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  1. Condition is used, some scuffs but structurally sound and perfectly serviceable Can wattsapp pics Collection only from Kingston, Surrey. Thx Clem
  2. mumbojumbo

    2002 BMW 540i Sport for Sale. ***Sold***

    Selling my E39 as I’ve bought an E60 M5 expecting not to like it, but I’m actually really enjoying it. I also have an E34 M5 and an MX5 Track car so juggling 5 cars in suburban London is not practical, so the E39 has to go. Key Facts - Selling at £2500 - OEM 540i Sport Auto - Date of build: 31st July 2002 - Date of UK registration: 25th April 2003 - 1 Year MOT - Chassis Number GF13849 - 120k miles - I’ve owned the car since Sept 2012, I’ve spent > £6k on maintenance in that time. - Nothing came up on HPI when I bought it and it’s not been crashed or stolen in my tenure. - Car comes with all associated handbooks, wallets, 2 x working remote Keys, 2 x locking wheel nuts - Private plate will come off before sale Car condition is decent, I take the tube to work so it’s really only been used to travel to Belgium / France and back with Family a couple of times a year + pootling around SW London on the weekends. It’s fast and smooth, handles excellently and the engine runs nicely, it really has been a fantastic car. Nice bits of Spec - Sport Contour Seats with lumbar support etc (not heated) - Automatic lights - Air con works / is cold - OEM Detachable tow bar - Upgraded BM54 audio module with Aux in cable - Full OEM satnav with upgraded maps, works well + OEM Bluetooth for Iphone etc - Electric rear blind Things that need attention - PDC is intermittent ( I think I’ve identified one failing sensor) - Clunky downshift into 1st gear when hot (I’ve lived with this for years, I’ve had the gearbox serviced, Heat exchange replaced etc ) - Handbrake is useless (always has been) - Brake pipes came up as an advisory - Rust Came up as an advisory, there’s some on the drivers side rear arch as well as the boot, which is already stripped down ready to change. ( I bought a rust free boot but was damaged in transit and didn’t get round to sourcing a replacement). Maintenance etc I bought the car on 86k miles with a good service history, since then I’ve either done services myself with receipts from GSF / BMW parts etc or had my mechanic do so. Below is a rough list of work done in my ownership, along with mileage. I stopped filling in the sheet at the end of 2017 when life got too busy, but I have various receipts for 2018 to date including this month £70 on wipers plus some new rear brake pads... Cost Mileage 27/09/2012 Bought for 4000.00 86000 01/05/2013 MOT& Oil Service 150.00 01/05/2013 12Mths Tax 270.00 01/11/2013 Pixels Repair by Rudi: 75.00 01/12/2013 New Radiator 100.00 01/12/2013 Coolant Expansion Tank 50.00 01/05/2014 MOT, Full service 300.00 01/05/2014 12Mths Tax 287.00 01/05/2014 Gearbox service (inc filter) 294.00 91000m 24/07/2014 Bonnet switch 12.00 27/07/2014 Updated sat nav disk 12.00 01/08/2014 Waterpump, thermostat etc 300.00 944400 31/08/2014 Headlight washer pumps 25.00 31/08/2014 Resoldered BM54 Amp 90.00 09/09/2014 New Viscous Fan Coupling 100.00 30/09/2014 Water cooled Alternator 650.00 30/10/2014 New BMW roundel 25.00 30/10/2014 Replacement PDC sensor 25.00 30/11/2014 New Front pass Caliper 115.00 31/12/2014 100000 07/04/2015 Road tax 290.00 08/04/2015 Chain tensioner 45.00 30/04/2015 MOT, Full service, changed Hoses, new thermostat and radiator 350.00 102000 28/08/2015 Front arms + stalbiliser links 430.00 105000 14/09/2015 Labour for above 120.00 14/09/2015 Alignment 35.00 30/01/2016 107000 19/02/2016 M5 Suspension 100.00 107500 19/02/2016 Wipers 25.00 108000 01/04/2016 Top mounts, front pads, Locking wheen nut 276.00 108500 12/04/2016 2 x 235/40R18 Continental 5 Sport 207.88 13/04/2016 Road Tax 295.00 108600 01/05/2016 MOT 85.00 109000 20/06/2016 Vapour Barrier rear pass door 25.00 110000 18/07/2016 Fuel Tank breather valve 52.00 110500 22/12/2016 Oil Service, Cabin filters, Air Filters, M5 suspension & Top mounts fitted 90.00 112150 30/12/2016 Wheel Alignment 108.00 112150 05/04/2017 Rocker cover gaskets, coil pack + Spark plugs 125.00 113000 02/05/2017 MOT + Brake pads fitting front 80.00 20/06/2017 New Waterpump, O rings, gasket etc 130.00 114000 Heat Exchange, Aircon Regas, Hoses tbc 18/10/2017 Drivers side headlight new from BMW 350.00 116000 Car remains MOT’d. insured and taxed. Viewing are welcome but ideally on weekends. Happy to have a chat about anything 07429185020. Car can be viewed in Kingston, Surrey, Sutton, Surrey or Kew, Surrey. ( I’m juggling with residents permits etc so location depends on time and day of viewing)
  3. mumbojumbo

    2002 BMW 540i Sport for Sale. ***Sold***

    Now sold. Thx
  4. mumbojumbo

    2002 BMW 540i Sport for Sale. ***Sold***

    I'm suddenly getting a lot of calls about an accident i never had...
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    2002 BMW 540i Sport for Sale. ***Sold***

    Sure, my bad
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    2002 BMW 540i Sport for Sale. ***Sold***

    Hi, i have someone viewing the car this weekend but happy to chat by phone ** please pm number **
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    SuperDave RIP

    Terrible news.
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    2002 BMW 540i Sport for Sale. ***Sold***

    Yep Been away since i posted it up and only just back
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    540 sport what’s it worth

    So i've had my E39 7 years and i've loved nearly every moment of that, with plenty of memories and drives all over the place. I've had an E60 M5 for about a month and am really enjoying it. In parallel the E39 just went through it's MOT and rust appeared as an advisory, that's no surprise as it's visible one on of the rear arches. So now i'm toying with selling it on. It's an excellently specced 2002 car on 120k miles, so my question is what price should i list it at? It needs a new bootlid (existing one is rusty), has a clunk going down into 1st when hot and of course some rust on the rear arch. Spec-wise, it's got Sport contours, OEM detachable tow bar, electric rear blind, Bluetooth, and is in generally good nick (ice cold air con, pixels fixed etc) with regular servicing and repairs carried out when necessary. Thoughts on value? Some pics from this weekend
  10. mumbojumbo

    2002 BMW 540i Sport for Sale. ***Sold***

  11. mumbojumbo

    540 sport what’s it worth

    Cheers for the tips. I've had the fluid changed as well as the heat exchange so i'm just gonna be upfront about this and let buyers make their own decision.
  12. mumbojumbo

    540 sport what’s it worth

    Thanks for this. I'll get it back from the Garage this week and then get it up for sale, i'm thinking ~ £2.5k or thereabouts
  13. mumbojumbo

    540 sport what’s it worth

    £5k! Are they really selling for that much?
  14. mumbojumbo

    Meets around Surrey?

    Used to be a monthly meet at the Fairmile pub in Cobham that had a decent range of cars.
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    Your forum needs you!

    I think this forum is a great place with a wealth of knowledge, a decent GUI (Comparing to Pistonheads etc) and a decent core of characters, but we let ourselves down re marketing. BMW sold something like 5m 5 series yet we only have 30k registered members which is a tiny percentage. For a start I'd be over ordering on the stickers & getting a stand with banners at all the Pistonheads Sunday Services / Retro rides gatherings or similar. Happy to help where i can, but i don't have the bandwidth to be a mod...
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    So the 5 series fetish get's worse. My E39 540i sport i've had >6 years is getting a bit leggy although i've really struggled to find anything that matches it in terms of looks, comfort, drive, space etc. I don't commute by car so mainly need a 4 door weekend car that can get 4 adults to France / Belgium and back several times a year, but can still be fun on the 'Route Napoleon'. I had basically settled on an M6 GC and looked at a few, but with Brexit, house prices down here have levelled off / dropped marginally, so my wife and i are had a rethink about whether to buy a larger house and take advantage of the low interest rates. That means i needed to hold back some $ for the stamp duty and so brought the budget down to sub £20k. That put me into E60 territory, either an LCI 550i Sport or an M5. After seeing lot's of dogs and reading Angrydog's thread on Pistonheads about his E60 M5 ownership experience (worth a read!), i found a decent M5 for sale in Bedford. Excellently specced, All important rod bearings done at Reddish Motorsport recently and lot's of other history. The previous owner is a guy called Darren Rose, incase he's on this forum, i know he's now in a white F10 M5... I picked it up yesterday evening and i'm pretty much blown away, it's a fantastic car an a huge step up from the E39 in terms of comfort and options (active seats, upgraded audio etc). Looks wise i'm not mad on the design but i can live with it, because this car's best card is the engine and the engine note which is fantastic. I need to sit down and RTFM as everything is electric and needs to be set up / personalised etc, but first impressions are superb value for money and a lovely car to drive. Only thing i want to do on it is upgrade the Nav map to 2019 for the time being but i'll be sifting through the E60 section here that's for sure. Don't plan to sell the E39 just yet as it has the all valuable tow bar and tbh i just can't let it go yet. Together with the E34 M5, the MX5 and my dad's old Peugeot 406 that i can't bring myself to sell (or scrap) i'm now using up every square inch of driveway that i have access to. This is the only pic i have, off to Belgium in March so will update then. Thx
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    BMW M specialist in Kent / East Sussex

    Congrats, did you buy Gerards?
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    Traffic Master

    haha. Mine works too... No idea how
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    Headlight Restoration

    I ended up buying new lenses, a few came up on ebay over a period of a few months.
  20. mumbojumbo

    Decent E39 M5 wanted - how much to budget?

    I've been looking for pretty much the same thing for some time and hardly anything comes up, certainly not below £15k. Good Luck with the search