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  1. smallspeed

    Rear Seats Not Locked Warning ~ G31

    There's already occupancy sensors so it seems like it would be easy to interlock this and ignore if the seats are empty, but perhaps they see the weight of the seat backs and any cargo? I can confirm it doesn't make a difference if the cargo net is installed, but not sure if it goes away when its fitted to the seat backs as a dividing net.. I might try that tonight as my seats are still down from the weekend
  2. My iPhone XS has been perfect since I got my new G31 - audio, calls, etc are all perfect and the control over media etc is great through iDrive I found its really snappy and quick to load, select options, switch between menus, etc., and also the ability to change tracks and things through the right hand "wheel" on the steering wheel is very convenient This weekend my phone updated to iOS 12.2 and now its a bunch of crap - it takes 30s to 1min to load each time you click into the next level (ie if you select an artist it takes this long to load the one or two album titles, and then the same again to load the list of tracks). The thumb wheel thing doesn't work - it just shows "loading" and then goes off after the set time (5s?) if you don't make an action. The screen doesn't update (ie shows whatever song info it starts playing when you switch to BT Audio). Also BT randomly disconnects itself every so often - there's no standard time, sometimes its 30sec sometimes its 10mins. I know there's a lot written about BT issues on BMW's already, but has anyone seen any issues specific to this iOS update and the G30/G31? Its really annoying because it was working absolutely perfectly before this change..
  3. smallspeed

    New but not new..

    I used this forum years ago but not for a long time - I’ve been in the bmw game but not in a 5’er Im currently waiting to pick up my new daily - a g31 530d msport touring so thought I’d “rejoin” incase I need to know anything! I was previously know as catboy - I’ve updated my profile to Smallspeed so it matches my Instagram account for consistency and incase any of you are interested in seeing any of my other BMW’s ben
  4. does anyone near to leicester have a spring compressor i could borrow that would be suitable for e39 front and rear springs? alternatively can anyone recommend a suitable tool? i seem to remember you need a specific type or size to do the job on an e39.. hope someone can help ben
  5. smallspeed

    Do 7 series BREMBOs fit on the e39 540

    someone had some on their e39 before, infact were they not fitted to the alpina B10V8S as standard? I'm pretty sure they were on the V8 alpina tourings anyway, but painted blue? i think the guy who had them before had them on an e39. he brought the car with them on and then struggled like hell to get pads for them until someone recognised they were blue calipers and were from an alpina.. think it turned out they had the same pads as the 740i brembo's so guessing there's a good chance they will fit as I expect they're actually the same caliper just with alpina casting rather than BMW (although not sure whether the car had the standard 540 disks fitted or something different; m5, 740, 750, 840, etc). might be worth looking for his thread; would have been within the last 6-12 months iirc
  6. smallspeed

    Tyre choice for 18" Paras

    i've run pzero rosso's for a while, more because thats what was on the front and i've not needed to change them/not wanted to mix-n-match f/r.. they've lasted pretty well (rears have lasted 25k miles) and they've been a good all-round tyre, but a bit pricey! I also ran pzero rosso's on my porsche when it was an everyday car and i was impressed with them too on my previous e39 (also on 18 m-parra's) i ran falkens and they were really good as people have said. they're not as progressive towards the limit as the pzero's, however my e39's have never really been driven like that so not a big problem. they also wore pretty well so all around a good tyre for the money.. I had one set of 275 rears because i wanted "the m5 tyres" but i found them worse than 265s. they work ok on the m5 where you can use the grip, but on a 530 they're a bit overkill and seemed to follow white-lines more, so i'd recommend sticking with 265s! next time around i'll be going for avons, as my uncle has given me a free set; interested to see what they will be like especially on the rear. tread pattern looks very agressive, and they're supposed to be pretty good in the wet.. i just hope they last as long as the pzeros!
  7. smallspeed

    Wood Burning Stoves!

    if you want a wood burning stove with character, get yourself over to france; the french seem to rip out the old enamled wood burning stoves and replace them with gas fires and things.. i've got a couple which i've brought back, and a few more i've got for friends (it helps having family living over there i guess ) this ones in the front room (you can just about make it out in the background; really this was taken as a pic of my dumb cat) this ones in the living room, it was an in process shot while i was finishing off the fireplace so excuse the state of the plaster and things! also there's a tesco bag wrapped around the door as I was still soaking the damper screw in WD40 and didn't want it all over the floor.. i think i paid 25 eur for the first one and 20 for the second; both needed a little tidying and some repair, but nothing more than a good soak in WD40, a few new bolts and a new mica window between them.. They're not as efficient as a modern wood burner, but seen as they're not actually burning anything 95% of the time i went for pretty
  8. smallspeed

    530d economy round town?

    i drive around town for about 3miles, stop-start in a 40mph limit for 3 miles, then 4 miles in a 60 to get to work (which is mostly what my car is used for these days) and im averaging 34 with an auto, HOWEVER i do drive pretty sedately most of the time, and i've never checked the accuracy of the computer would be interesting to get a comparison of a manual on the same routes.. maybe next year
  9. smallspeed


    never mind boys; new fallout coming soon (vegas) and it looks amoizing! http://fallout.bethsoft.com/index.html
  10. smallspeed

    A new addition to my family !!

    two cats, two rabbits, a horse and a dog here (morale of the story; don't marry a vet! ) regan looks like a bundle of trouble to me! we got our first dog (well it was my birthday present) in june and he's been fantastic; totally different type of dog, but growing quick and keeping me on my toes
  11. smallspeed

    530D in desperate need of more power.

    following on from Dennis' post i'll add that DMS do not buy maps from some central database either
  12. smallspeed

    Top Gear

    i had really gone off TG for the last couple of series, but last nights was quite good.. i got my pants in a twist again over clarksons stupidity regarding anything with a porsche badge on it; i get it you curly haired prat, you don't like them! otherwise, good episode..
  13. smallspeed

    Hualingan E39 All in One Head Unit thread

    interesting that its running windows ce; does anyone know if this is an offical installation or one that magically appeared in the land of knock-offs? also they're listing a few nav options, again would be interesting to see if these are licenced installations and licenced maps; if they're not then any importer/reseller could be in deep cra-po-la with the copyright police..
  14. smallspeed

    Iphone help !!!!

    in terms of upgrading before personalising, it doesn't do a bad job of saving everything you've done (wallpaper, wifi settings, emails, etc.) just make sure you copy the back-up file it creates in itunes and put it somewhere away from itunes before completing it.. mine would have been fine, but itunes deleted the back-up after upgrading for some reason?!.. basically would have left me without the few bits which didn't upgrade properly if it wasn't for a timely time-machine backup b ps.. could have been more a problem for me as im using a 3G not a 3Gs (3Gs's are for gaylords)
  15. smallspeed

    Iphone help !!!!

    you definitely don't want carp entering your phone, they will do untold damage congrats on upgrading to os4; i did this last night and all my contacts are gone, my photos are all there but converted to super-low-res, camera roll is empty, calendar is empty, my email accounts don't contain any messages, and itunes deleted the back-up after "restoring" my phone! fortunately time machine has come to the rescue