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  1. straight_6

    long old journey...

    I would do the 'stat and rad cap, maybe a coolant change too if not already done, the motor is going to get nice and hot on a trip like that so better safe than sorry.
  2. straight_6

    Extended Leather Trim option

    I have the extended leather in my 750iL, although I believe it was standard in that model, its Lavender Grey and Black, looks and feels fantastic to have the leather dash top etc, definately one of the best options.
  3. straight_6

    Best way to demist

    Also of course a spotlessly clean windscreen wont mist up as badly, and will demist quicker. As a smoker im always cleaning my windows to get rid of the tar etc which makes the screens mist up worse.
  4. straight_6

    My Car

    I hope not, I thought about putting the price to something silly because I dont really want it to go, and if it doesnt im not too bothered, but needs must and I have too many cars to go out and add another 1! I didnt want people to see it for sale and think im a fly by night non fan wanting to turn a quick buck while using everyone elses expertise either lol which is why I mentioned it in the 1st place!!
  5. straight_6

    Brake System Wires

    When I replaced my brake accumulator I had to disconnect the wiring to the 2 switches on top for pressure senders etc. And like an idiot didnt mark them! Now can anyone tell me which wires go to which switch, they are only for warning lights but still, I want to have them working. Thanks.
  6. straight_6

    Torquing up Control arms/thrust arms

    How do you find the drive on Poly bushes? Much harsher over the bumps etc?
  7. straight_6

    My Car

    Sorry if this is against the rules, I dont intend this to be an advert, but you may see if you browse the car and classic ads, that my car is for sale on there. Dont worry im not deserting, its simply to fund an upgrade within the E28 world, not saying what yet, wait and see hehe!
  8. straight_6

    E39 wheel rattle..?

    I had exactly the same thing on our 750iL, was the middle bit of the exhaust heatshield at the back, the bit the goes around the spare wheel well, both attachment holes had rusted through, cheap from the dealer though. Much head scratching to find out the problem, but then it became very apparent when it fell off backing down the drive.
  9. straight_6

    E28 porn :-)

    Eggenberger cars are legendary, the Sierra Cosworths he built were totally reliable too, he really knew what he was doing. Also a pioneer of in-car telemetry and trackside monitoring, which is why pretty much all of them actually finished the races they were in! Also loving that car to death, coz I have a 2.8 too! The best engine lol
  10. straight_6

    e28 bonnet and boot badges

    I got brand new ones from the dealer, not too much money and they had them in stock, look better than some cheapy copies too.
  11. straight_6

    Finally some decent pics of my E28

    Thanks all, im very proud of her, even though shes 'only a 2.8 auto' lol!! Nearly finished, as I say a few little touch ups, some chrome and a wheel refurb, I was going to go for some E32 V12 15s I have lying about or some E38 16s but may just keep it looking retro on 14s, it drives well enough. Unfortunately its just developed a clunk from the back when changing gears now so gotta sort that. The fun never stops eh! Running 2 cars isnt too much of a hassle, its classic insurance etc and not bad on fuel for what it is either, plus its my hobby so its got to be done, I couldnt possibly rely on a hatchback 100% of the time! However im also responsible for the company limo (E38) and the skillfully negotiated Boxster!
  12. Christened Heidi nowadays, after the supermodel lol! 1stly, how it arrived to me, look at the green slime, in reality it looked much worse, in fact it looked like a pale green car when it arrived after sitting for so long, plus it was in all the panel gaps around the bootlid, bonnet, sunroof etc etc. Then some of how it is now, wearing its new tyres, badges, Sytner plates and numerous other things, and generally looking much happier. You should see the smile on my face when I drive it, and the admiring glances it gets, you can just see people thinking 'I've not seen one of those for a while' or 'hmmm that looks nice' Younger folks, I say that like im older than my 21 years, but others of my age that generally dont appreciate proper motors like this even like it! And of course a shot in the garage next to my daily driver the Punto. Next on the to do list is new bumper chromes and a wheel refurb, but otherwise its pretty spot on.
  13. straight_6

    head gasket - '87 518i

    I started with my 528i after it had sat for about 4 years, and to be honest before you start with all that I would try a full coolant flush and a very careful bleed of the system, a new thermostat and perhaps most importantly maybe a rad cap.... Only a few quid and may save some hassle, plus you can reuse the parts if you do do the gasket anyway, as its a false economy not to replace them at that point etc. It may be evaporating out of porous hoses, or maybe the coolant return which can be weak on all cars, not necesarily a leak or coolant "use". Of course you may have done all that so apologies!
  14. straight_6

    Ignoring shot guns..........

    Put cat nip or something behind the car wheels, sit in car with coffee and wait, when they arrive, accidentally reverse at high speed. Im sorry to cat lovers but it drives me insane when people let them out to destroy peoples property. If it was a human it would be criminal damage. Plus the bloody things are the minion of the anti-christ and fairly unpleasant creatures unless they want something.