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  1. UK M5

    N47 timing chain

    Anyone able to help?
  2. UK M5

    N47 timing chain

    My wife a has F25 X3 which has a N47 2.0d engine. I have noticed that there is a slight knocking noise which is most evident on idle. If I touch the throttle pedal ever so slightly the noise goes away. I literally have to increase revs by about 100rpm. I pulled the engine cover off today and noticed the you can see the airbox and other bits vibrating. Again if I increase by 100 revs it stops. Here is a video. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xNnHsFOW2r5I2jXVR... Is this normal? Little worried as I know these engines have timing chain issues. Thanks
  3. UK M5

    replica m5/sport bumpers

    That sounds like a good alternative. Then i can install the rear bumper myself which is supose to be straight forward. Probably cost me about £300-400 for the rear bumper. So thats about £600 for the complete kit. About half the price of the Sport from BMW M STYLE. Although not as good, definetly worth it for the price.
  4. UK M5

    528i or 535i

    How many miles can the E39 take? is 115,000 alot of miles?
  5. UK M5

    528i or 535i

    Thanks, the 540i is abit out my budget. Im looking for an early E39. I wouldnt mind a 520i or 523i but most of them are poverty spec. I want atleast leather and steptronic.
  6. UK M5


    Has anyone used http://www.fabdirect.com I wanted to get prices for a few things but there closed now. What are there prices like? Any idea how much the M Sport bumpers will cost?
  7. UK M5

    528i or 535i

    Looking to buy an early E39 528i or 535i auto. Whats different between the two other than the engine and steering? What stuff did the 535i have as standard that the 528i didnt have? Also how many miles is regarded as high for an E39? Ive seen a few with 115,000miles, is that alot for an E39?
  8. UK M5

    replica m5/sport bumpers

    how easy/difficult are the bumpers to fit?
  9. UK M5

    bmw monitor

    Can i take out the BMW stereo and connect a 4:3 or 16:9 screen? i know it wont have nav or tv but it will look sooo much better?
  10. UK M5

    replica m5/sport bumpers

    thanks guys for the replies. Genuine it is then. Is BMW M STYLE the cheapest around for the parts?
  11. UK M5

    replica m5/sport bumpers

    Where can i get replica m5/sport bumpers quite cheap? Im looking to do a E39 sport conversion on a relatevely low budget.