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  1. RockyBalboa-UK

    E39 540i brake pipes

    PM sent!
  2. RockyBalboa-UK

    E39 540i brake pipes

    Hi Joe, GF13197. Thanks.
  3. RockyBalboa-UK

    E39 540i brake pipes

    Hi, I may be working around there next week so just in case, that would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. RockyBalboa-UK

    E39 540i brake pipes

    Hello, Please can I have the price and part number for a 2001 E39 540i sport brake pipes - rear and front. Thanks.
  5. RockyBalboa-UK

    540i -> 740d thermostat?

    I've read one forum that this is a 'plug and play' resistor: https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-resistor-1000ohm-bosch-13901734469
  6. RockyBalboa-UK

    540i -> 740d thermostat?

    Don't suppose you have a link do you? A kit would be great rather than having to faff about with resistors myself.
  7. RockyBalboa-UK

    540i -> 740d thermostat?

    I've read a lot about this 'mod' but has anyone done on here installed a 740d thermostat? I did read on some American forums that there are some dangers in that the electric fan may not kick in due to an error code.
  8. RockyBalboa-UK

    530i and Euro Emission Standard

    Does any one know to how many decimal places they count the exhaust emissions figures? E.g. if the Euro 4 standard for HC is 0.10 g/km but printed on the V5 is 0.108?
  9. RockyBalboa-UK

    Crackling from speakers/no radio - BM24?

    I believe it's a BM24, round pin. Will ring him on Monday. Cheers!
  10. The radio will not switch on and I can hear an occasional crackle from the speakers. BM24 was previously repaired but I thought it has gone down again and have removed it to find somewhere to repair it but the occasional crackling is still happening without it plugged in. Any ideas?
  11. RockyBalboa-UK

    Wiring help please

    I was thinking of the junction box route. The current light is on it's own switch as you mention so having another on the same circuit and being able to isolate both is good.
  12. RockyBalboa-UK

    Wiring help please

    My sparky is off on hols and I urgently need to install an additional security cam / light to prevent further fly tipping. The existing light I can tap off from is on it's own MCB and wired to a terminal block as per the picture. What's the easiest way to tap the new light from this?
  13. RockyBalboa-UK

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

    Hi - sorry, sold elsewhere.
  14. RockyBalboa-UK

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

    Usual high specs, 32GB with S-Pen etc. As new - bought just under a year ago to watch movies when staying away from home but rarely used and in pristine condition. Comes with brown folio case. Open to sensible offers.
  15. RockyBalboa-UK

    530i and Euro Emission Standard

    I woner if the 540i meets the standards?