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  1. Sarnie

    Diff upgrade Alpina spec engine

    Not heard of the "Racing Diffs" LSD conversion before so looked on their site, hmm so those 2 little discs are going to replace a proper clutch pack ? I fear your tyres are going to last a lot longer than your LSD ! If you can't find anyone successfully racing a BMW with this setup I would save your money, sorry.
  2. Sarnie

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    If your considering the M50b25tu then you may as well go for the M52b28 as it's no more work ( maybe a couple of little things depending which car it came from). Top end bhp is similar but there is a noticeable increase in midrange torque, did this to my 525iT 10 years ago and still making use of the extra torque, see my profile pic below from a couple of weeks ago.
  3. A line-up of ugliness...
  4. Sarnie

    When BMW Raced a 7 Series

    Used to be one out in the 'Slick 50 Road Saloons' in the early 90's, it couldn't match the Capri's and Rover SD1's but it looked a lot of fun, it was a big old boat
  5. Currently at Heathrow on a 12hr shift, how much longer for who knows ! If I get lots of spare time I'll start making some carbon fibre panels for the Capri.
  6. Sarnie

    hids are confusing

    As Five-Oh says, and how I did it in the pictures I put up in the other thread and mentioned 'Mostly Plug & Play' I would think the BMW plugs are not available and unique to BMW maybe.
  7. Sarnie

    Brake Sizes

    Yes they do with and without for road and competition.
  8. Sarnie

    Brake Sizes

    If your retaining the standard disc then you won't have a problem, especially if fitting something like the E31 Brembo or similar as it doesn't offer anymore clamping force due to the piston area being no bigger than the standard sliding caliper, it just has a larger pad area. If looking at aftermarket calipers then Hi-Spec have lots of options, and are very nicely machined and made in the UK unlike some others. I have some of their 4-pots on the back of my Capri and was impressed with the quality.
  9. Sarnie

    Brake Sizes

    If just doing the fronts, best not to go too big or it will upset the balance under heavy braking. When I did my fronts I didn't get round to doing the rears for 6 months and it wasn't nice under heavy braking. The fronts were so much more powerful that I had huge weight transfer making it feel like the car was trying to stand on it's nose. Once the rears were done balance was restored, and it hauls up much quicker than any 25 year old estate with nearly 350k miles on has any right to ☺
  10. Sarnie

    Brake Sizes

    I have 17" E39 "Style 66's" on mine and on the front I have 348mm discs from an E90 and 4-pot Brembo's from a Mercedes ML, on the rear I have 345mm discs from an E60 and E90 M3 Calipers. Fronts should be straight forward to make brackets for, and get easier the bigger the disc diameter is. The rears you have the added complication of handbrake shoes, if using BMW discs later than 1996 the shoe diameter increased. Also found the rear ABS sensor was a pain to work around with the caliper mounting bracket. I can have a look for some pics to upload if it's any help, and see if I have any dimensions etc.
  11. Sarnie

    Headlamps very poor

    I put HIDs in mine last winter, they do work well with the projectors, tried various nightbreaker type bulbs which make little difference. The HIDs are a huge improvement and actually light the road up in front of the car. I gave the ebay ones a miss and bought the 5000k 35W kit from HIDS4U, nicely made and good quality. The kit is mostly plug and play, just made a hole in the black cap for the grommet and soldered two wires inside the cap. As MOT seems to be a grey area ( I think they need to be fitted from new), I put the candles back in for MOT time, which means having another pair of black caps.
  12. Wow I like that, I definitely need one of those to take to race meetings, the rear part would make a nice big garage
  13. and why is there no such thing as a Bendy-Coach
  14. Sarnie

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Yes we need pics
  15. Sarnie

    Your retro Fords

    Cheers, it was good fun playing with the Mk2 Escorts, although was annoyed at binning it trying to take 3rd from the Escort Cosworth !