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  1. B1G JV

    Trim removal and paint

    High gloss black looks wonderful with the full black dash, so it wont clash with your dash. Black is the best way to go, silver doesn't look right with the grey. However, a nice gunmetal colour also looks nice, as in E46's, with grey dash. Radio flap is a tw@t, I usually remove the whole cage including flap, for this the radio and half your dash needs to be removed though. Easy but a bit more time consuming (30 mins) For the 2 rear screws in the centre console, you only need to prise the tray out after lifting the armrest up if you have the tray underneath (unless you have a comms kit (phone) ) this takes al of 10 seconds.
  2. B1G JV

    Clutch Slip, but back to normal?

    Had the same in mine, and in the 540 6 speed. basically, not letting the clutch fully engage and blatting the throttle WILL slip the clutch, too much power for it. Always let your foot right off the clutch before planting your right foot! I've read this on many other sites too, I'll try to find an extract
  3. B1G JV

    Check Brake Lines?

    Yip, wear sensor problem by the sound of it. It the previous pads were worn down until the message was displayed, and then the sensor was not changed, this is the problem. (the sensor is basically a wire which breaks when the pads wear and the sensor wire is worn through on the disc).
  4. B1G JV

    Check Brake Lines?

    Are you sure it's not saying check brake lights? why would it tell you to check brakes lines?
  5. B1G JV

    Hi Dudes, e39 M5 owner new to site.

    Welcome, nice car, nice colour
  6. fcuk 'em.................... We can expect to see the market flooded with 'personal' plates in the future then!! both of mine for starters!!
  7. B1G JV


    Retset, "in fact I think..." Oxymoron??
  8. B1G JV

    am i sad???

    you guys are sad...........
  9. B1G JV


    I used the standard xenons on both my M5 and 528i Sport, retrofitted with ordinary angel eyes and used a bulb adapter. work perfectly. when I had standard lights on the other E39's I used the same setup. no wiring mods required!! just the older to angel wiring adapters. On non xenon standard to xenon, no change in anything. on angel standard to xenon, no change in anything!! worst case is a bulb warning, but I've never seen one (except the usual sidelight failure, whether it was standard or upgraded lights, but that's just E39's for you!!)
  10. B1G JV

    How much would a FULL DETAILING cost?

    A detailer is worth what you're willing to pay.............. In my opinion, if you think your car needs paint, and a 'good paint' will cost £800 from someone you know, £1500 from 'the pros' (I have 3 GOOD friends who are painters!) my mates say they wouldn't do a machine polish for less than £200 because of the hours involved. That's JUST a machine polish and a wash!! no detailing, waxing etc... IMO, £200, £300, £400 on a good detail clean is well worth the money!! and it wil certainly put your mind at ease regarding a re-paint! as unless your car is crap, a detail makes it look fookin' magnificant!!! I'll certainly get my car or any other car I own done again!! The 840 is next Neil
  11. B1G JV

    Hella Angel Eyes

    eurocarparts are the cheapest for loom adapters. Kudos overprice stuff!! as said, ballasts for angel xenons only (well any xenons). If you can find angel xenons without ballasts at a good price buy them!!! ballasts are cheap and easy to come across!!
  12. B1G JV

    Some pics at last

    The car!! Bro' in law went with my dad to take it home (my house, as just had the drive done!) to put in the garage, said it lost power, juddered, brakes failed........... that's all I know for now
  13. B1G JV

    what MPG (real not book) does an e39 M5 do??????

    Agree with abouve, although I've only done about 1000 miles in 7 months 9mpg is my worst, but by god it was fun!!! 26's when my sis' drove it from Ipswitch to Newcastle 16 - 17 is my average around town figure.
  14. B1G JV

    Some pics at last

    Cheers guys (it's broken now though )
  15. B1G JV

    Some pics at last

    Some pics of the motor as I know you guys like pics and it's about time I showed Neils hard work! so I'll take advantage of working internet!! shame I have no decent ones though, these were taken just after I had it detailed by that top notch bloke Neil (Harley) Who did a wonderful job!! 1st one is before the detail obviously the pics were taken at about 8pm so the light wasn't too good, will get more with the original wheels on. Car looks smashing though! and by the way, the side pics are pre waxing Just to add, I hate those wheels and now have original 18"s sitting in the garage waiting to go on, just been fully re-furbed. The 20"s are terrible with respect to driving comfort, and they tramline at high speed!!