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  1. ed525sport

    E28 Wanted!!

    Hi, I am getting it ready for it's MOT then I am going to sell it, its a shame but I am losing interest in cars. Ed
  2. ed525sport

    E28 relays

    The other two have this on the top.
  3. ed525sport

    E28 relays

    The indicator one has this on the side.
  4. ed525sport

    E28 relays

    2 green ones and 1 one black Ed
  5. ed525sport

    Heater fan

    Ok thanks I will remove motor, the car has been sitting for a while so it might well need freeing up. Ed
  6. ed525sport

    E28 relays

    Are they not just a normal 4 pin relay? Ed
  7. ed525sport

    Heater fan

    Hi, I have just turned my heater fan on, it worked for a while then blow the fuse, I am thinking it might be a faulty fan resistor or could it be the fan motor? Where is the fan resistor located? Thanks Ed
  8. ed525sport

    E28 relays

    Hi, Can you please give me a price on a dip beam relay a horn relay and the indicator relay BMW e28 1983 A reg Thanks Ed
  9. ed525sport

    E28 Wanted!!

    I have mine for sale, it just needs small bits to finish off
  10. ed525sport

    Looking for 1 series ............

    I had a e87 118d M Sport it was a nice car but a bit slow. Ed
  11. ed525sport

    Very unusual E28 528i

    It only has a single exhaust are they sure its a 2.8. Ed
  12. ed525sport

    Front e28 Sports or Recaro Seats

    Hi, I have these in my loft that need a recover. Ed
  13. ed525sport

    Brake lines

    Not if I bought them !
  14. ed525sport

    Brake lines

    They are steel, new ones can be bought from the dealer. Ed