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  1. sharkfan

    New to E34

    I've owned a run of E34 Tourings with two V8's - it hasn't been mentioned so far but there is/was anecdotal evidence of the bolts that hold the V8 oil pump getting a little loose over time - it isn't that big a job as there is halfway sump thing you can remove to check it but if you have the skills or money to do it's probably worth it. One thing I would say about E34 electronics is that they are best off being used - leaving a car months between use might see some cranky behaviour from the electronics but using it every week or so will hopefully remind the electronics how to behave as well as putting a smile on your face. One thing I would lastly add is check for the first signs of rust - check the sills underneath and behind the sill covers - also inside the fuel filler, the bottoms of the doors, the boot/tailgate and the edges of the arches. As others have said - check/change the gearbox/diff oil (is it auto or manual, saloon or Touring?) and check to see all windows, instruments, switches , AC/vent, keys, central locking, sunroof all work so you know what you're getting into.
  2. sharkfan

    E34 206s2 and e36 206s2 compatibility

    If you have to swap the oil pan/sump I would strongly suggest you compare the part numbers for the oil pump, oil pump chain, sump pick up pipe etc - the oil pan/ sump won't be the sole difference.
  3. sharkfan

    SuperDave RIP

    RIP Dave - still missed - hope your girls are doing ok.
  4. sharkfan

    What are you currently drinking...?

    Thread resurrection 2.3.something Friends around to raid our dvd collection - drumshando g&t's followed by cava or red wine and finished off with fuck you covid shots of Olmeca dark chocolate tequila with baileys laying on top - Teenage dirtbag by wheatus was playing so the shots are now known as cheeky little dirtbags
  5. sharkfan

    Permanent Running Indicators - US Style

    Do any E34 owners have any DRL's rigged or fitted? Where might you find a spare positive around the engine bay that's always live when the engine is on?
  6. sharkfan

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Not a clue I'm afraid - I just threw money at him and trusted to him to do it well - he does everything well so I'm fairly safe on that front.
  7. sharkfan

    Price and availibility please

    Hi, Are these available for a 1985 M635CSi, chassis 0760166; Thermostat - 11531307737 O Ring - 07119906322 Bolts (x3) - 07119913016 Many thanks as always. Kevin
  8. sharkfan


    OP, it looks as though you've narrowed your options to tuning your existing 3.0 engine retaining natural aspiration, or supercharging. One is expensive and won't yield your target of 220/230bhp The other will yield that power and then some more but will be very expensive indeed. Good luck.
  9. sharkfan


    I completely understand - the issue will be getting more power out of the M30 3.0 lump. Small gains might be made by an exhaust, a better induction, and maybe you might find someone who would do a custom map for you but altogether they wouldn't add up to about 15/20bhp so well short of your 220/230bhp target. Good luck.
  10. sharkfan


    With your straight six 530i you started with 185bhp and to be honest you will not get anywhere near 220/230bhp without either; a. Forced induction - super or turbo charging, or b. Losing all engine driveability and flexibility - basically a very high revving race engine, or c. Getting a bigger engine which you've stated you won't do. Whilst the quality of their products is excellent (I have a system fitted to a 635CSi) I would also caution against believeing the power gain claims by Fritz - the system may give 2 or 3bhp more but the manifold just makes a nice noise and actually increases under bonnet temperatures so perversely may be acting to reduce power output gicen the induction system on most M30 engines. Unfortunately the most cost effective and easiest way to get more power out out of an M30 530i is to fit the E34 535i engine with 208bhp, or an earlier E24/E28 3.5 litre with 218/220bhp.
  11. sharkfan

    E39 M5 on Collecting Cars.

    There's a thread on PH about Lotus Carltons where a few owners admitted they let very low mileage cars go for c£15k about ten years ago and now cars like that are getting to six figures. Of the five cars I own I could only afford to buy one of them now - a 635CSi and even then it wouldn't be a minty one.
  12. sharkfan

    E39 M5 on Collecting Cars.

    In UK rhd there were; 187 E28 M5 524 E24 M6(35) c867 E34 M5 c2500 E39 M5 The last time I checked there were about 150 E28 M5's left, about 225 E24 M6, about 500 E34 and I don't know about E39 M5's but with 2500 made for the UK there are nowhere near as rare as the cars that came before.
  13. sharkfan

    Help needed getting car spec from reg

    You need the VIN really - it used to be the last seven but the few online VIN checkers these days ned the whole thing. You could try the registration at a local BMW dealer but I wouldn't hold your breath.
  14. sharkfan

    RIP HRH The Prince Philip

    Anyone else going to raise a glass of rum to the old sailor this evening? RIP Philip - a full life lived before he became consort and a role invented and lived for 7 decades afterwards.
  15. That's better condition than some of the complete cars on ebay.
  16. sharkfan

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Took my E34 out for a run yesterday - simply glorious noise from the V8 but also the E34 driving experience seems so much more raw and connected than the E39 daily driver. I was out for about an hour around Surrey and used the Switch-Tronic the whole time except the last five minutes in a train of cars getting home. I can well remember the entertainment factor of the manual boxes in the 540i and M5 E34's but the engines were chalk and cheese - massive low range shove in the V8 but trailing off over 5k compared to the where-is-the-power nothingness of the S38 until you get to 3.5k and then pure screaming banshee to 6.5k. The 4.6 Alpina lump has the best of both worlds - even more torque than the 4.0 and just as much high revs power as the straight six. I understand why the PO kept the car so long now - it's 26 years old and has only had two owners and is only ever likely to.
  17. sharkfan

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter Mick and anyone else celebrating April bunnies - hope your E28's are still going great Mick? I took my E34 for an Easter Sunday spin for no other reason than I wanted to - it was brilliant - fabulously noisy, engine pulling like a train, AC working perfectly and I even fixed the key with a couple of replacement batteries when I got home.
  18. sharkfan

    m62 engine no start

    Well done for sorting it so quick.
  19. sharkfan

    m62 engine no start

    Did it work previously or is the car new to you? I have installed discrete little switches as interrupts on the fuel pump supply on a few cars as an immobilising device.
  20. sharkfan

    E39 Touring Tailgate needs more oomph

    Just bumping the thread with a TIS link https://tis.bmwcats.com/doc1061082/
  21. sharkfan


    They are perhaps going on a private jet with another family of five - unfortunately they are not 'well liked' and a third party is quite willing to make phone calls to let appropriate authorities know.
  22. sharkfan


    Some rich people I know of are circumventing the system by declaring they are going abroad for a necessary business trip... with their two teenage and one 10 year old child...
  23. sharkfan

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Why does such a new car need that level of surgery?
  24. sharkfan

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    It's a bog standard E38 rear bumper with a cut outs for the Alpina dual pipes on each side; and then a small trim to go around the pipes to make it look tidier.