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  1. Seesure

    E39 540i manual

    MOT history appears nigh on perfect... Made me laugh, he's gone to the effort of hiding the reg plate on all of the pictures except 1....
  2. I got booted out of the GB Genealogy FB page, for posting a comment about having ancestors whose surname was King, therefore that must mean I'm connected to royalty... It was a satirical pop mainly at the US members, who it seemed, only posted to say they could track their lineage back to some King in England from the dark ages and it was fully documented ! My post got over 400 likes or laughs and over a 100 comments adding to the satire before the US admins decided to take it down and when I pointed out that they had a sense of humour lobotomy they booted me out and blocked me from the group.... Not particularly bothered as there were too many princes and princesses on there, or so they believed.
  3. The whole mask thing is totally out of control... Several issues come in to play... 1) The general UK public are just too stupid to use any common sense - the vast majority think they are something special (aka wannabee "celebrities") and as a result think they can do as they please and will scream and shout to get their way.. 2) A large % of the above are selfish and don't consider or think of other people.... They are the "Me Me" population. 3) Devolved governments insist on doing their own thing to prove they have power so will ALWAYS do something contrary to Westminster 4) Central Government are rudderless and bounce from pillar to post depending on the day of the week... 5) There is nobody willing to actually enforce mask wearing... 6) Go back to No 1 and start again...
  4. I'm still without a proper sense of smell and taste since April 2020 !!! Covid was not fun, (lethargy, headaches, constrained breathing and a fever were my main symptoms) but I was lucky enough not to need hospital treatment... I wear a mask when shopping or on trains, also wear one when entering my local pub, likewise when collecting a takeaway or visiting the barbers. When walking out and about locally there's no need to wear a mask as footfall is relatively light. It's more about consideration for other people rather than myself - not everyone catching Covid will be as lucky as I was and I don't want to increase the risk % for someone else. We still go out and socialise, our social group even went to the Wales V South Africa rugby with 70,000 other fans but still used common sense when appropriate.
  5. Any update on this SajStars ?
  6. Seesure

    Welcome to the General Tools chat

    Does a hammer qualify ? (In Jeremy Clarkson voice mode... )
  7. Seesure

    Ideas for garage heating

    I used to have a Calor type of heater (still have it) in my old office, absolutely chucks out the heat but the biggest issue is when the bottle is empty and having to go trade it in for a new one... too much faffing around. Always seemed to run out when it was bloody cold and I had loads of stuff to do which meant popping out to get a replacement bottle was always a "later" option...
  8. Seesure

    Ideas for garage heating

    I bought the previous generation of this https://www.screwfix.com/p/ch-2520a-timer-turbo-freestanding-convector-heater-2500w/752ky for the attic of my garage. Literally takes about 15 minutes and the place is toasty - Plus having insulated and boarded the roof, sides and ceiling below it retains heat pretty good... Only converted it this year but already the heater has proved it's capability having the inbuilt timer. Switch it on for about an hour in the morning and the place stays warm for the whole of the day...
  9. Seesure

    mini chain saw £20 battery operated

    Just be mindful that a chain will tear flesh and not cut like a saw or a blade... Not sure if you were serious about using the incinerator in your garage or not... just be aware that most of those are cheap thin metal and rust through the bottom pretty quickly... I tend to use a tree surgeon on some of the trees - this year had about 30' lopped out of the top of 15 conifers, they did the big work and I cut to size and split the wood ready to dry and then use in doors... I'm by no means a professional in regards to chainsaw usage but have a big respect for them having seen the damage they can cause and how quickly they can kill if used incorrectly... even the professionals can get it wrong at times... A couple of "hobbyist" saws that I use .. Some of this year's bounty...
  10. Seesure

    The elusive PS5

    Might be worth asking Curry's how long they would expect a PS5 to last.... Their customer service and after sales is shite.... wouldn't touch them with a barge pole... Last year a close friend got in touch with them as they'd supplied a Smart TV about 13 months before, so it was literally one month out of warrantee.... Currys were not interested in even discussing a resolution, my friend even emailed the CEO and got no response whatsoever. In fact the CEO was emailed at least 3 times... The customer service desk said they couldn't help and when asked couldn't even suggest a course of action... Local store manager where it was bought from didn't want to know... It was truly like "we took your money, now feck off as we don't care that the crap we sold you no longer works"... In the end my friend reached out to the manufacturer and they were mortified, they arranged for the TV to be packaged up and collected, inspected and then offered a fixed fee repair with guarantees. To be honest as it was out of warrantee my friend expected to have to pay towards a repair, but to be totally ignored by Currys was a real eye opener... If I ever am desperate enough to buy from them in the future I'd be asking them to put in writing how longer they would expect an item to last as at least that way you will have a realistic expectation. I'd rather go somewhere else where I won't be knowingly undersold...
  11. Seesure

    School league table - background info?

    I doubt you'll find it, when I was a CoG about 5 years back it was very clear that the likes of Ofsted were much more interested in the ratios of : Boys V Girls Free School Meals Vs paying Special educational needs Vs non SEN English as a 1st language Vs English as a 2nd or 3 language They tended to steer clear of anything in regards to colour, race or religion except where there was a potential for FGM.
  12. What a difference in advert and presentation.... When compared the the £55k E39 M5 in Lincoln...this seller knows how to do it. You could buy 3 of these and still have change left over for a Caribbean cruise... Lovely car this 550i, would want the surround to the start button changing though.... looks like someone with claws has been pushing it...
  13. Seesure

    E39 M5 on eBay

    Trying to get my head around the "Communication Package" without a mobile in the arm rest and a "BMW advanced loudspeaker system"... Wondering what that is..? Seems like the seller really doesn't have a clue... no pictures of the engine bay.. nothing of the boot, they could have tried to sell it properly if they are wanting £55k.... Maybe the widescreen monitor and facelift lights make it worth loads more....
  14. Done I wonder how many people will hit the button for the first question....
  15. Spotted yesterday afternoon at the Covid jab centre in Hereford yesterday afternoon... Long time since I've seen another E39 around...