin was loose but not protruding out, it came out very easy. Car has 70k on her. So would highly recommend doing this mod. Thanks for all the advise.
  10. jimboe39

    DISA valve re-build?

    Thanks for the info, kit ordered and i will will be doing it as soon as it arrives. And i will put the new O ring in the where the orange one goes. My car has 70k on it so will be interested to see if the pin is loose or not. will report back on completion.
  11. jimboe39

    DISA valve re-build?

    Will do.
  12. jimboe39

    DISA valve re-build?

    i6 out of stock atm. getting more in about two weeks. X8R have them i stock.
  13. jimboe39

    DISA valve re-build?

    Great, thanks Dan, I will get the kit ordered. Cheers
  14. jimboe39

    DISA valve re-build?

    Hi all, has anyone re-built there DISA valve with the large pin kit? (M54) I understand the oem valve has a pin that MAY come loose and drop into the intake manifold. I was wondering if this is something I should do as a priority. Any advise appreciated. Cheers,
  15. jimboe39

    Which phone for my car?

    It would depend on what interface you have in the armrest. Mine had an armrest that took a Motorola flip phone, which I have in a BMW box. I have removed the armrest and fitted a plain one with the storage bin underneath as I have fitted a Grom unit which has bluetooth to connect any phone. Do the last 7 of your vin online at https://www.mdecoder.com and scroll down to multimedia to see what phone was spec for your car. Go from there. Good luck