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  1. aldo.


    I'm self isolating, as well as family at the moment. I have asthma and my wife has a low immune system so also taken the decision to not send daughters to school today as we can't have both of us out of action. Most people are in 70's and 80's who are affected and we're in our early/mid 30's but still don't want to take the risk. I do have my own business and work from the home office anyway but would regularly travel and meet with clients. My wife works a couple of days in Glasgow but its not worth catching it or bringing it home, so staying put. We are 'on holiday' this week at Center Parcs, well, we were meant to be that is but we have moved it to another date. First post back on here for a while too!
  2. aldo.

    Diesel 11p a litre more than petrol

    That's right! Annoys me as mine is euro 6 the cleanest there is at the moment (I think!)
  3. aldo.

    BMW e39 champagne edition 2

    welcome! I miss mine! PHOTOS!
  4. aldo.

    Hello bmw5forum

    Welcome back! - I wouldnt recommend any of them! ! !
  5. aldo.

    New from the Netherlands, e28!

    Welcome. LOVE that colour. More photos please
  6. aldo.

    The garage build for the M5......

    Looks smart warrior!
  7. aldo.

    E39 Best BM ever?

    Miss my old e39 champagne edition. I regret selling it to move on to an E60, worst decision ever.
  8. aldo.

    Hi, Im new with an 09, 530d. oil check question.

    Welcome Robert. Try posting your query in the E60 section of the website for a better response.
  9. aldo.

    hello to everyone on forum

  10. aldo.

    Police officer vandalising car?

    Both sides could have handled it a little better. For me the police are up against so much these days, he has nothing to know who this guy is so when he asks to speak to him in the first instance the guy could have just went along instead of being difficult. The guy was initially just doing his job, the job we'd be first to shout about if they hand't smashed the window and got someone out that turned out not to have a licence, hit one of ours cars, was carrying drugs or involved in any other crime. As I said I'd say the officer maybe went a little far in this situation but I'm still on their side.
  11. I've just seen this post - as others have already said the security certificate is a just something that says to your computer it's a trusted source. You know it's a trusted source already, it's not like you're entering a website that you know nothing of with over 900 posts to your name. What I wouldn't have just as a air of caution is the same password you would use as an online bank account for example ( which I'm sure you wouldn't do anyway ). All of the admin team are doing what they can to keep things moving (as well as Darrens family), such as manually approving every member who joins due to the email server not working and responding to messages on here and on Facebook in our spare time/lunch breaks/children breaks etc etc. We all wish we had some more control over the site that Darren had to rectify these problems but until the family can sort that end for us, we need to keep working with what we have. I'm proud to have been part of this forum for 10 years myself this year and here's to 10 more!
  12. aldo.

    Oh bugger, another company car!

    Its funny now these days people are choosing Skoda over Vauxhalls etc. I think the new Mondeo looks nice, or yes, the Octavia (VRS)!
  13. aldo.

    Nice. And I dont mean the biscuit

    Noting can describe this in words really. The world is a mess.
  14. aldo.

    Washing machine parts Glasgow

    I had the same problem with a tv, if i was the technician guy i could get it next day but as I was a normal guy who knew what was wrong, I had to wait a week. Not too sure on any, especially at the weekend.