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  1. Seesure

    Sunroof Sliding Cover

    I presume yours is a metal sunroof and not the glass moon roof? On my old car with the moon roof it would slide back to the fully closed position when the roof was tilted. (which I always thought was a bit odd) Whereas my current car, with the metal sun roof, it only slides back halfway when the roof is tilted.
  2. Seesure


    I'm sure you are right Dunc, usually people don't use enough force when turning the key... especially as most people point and press to open the car, the barrel can become very stiff due to lack of use...
  3. Seesure

    E61 550i touring - Jap import

    Interesting stock list .... Anyone up for a £12k 525i.. E39? https://www.seymourpope.com/used-vehicle-details/BMW-5-Series-U410/
  4. Thanks for the update, TBH very surprised as it sounded nothing like my car when the guides went. Perhaps the fact that you caught it whilst driving at lowish speeds has helped, mine was a real slap of metal against metal and was audible above the engine/exhaust as I slowed down from around 90 and moving across to the hard shoulder. Good save though albeit a little bit of a wallet stinger...
  5. Seesure

    Copying /re-flashing a DMU ?

    And just for giggles.... Despite the crappy weather yesterday I had to press the accelerator down a couple times on the way home after picking my car up... I was like a kid with a new toy....can't believe how much I missed the car...! Almost 7 months absence.mp4 Almost 7 months absence 2.mp4
  6. Seesure

    E61 550i touring - Jap import

    Looks great, bit to rich for my liking for a 13 year old car albeit with super low miles. Shame there's not more pictures of the interior, would like to see it in more detail...
  7. Seesure

    Copying /re-flashing a DMU ?

    Nice one Duncan
  8. Right then, I guess this can apply to any car and hence not dropping the question in to a model specific sub forum. Does anybody know of a reliable person/company who can take a DMU and check it over and then re-flash it back to working order? Background - somehow back in March the DMU in my 2002 M5 died, I have no idea why or how.. as a result thanks to Covid and the furlough and lockdown etc my Indy has only now got round to sorting it... the car has been sat in his workshop since the 14th of March !!! (and he hasn't charged me storage ) and I've had another car to pootle around in so it's not been an issue. Anyway to keep costs down we've taken the DMU out of my old 2001 M5 changed the EWS of the 2002 car and had a new key and barrel and now I have a running working car again. But I'm thinking - a new DMU is stupidly expensive from BMW £2k+ and I'm guessing that I can either get the old dead DMU reflashed or a 2nd hand unit reflashed to match the working DMU in the 2002 car which actually is from the 2001 car... so that way I can then look to get the 2001 car functional again at some point in the future... I know a bit of a waffle but does anyone know of somewhere that I could reach out to?
  9. Seesure

    Nearside (LHS) Facelift Xenon Headlight

    You'll see that the indicator is permanently on if the angle eye bulb is duff as well... replacing the bulb would be the 1st port of call... IIRC you'll also get a message on the dash telling you to check parking lights (I think)
  10. Seesure

    E39 M5 door / wing mirror glass replacement

    Yes, ^^^ As standard ^^^ Although I believe there was a choice of flat, convex or aspherical mirror glass... all bloody expensive from a dealer... perhaps keep any eye on the breakers yards or ebay....some time they will crop up on the Facebook group pages for E39 M5 or just the UK E39 Group.
  11. Seesure

    E39 M5 Buying Advice

    Really depends what you are looking for .... I've never found them lacking in the acceleration stakes, even when taking things easy passengers know they are in an M5... The amount of times sunglasses perched on the top of a passenger's head have disappeared in to the back seat is un-measurable... The speed pick up is very linear so whilst it may not feel fast the speedo will say another thing, I would never say I've had to press the accelerator hard to get the car moving in fact the reverse. I often use 2nd gear to pull away and would say you need a few revs but nothing too much to get moving - 3rd gear is also easily doable from a standstill as well. You might be well advised to run a MAF check through the secret menu as poorly MAFs can hinder performance without throwing any codes...
  12. Seesure

    E61 550i touring for sale over on FB

    Members only....
  13. Seesure

    E34 M5 Touring - 1995/M 3.8

    That is one nice looking car... !!!
  14. Seesure

    S62 Engine

    I reported the seller to Ebay and since then I've two emails from Ebay telling me the account had been compromised... Although at one point I did invoke a reaction from the scammer when I intimated that he was a bit simple and then led him to reply with a load of abuse and telling me to come and visit with £8k... LOL I did reply that I did welcome his offer however as he failed to give me an address with which to go an visit with my £8k he might actually be the stupid one in the dialogue... I then highlighted that a S62 is a V8 and the one he was selling was missing two cylinders as he'd advertised it as a V6....
  15. Seesure

    BMW E39 M5

    An "Original condition, unmolested example of a legendary M car." !!! That has an aftermarket head unit, facelift front and rear lights, aftermarket exhaust and black grills...plus you can negotiate on the inclusion of a factory MK4 Sat Nav setup. FFS which is very generous of the seller... it should be with the car rather than an extra for the price it is being advertised at. Cosmetically it looks good but and it's a big but read the info from the last MOT and ask if the work has been done or not... Don't look at this car with eyes wide shut!