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  1. alpinaman

    Quote please...

    Many thanks, Same as my local dealer but thanks for trying.
  2. alpinaman

    Anyone see a trend here?

    Always in the background young man
  3. alpinaman

    Quote please...

    81312360883 81312360884 81312360885 Many thanks
  4. alpinaman

    Anyone see a trend here?

    The car industry and government led targets have screwed the industry Diesel has been pushed for years with incentives for the normal person to own, but hopping from euro 4,5 and 6 spec costs the manufacturer billions, and with the tech moving so fast diesels have become very unreliable ..they have become the headache nobody wants. Some manufacturers pulled out of making Diesel engines cars before brexit was thought of . Diesel now being the devils work, government and now pushing toward electric and hybrids.. There are many pros and cons, but for the manufacturers it’s an upheaval like never before in the trade and apart from the Asia. Manufacturers they have all got twitchy... Along with a huge problem the industry is having finding people to repair the cars once they are made .. For many years dealers and Indy’s have paid rubbish wages for a difficult job that takes years of training and costs thousands to tool up for , consequently nobody wants to do it.. This has led to a serious lack of techs ...every dealer and a lot of Indy’s are advertising constantly..I know of over a dozen locally that will take techs on but can’t find them.. It’s a perfect storm, and many in the industry, many will use brexit as a scapegoat as their collective knees knock at the next 5 years in the trade
  5. alpinaman

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Yea. But i seen it when it was brand new...
  6. alpinaman

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    No way have you had that car for that long!!
  7. alpinaman

    Is my engine shot!!

    Can you make sure the engine turns over by hand ?
  8. alpinaman

    Is my engine shot!!

    Hi Mark, Obviously a guess,but if this happened all in one go and the car is running rough i would suspect something like a jumped chain,or the tensioner has collapsed and allowed the valve timing has moved. I cant think why a fuel related problem would bring up all the vanos issues..
  9. alpinaman

    Rother Valley meet 2018

    I will see what i can do...... I love the beer and chips at Rother valley. Wonder if anyone will turn up in a 5 series. ?
  10. I’m surprised you didnt spin the car around on its axles using 3/4 drive to twist a 7mm Allen key Once a bodger........
  11. alpinaman

    Some tw*t has nicked me car....

    This could only happen to you Jayman...
  12. alpinaman

    Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    Ah..... See what happens eh Mick......Its always a rocky road,they will try their best for him.. Rich.. Whats your opinion of the Z then ?
  13. alpinaman

    Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    You will enjoy that ride home i fought a Z4 coupe from Edinburgh and managed 41mpg on the way home.. Nice and steady enjoying the scenery..
  14. alpinaman

    Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    Congrats You will have plenty of fun in that ..
  15. alpinaman

    Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    The Z looks nice I have had a few of them too and I'm sure you will love it They are a great little roady that you can have bags of fun with