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  1. mumbojumbo

    E34 sunroof not quite sitting flush

    Really useful, thanks. I've now taken the headlining, sunroof headliner and sunroof panel out so i now know about these 3 torx screws. Also looking at the seal, i agree will get some new ones. Thanks for the input!
  2. Hi guys, The rear edge of the saloon sunroof on the E34 sits about 2mm below the roof. Manually using the allen key mechanism raises it back into line and in the correct position but using the electric mechanism it drops again. What should i be looking for here, is there a way to permanently reset the position? Thx
  3. mumbojumbo

    BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    How and where?
  4. mumbojumbo

    BMW E34 M5 S38B36 Restoration

    FYI a waterpump for a 3.6 M5 is ~ £500
  5. mumbojumbo

    E34 M5 wheels + 415 Metrics

    Cheap for the ones with cracked old tyres. a little more for the ones with decent GT tyres.
  6. mumbojumbo

    E34 M5 wheels + 415 Metrics

    both M5 alloys provisionally sold. Lots of Metrics left...
  7. mumbojumbo

    E34 M5 wheels + 415 Metrics

    yeah a couple of people have asked that, i think 8j but i'm double checking when i get time to go to the gaarge this weekend.
  8. mumbojumbo

    E34 M5 wheels + 415 Metrics

    Garage clear out continues. I've got 2 decent E34 M5 alloys with good tyres (Michelin sports) that have no covers and a whole selection of 415 Metrics (fitted to early 535 sports and some M635's) with varying tyres, treads and wheel condition. I'm after £110 for each M5 alloy and for the metrics it's dependant on what you're after. PM me if you're interested and i'll give you my number, i can send pics etc Collection would be from South West London / Surrey. Thx Clem
  9. mumbojumbo

    e39 bumper trims

    pm relied
  10. mumbojumbo

    e39 bumper trims

    ok so a friend bought a few off me this week, the part numbers left are the following. I think they're all rear ones 51122498501 New in plastic from BMW 51122498502 New in plastic from bmw 51122498501 Good condition but not new 51127902992 good condition but used PM me if your interested in any
  11. mumbojumbo

    e39 bumper trims

    Will check this eve and revert back
  12. mumbojumbo

    e39 bumper trims

    Just clearing out my garage and found a bundle of BMW E39 bumper trims, most with PDC holes, for sport and non sport, front and rear, left and right ( i think). A few are still new in the plastic wrapping from BMW. Let me know what you need and i'll check condition. £15 posted per trim...
  13. mumbojumbo

    E60 outdoor car cover

    What can you guys recommend? Got one for the E34 and not hugely impressed, trying to find the make, keen to see what you guys use. would be for outdoor use, for an E60 M5... thx
  14. mumbojumbo

    E34 part

    Hi Guys, I'm after the metal clip that holds the fuse box lid on that lives in the engine bay in the corner near the windscreen. Stupid part i know but mines vanished. thx
  15. mumbojumbo

    E39 Monthly cost

    Including tax , excluding fuel and insurance