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  1. I have a E39 touring with a seized wiper and non working glass hatch release. Before the hatch was opening randomly when you unlocked the car and had a intermittent issue. Does anyone know how to take apart the wiper and switch assembly? Thanks
  2. I'm having major dramas removing the inner tie rod from the rack on this E39. I'm using a big 32mm spanner and hitting it with a lump hammer and doubling up spanners and it wont budge. Has any used and specific inner tie rod removal too or any other tips? Thanks
  3. I have changed the thermostat on the 530d but its still running cold. At the moment the EGR is unplugged and blanked off. I'm I right in thinking that I probably need to replace the EGR thermostat? Or would it be better the remove the EGR cooler, EGR thermostat and EGR and blank it off seeing as the EGR in unplugged? Would pipe from a manual car be suitable for an Auto? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know the internal diameter of the hose that runs from the vacuum tank to the vacuum hose junction? Sorry for a 530d Thanks
  5. BLITZ

    Leaking washer tank

    Thanks. Bring back the E34. E39's have so many annoying faults.
  6. BLITZ

    Leaking washer tank

    My windscreen washer tank is leaking. I'm assuming its the rubber grommets. Its not clear on realoem so does anyone have the part numbers to replace them all? Thanks
  7. BLITZ

    2002 525d Glow Plug Controller

    If your taking the manifold off you should also replace all the vacuum hoses as they will be toast. Also clean manifold ports and egr.
  8. BLITZ

    E39 Sport Touring Airsus Delete

    It might be easier to fix it. I find the Air suspension very useful and a unique feature to the touring.
  9. BLITZ

    Front Control arm dramas

    I found this piece on the floor. Looking online I'm guess this was the lip of the sleeve which mine is now missing and would explain what's happened now.
  10. BLITZ

    Front Control arm dramas

    Job done but then a day later I heard a knocking noise. When I removed the lower control arm on the drivers side the steel sleeve insert was pulled out with the arm. So I managed to remove the insert from the old arm and slotted it back into the hub with some thread lock because it was a loose fitting. Now the sleeve is protruding past the hub leaving a gap between the washer and the hub. I've knocked the insert back into the hub flush and tried to tighten the bolt as much as I can but as soon as you put some weight back on the arm it pushes the sleeve back to its protruding position. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do? I'm thinking a will need a good used hub. I'm sick and tired of this turd.
  11. Meyle kit £185 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-5-SERIES-FRONT-SUSPENSION-CONTROL-ARM-LINK-ROD-SET-KIT-MEYLE-HD-A993/201507580572?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649