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  1. Started early the freshen up I had planned for the winter, not too scaby under there, couple of small bits of welding to do and replace all pipes, diff seals and make some stainless tank straps to replace the crusty ones.
  2. Thanks for the info, guess it depends then if I go stainless or not.
  3. Yes not sure what they used, maybe some sort of hydraulic shears. Glad to hear yours is up and running again.
  4. I'm not far away in Greenford, it's out of control round here as there is no deterrent, police not interested, it's a case of your insured what are you moaning about ! I started a thread on the Nextdoor Neighbourhood website for my area, over a hundred have posted that have been victims. Seems to be 4 of them wearing balaclavas threatening people to stay indoors with baseball bats and machetes, while they fuck your car up. Thanks Yes was racing, couldn't keep up with the RS200 running a Subaru engine and the Escort Cosworth with 700bhp though...
  5. Thanks, if I'd known the price had got that mad I would have cut them off my self and put a cheapy on. Guess it's the Rodium which I think is now over £25k an once ! I may go for the BM one or make it all up in stainless and have a removable cat. No classic insurance as parked in a Greater London street
  6. Yes, luckily I'm able too, the low life will not win ! Guess it will, but the Police in the London Boroughs are far too busy taxing motorists doing 21mph
  7. Yeah, probably best I was at work on nights, might not of handled it well as I'm quite attached to it after 21 years of ownership. Looks that way, and just fit for MOT. Won't be claiming, was taking it off the road this winter to take rear subframe etc. off and cut a couple of bits of rust out, fix a leaking fuel pipe and try and get the air out of my SLS system. So I'll just start earlier than planned. Just down to the Puma now, last week the Transit decided it needed a new turbo, and the Capri shat it's gearbox at Silverstone, oh well time for a nice sequential dog box that'll cheer me up
  8. Had mine stolen last night, original 26 year old Cats. with 356k on them !!! Looks like they used a rabid dog to bite them off, and naturally they're not going to bother with the niceties of using the jacking points so the sill is also fucked Don't know what it's like in the rest of the country but it's a major problem in Middlesex / West london.
  9. Sarnie

    New to E34

    Mine has been my daily for 21 years, now on 354k and never spent a single night in a garage. As long as you keep on top of general maintenance and any rust is caught early and cut out, they should go on and on. Once rust is left then repaired to an MOT standard it's a slippery slope. It's on trailering duties twice this month, doing 2x 250 mile return journeys to Donington
  10. As much as it pains me to say it, your probably right A V6 does sound good through a single exit exhaust, my Essex V6 in it's final form was revving to 8200rpm through a 3" single pipe, sounded like it was revving even higher.
  11. Between me and my son, we have a few cars you don't see anymore Me...E34 Touring, Ford Puma & Ford Capri My son...E34 Touring, Mitsubishi Legnum VR4, Volvo 480, Ford Puma. You don't often see 2 E34 Tourings together, yes my son did buy the 'Car Throttle' car...
  12. Here's a video put up 8 years ago 'Capri 3.0S or Rover Vitesse, which sounds the best' , from Oulton Park 1988, I think both sound great .
  13. Sarnie

    Diff upgrade Alpina spec engine

    Not heard of the "Racing Diffs" LSD conversion before so looked on their site, hmm so those 2 little discs are going to replace a proper clutch pack ? I fear your tyres are going to last a lot longer than your LSD ! If you can't find anyone successfully racing a BMW with this setup I would save your money, sorry.
  14. Sarnie

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    If your considering the M50b25tu then you may as well go for the M52b28 as it's no more work ( maybe a couple of little things depending which car it came from). Top end bhp is similar but there is a noticeable increase in midrange torque, did this to my 525iT 10 years ago and still making use of the extra torque, see my profile pic below from a couple of weeks ago.
  15. A line-up of ugliness...