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  1. sharkfan

    E39 interior choices.

    I thought I had posted this but I obviously forgot - your rear mats are on the wrong sides.
  2. sharkfan

    £15,000 ///M badge.....

    Wasn't that car £30k about 5 years ago? They're obviously bouncing the price like you might a fishing line to get a bite... a bit like that silver E36 Alpina with the red interior that has alternated between £12k and nearly £30k after a private sale of £8k five years ago.
  3. sharkfan

    E39 retrofitting, what have you done...

    Oops, not OEM but I forgot I disposed of the rather poor OEM DSP Touring subwoofer and replaced it with a Kenwood amp and dual 6"x9" subwoofers - much better bass in the car now.
  4. sharkfan

    E39 retrofitting, what have you done...

    The front aux-in uses an AudioLine line booster to the tape head outputs of the OEM widescreen headunit and works brilliantly. The E38 rear AV in/out sockets are mono only and wired to/from the TV tuner loom; I can play/watch a DVD on the rear player and watch on the AV TV channel on the headunit, or switch the rear DVD player to AV and watch the cars digital TV on the front headunit and rear DVD player screen.
  5. sharkfan

    Hogie's E34 535I Sport Project

    Thanks for that link - my E34 doors are fine but I have issues with my ancient E24 and they do E24 plates too; two are now on their way to me. Cheers Hogie.
  6. sharkfan

    E39 retrofitting, what have you done...

    Since owning my E39 I have; Ripped out the Motorola and fitted OEM bluetooth, Fitted a Brodit charging phone cradle next to the monitor, Fitted a leather iPod/DAB mount beneath that on the side of the centre console, Fitted an iPod charging and aux-in lead lead as well as a 3.5mm jack aux-in for a portable DAB I use, Fitted LED angel eyes with relays to fool the cold test, Fitted some kind of weird lighting widget that pops the sidelights on when I unlock the car, as well as welcome message on the clocks, Fitted E38 rear seat cup holders into the rear seat, Removed the E39 centre console rear cupholders and put two 12v sockets and two USB charging sockets into the OEM cubby hole thingy, Fitted E38 AV In/Out sockets and TV change button above the rear vents, Fashioned a bracket to support an 8.5" DVD player/Digi TV above the centre armrest and plugged into the cars AV sockets, Fitted the OEM hybrid digital tuner, Fitted custom made Touring rear side window and tailgate blinds to complement the OEM rear door blinds, Fitted two 12v charging sockets into the roller-door cubby hole behind the handbrake, Fitted the OEM 12v charging socket into the rhs of the boot area, And I have a small digital voltmeter/temp gauge/dual USB socket plugged into the front 12v socket. I think that's about it...
  7. sharkfan

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 14/09/19

    Ditto. Amazing thread, stunning car.
  8. sharkfan

    E39 Hydraulic boot retrofit

    Don't do it - I have a hydraulic tailgate on my Touring and it's a PITA. It uses a lot of battery power, leaks a little fluid with a top up needed every few years and I wish for the simplicity of the gas struts of my E34 Touring. I have quite a nice E38 and I deliberately haven't retro-fitted it.
  9. sharkfan

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    While we're all arsing about with gummi-plefge (which is ace), remember to give a little squirt inside the door catches with grease or 3-in-one oil, NOT WD40.
  10. sharkfan

    B10 V8 touring

    For the UK market; there might be a a Japanese one out there but I'm not aware of it. There were 208 pre-facelift B10 V8 Tourings in total and eight in rhd for the UK. There were 44 facelift B10 V8 Tourings in total and just four in rhd for the UK (I believe mine is the last one, number 012/1). There were 43 B10 V8S Tourings (all facelift) and again just four in rhd for the UK.
  11. sharkfan

    B10 V8 touring

    There were only 4 facelift B10 V8 Tourings in rhd (the same number as the B10 V8S Tourings in rhd) so a lot of the owners of the 8 pre-facelift B10 V8 Tourings did little bits to update them, much as any other E39 owners do from time to time. I believe this was owned by a forum5 member at one stage or another but I have knowledge of its recent provenance other than its sale at the ACA auction very recently. They are pretty epic cars when they are working well though - I've certainly fallen back in love with mine a bit since I've had it put right... ...but it's not an E34
  12. sharkfan

    windscreen washer jets for E53

    E38 jets any good?
  13. sharkfan

    E39 interior choices.

    There is Birch Anthracite in my Alpina Touring pictured above... Rarer still is the Blue Anthracite trim; I've only ever seen one set in a right hand drive car.
  14. sharkfan

    E39 interior choices.

    I've always sad this about that car Dave, it always looks really very nice in all the photographs... but it's simply stunning in the flesh, simply stunning. Just needs to be driven more
  15. sharkfan

    E39 interior choices.

    There was an OEM leather trim option - I've only ever seen one set in right hand drive and it was snapped up and re-dyed to another car - I think a forum member bought and fitted it.