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  1. do you have a picture of what you're looking for.
  2. rhm5y

    E34 M5 front grill badge

    Sorry, just seen this. Ill dig it out and send a pic.
  3. rhm5y

    E34 M5 front grill badge

    I have a good used on if you're interested
  4. rhm5y

    E34 M sport kit ( bumpers, spoiler side skirts)

    I have side skirts and doors from E34 M5 in Avus blue.
  5. rhm5y

    E39 Slimmbones Finned Diffuser

    Is that a carbon fibre one If so , I'm interested. Get back to me as I'm in Musselburgh till Sunday night.
  6. rhm5y

    Indy in East Essex/London

    I can vouch for Highams Park Motors, been using them for years. A friendly bunch with master technician experiences.They specialise in BMWs but handle other makes too.
  7. rhm5y

    Russ Fellows Headers + 100 cell cats

    Wow, they look awesome. One day maybe.
  8. rhm5y

    Sport front bumper - e39 and e39 m5 auto fold mirrors

    Hi, I have a set of M5 auto fold mirrors. The fold function is intermittent on both. They were red but since been sprayed black. The paint job was rubbish and has been rubbed down. Will definitely need painting. Let me know if you're interested.
  9. rhm5y

    New E39 M5 centre support bearing

    I'll take it if available.
  10. rhm5y

    Wanted model M5

    I have a few of the Otto mobile models and they are quite good. Not perfect but the only E39 M5 i could find in a decent size. They pop up on ebay from time to time.
  11. rhm5y

    Bumper stolen

    Found it, #1 Wane Ramsay Fellow Member (>400) Join Date: Jan 2003 Location: east london, england Garage: Estoril blue E39 M5 Individual 2001 Sales Feedback: (0) Thanks: 17 Thanked 6 Times in 6 Posts Lock your bumper Hi guys, a few bmw owners i know have recently had their bumper stolen. I've been looking into this for a while and believe i have a solution which stop thieves from getting your bumper. I'd like to know if theres enough interest in this before i commit myself to this 'project'. The fix for this is a set of special bolts that have individual 'keys'. Each set has a different 'key'. I'll go into more details once i know what the possible take-up/ interest is. This is applicable to all E36,E46,E39 series. Please log your interest. Wane.
  12. rhm5y

    Bumper stolen

    Really sorry to hear about this, seems nothing changes. A few years ago after my mates bumper on the E46 and another on a E39 M5 was both stolen i looked into supplying a bolt kit with locking key but it wasn't well received so i gave-up on the idea. It's still possible but i would need to find out if there is enough people interested, now might be a good time. This would be a pair of bolts for E39 and E46 (they are not the same) plus a locking key similar to wheel bolt key and different combinations on each set. I posted this idea on the M5Board at the time. Anyone interested? Wane.
  13. Chances are one of your bulb has a bad contact remove and replace. My guess is the third brake light under the rear parcel shelf.
  14. I was slow to respond, glad you got it sorted, exactly same thing happened to my M5.
  15. rhm5y

    special m5 floor mats where to buy

    Do you have a part number for these mats, my local dealer says they're unavailable. Cheers.