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  1. oxo

    missing clips/fastener on boot of touring

    I paid £4.34 each
  2. oxo

    Where to get E39 Touring Boot Struts

    Piece of piss to fit did all 4 on mine just over hour
  3. how much for internal door pulls
  4. Tim has it got illuminated door pulls if so 1st dibs
  5. oxo

    E39 face-lift headlight adjust?

    Cheers Kris .
  6. oxo

    E39 face-lift headlight adjust?

    Hi mate give me a call cheers Steve
  7. oxo

    E39 face-lift headlight adjust?

    I can do them while u wait
  8. oxo

    Brand new e39 sport front bumper

    I will take it
  9. oxo

    E39 Rust Treatment Prevention/Waxoyl

    Did mine myself
  10. oxo

    Headlamp refurbishment service

    I can possibly help but I am in welling kent
  11. oxo

    Headlamp refurbishment service

    Whereabouts are you
  12. oxo

    RIP Donut

    R.i.p big D