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  1. alpinaman

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    So it says ACS5 on your V5 ? any pics ?
  2. alpinaman

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    True enough which is the perfect analogy that expense cannot buy taste
  3. alpinaman

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    I seen an E39 ACS5 once Looked like it had been rolled in Araldite and smashed through the “Ripspeed under a fiver section”.. I love the words styling house ….
  4. alpinaman

    A Trip Up North

    I can only say as i see
  5. alpinaman

    A Trip Up North

    The M6 is really crap until you pass Preston , always heavily congested and currently has 50 mph for long long sections if I was doing a bit of a trip I think I would take an alternative route if time wasn’t a factor .. You could take in many villages and some stunning scenery.. in real terms may may add a couple of hours to your full journey, if that. Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Northumberland and the lakes have so much to see. Blackpool is a thing in itself, I have been many times on stag do’s and days out. I guess if you have never been it would be worth a drive through , although it’s usually scruffy and full of chip papers, beer cans and drunken Scottish people laying in the gutters
  6. alpinaman

    Machine Polishing marks...

    Just do it yourself if you have the knowledge and the kit to sort it
  7. alpinaman

    SuperDave RIP

    Thats such a shame... Was a great guy that i was lucky enough to meet many moons ago. RIP..
  8. alpinaman

    Question Time £5.19 for a pint

    My local was 77p for mild,88p for bitter and 99p for lager when i started enjoying a beer. Bierre Morretti is £4.30 and Amstel is £4.15 in my local now.. Pint of guest ale around £3,which isnt bad but has never got any kind of strength to it,you would get the bends before getting drunk on the stuff.
  9. alpinaman

    Quote please...

    Many thanks, Same as my local dealer but thanks for trying.
  10. alpinaman

    Anyone see a trend here?

    Always in the background young man
  11. alpinaman

    Quote please...

    81312360883 81312360884 81312360885 Many thanks
  12. alpinaman

    Anyone see a trend here?

    The car industry and government led targets have screwed the industry Diesel has been pushed for years with incentives for the normal person to own, but hopping from euro 4,5 and 6 spec costs the manufacturer billions, and with the tech moving so fast diesels have become very unreliable ..they have become the headache nobody wants. Some manufacturers pulled out of making Diesel engines cars before brexit was thought of . Diesel now being the devils work, government and now pushing toward electric and hybrids.. There are many pros and cons, but for the manufacturers it’s an upheaval like never before in the trade and apart from the Asia. Manufacturers they have all got twitchy... Along with a huge problem the industry is having finding people to repair the cars once they are made .. For many years dealers and Indy’s have paid rubbish wages for a difficult job that takes years of training and costs thousands to tool up for , consequently nobody wants to do it.. This has led to a serious lack of techs ...every dealer and a lot of Indy’s are advertising constantly..I know of over a dozen locally that will take techs on but can’t find them.. It’s a perfect storm, and many in the industry, many will use brexit as a scapegoat as their collective knees knock at the next 5 years in the trade
  13. alpinaman

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Yea. But i seen it when it was brand new...
  14. alpinaman

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    No way have you had that car for that long!!