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  1. Anthonyc

    E60/61 Powerflex bushes

    Hey, I have some Powerflex bushes I bought but never fitted to my car; I decided to go OEM in the end so they're all brand new in boxes I have the following: Front Wishbone Arms Rear Upper Arms Rear Toe Adjust Arms I've got them all on ebay with a starting price of £30 each which is basically 50% off but if anyone here wants them then let me know.
  2. Anthonyc

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    From what I've read BMW removed this feature at some stage of production, I don't think my late 2007 has this. Also I'm not sure this is a temperature gauge so to speak; It's meant to be a recommended rev limit that increases as the engine warms up and that "Should" be based on oil temp, not water temp so will go up regardless of if you have a thermostat issue or not.
  3. Anthonyc

    Suspension question

    Well those look like standard m sport shocks to me, the springs do as well TBH but hard to tell, they seem to have the coloured spots the OEM ones do. It also looks like those might be oversized tryes is that right? it's hard to tell if that's much lower than a normal M Sport (if it is at all) but I think you should be able to fit standard SE springs to those (not tried though).
  4. Anthonyc

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    Oh nice, wasn't aware they existed, be great to hear how you get on with them! The required coding to get rid of the error is in my thread and you need to unplug the white control unit from the spare wheel well as well
  5. Anthonyc

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    AFAIK, there are only 2 manufacturers that have rear springs for our cars, one is ISC (that's what I have) and the other I cant recall the name of helpfully but both are full coilover systems costing upwards of £700. It's not like the X5s where BMW had 2 options and you can just get the springs and swap them over unfortunately. The CCC is the older of the sat nav systems (up to 2008 if not later). You will likely have he MASK which is the non Nav and the latest E60/61s could have a CIC which is a big improvement over the previous iterations and used the later idrive controller as well. Anthony
  6. Anthonyc

    Suspension question

    Hi Vandallist, It really depends on what shocks you have, if they're OEM shocks (you should be able to tell as they'll have a dull colour with a relatively rough finish) then putting the stock springs back on will be fine obviously. If they are aftermarket (often a bright colour or polished, could be very rusty if a cheaper brand) then you might struggle. Shocks have an optimum operating window within their travel and often the maximum height is restricted on aftermarket so you might find you change the springs but you are now at the maximum height for the shocks when you put the car down which is really not good (very unlikely and I've never seen it but theoretically possible), best case scenario it works buy the life span of the units will be reduced. Basically, fingers crossed for OEM shocks can you upload a picture of the car as it sits now and the shocks? We might be able to help more then, but please don't be put off by the above, that is worse case. Anthony
  7. Anthonyc

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    You beat me to it Scott that's the same manufacturer I'm looking at but getting the full Android variant. Talking of thermostats, I actually removed the EGR altogether and blanked off the water pipes to it so I don't need anything other than the main unit.
  8. Anthonyc

    E61. . . . Loves and hates

    Hi Dave, welcome to E61 life! Have a look at my Coilover thread from a while back as that gives an idea of what involved to change to coils....its not straight forward by any means and you will have to compromise but I'm very glad I did it. As for the MPG the thermostats are a good place to start but I've heard that the earlier autos are generally a bit thirsty. I have a manual which seems much better as I seem to get much better MPG than most on here. how much are you getting currently, and it that actual or via the OBC? The rear flap I just leave coiled to be honest, I have tinted windows so no one can see in there anyway. Loads of info on here for retrofitting nav (I may have a CCC looking for a home soon) and its relatively straight forward to fit and some basic coding needed. Phone I think is slightly more complicated AFAIK; I had it already so not looked into it personally. Might be worth looking into an Android unit to kill 2 birds? Anthony
  9. Anthonyc

    Chassis bracing (UR Ultra Racing and custom)

    I've no idea I'm afraid but it does appear to be M5 only so likely just some extra diff bracing?
  10. Anthonyc

    New car tidy-up

    Well its mostly just from playing around with cars when at uni, 1st car through the big end so baptism by fire on that one as I didn't have the money to get a garage to repair it. I also did automotive engineering as a degree but most came from being in the uni motor club and just messing about with cars as I say. Not many 3l diesel manuals about so one being so near is unusual! will have to grab drink if we're ever allowed to again! The brakes I have are relatively cost effective but be aware that the standard disks aren't cheap as their 2 piece. The ones I have are 1 piece (basically same cost as stock then) but mtec don't make a plain disk unfortunately as that would have been my preference. when you say quick change kit I assume you mean the shift lever I found? If so then TBH, I think our cars come with a short throw lever already as I didn't notice much difference but then I had the car off the road for about a month when I changed it so maybe I forgot what it was before. If we are allowed at some point your welcome to pop over and have a try and decide for yourself. Anthony
  11. Anthonyc

    New car tidy-up

    Hi Ollie, Glad you enjoyed it, thanks. The brakes I found on Ebay, I think I paid £100 and that included all 4 callipers with part worn pads and the rear discs (in poor condition unfortunately but they're ok for now). It might not be the same for all models but the 525d is basically identical other than those items so its a very basic bolt on, even the splash guards are the same. I also got some stainless lines for good measure. I realised I don't think I actually mentioned one of my main reasons for upgrading the brakes. The main one is to stop the fade, these ones are much larger in diameter but more importantly in thickness so the should be able to absorb more heat but also shrug it off faster as well. The other reason is due to bias and modulation, the stock bias for the 525d is very front focused but the different piston sizes on the 535d fits that more rear which if better balance for these cars I feel, especially if lowered. The front callipers also have 2 pistons each rather than the singles stock and I find them to have easier modulation so time will tell but they definitely feel better to use. As for the fluids, I'll check back on some orders.... The diff I used redline 75w90, and for the gearbox I used RED LINE D6 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid (I then later bought some D4 and I recall that there were mixed opinions (I obviously felt I'd bought the wrong stuff) but I've never got round to changing it to the D4. For power steering I used Pensotin CHF11S Anthony
  12. Anthonyc

    Chassis bracing (UR Ultra Racing and custom)

    For some reason the above diagram isn't showing up on realoem for me anymore but the part list still is, its under the trim section (because reasons??). link
  13. Anthonyc

    New car tidy-up

    Realised I haven't updated this in a while, mostly because due to life I've not done much! I did manage to paint and fit some 535d brakes, just using the pads and rear discs they came with right now with some C hook Mtech discs up front but have some 309 Stoptech pads coming for the front hopefully very soon and will then do the same treatment to the rear at some stage. I've attached some pics from the update showing how they compared to the original items, still look small in the wheel in the photos but they do actually fill it well. Next on my list if an Android headunit still, thinking of getting the Andream unit. Will be moving house soon hopefully so will finally have somewhere to have the car off the road so will be looking at refurbishing the injectors and retipping with something bigger (still undecided). Anthony
  14. Anthonyc

    2007 E61 airbag or coilover *Help*

    Just thought i'd update on this thread as well as by own. I followed this youtube guide to remove the error: It didn't work initially but then I read on another forum that you also need to unplug the EHC which I then did and am now error free
  15. Anthonyc

    New car tidy-up

    Small update. I've finally managed to code out my warning error for removing the rear air suspension!! All It was in the end was changing the vehicle order to saloon but just coding the kombi, then removing the EHC module. So I'll have all my air suspension parts up for sale soon once I've got round to removing them Ant