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  1. Seesure

    BMW E39 M5

    An "Original condition, unmolested example of a legendary M car." !!! That has an aftermarket head unit, facelift front and rear lights, aftermarket exhaust and black grills...plus you can negotiate on the inclusion of a factory MK4 Sat Nav setup. FFS which is very generous of the seller... it should be with the car rather than an extra for the price it is being advertised at. Cosmetically it looks good but and it's a big but read the info from the last MOT and ask if the work has been done or not... Don't look at this car with eyes wide shut!
  2. Personally, it sounds very similar to my current car after it had been at my Indy for 4 weeks over Xmas... It was really quite loud for the best part of 20 - 35 minutes driving before it disappeared and I put it down to sticky lifters... For peace of mind take it to trusted garage, but don't be surprised if the ticking disappears whilst you are on your way. Also it sounds nothing like my old car did when the chain guides and tensioner went ... that was a really LOUD clatter / slap of a metallic noise which was obvious at 90mph when it happened - it was impossible to not hear ... and it was also very similar in sound to when one side of the vanos packed up. So I'd be very surprised if you have any worries on this score...
  3. Seesure

    S62 Engine

    They still haven't replied to my last message... Today I sent "How about letting me come and see this S62... I'm just down the road to Penarth... can be over in 15 minutes... I need a new S62 as the chain guides went on my last motor.... Let me know you address....??? Keen to do business - cash waiting !!!!" I wonder what excuse they'll give or if they will continue to ignore me...
  4. Seesure

    S62 Engine

    You are probably right.... I was thinking that Penarth seemed a bit odd as a location as I'd normally associate it as being a bit up market known mainly for it's pier and coffee shops... I'll ping the seller a message and see what happens...
  5. Seesure

    S62 Engine

    Spotted this on ebay - it looks bloody clean !!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-M5-ENGINE-E39-S62-Complete-Engine-Motor-S62B50-Transmission-Gearbox-/233611054038?hash=item36644dcbd6 Makes you wonder what's happened to the car if it is indeed a 32k mile engine....
  6. Seesure

    So what are you doing in isolation?

    Decided it was time to tidy up the crap at the side of the house.... lol .... Loads of "stuff" left over from previous projects... Getting there a bit at a time .... will need some help with a few of the pieces of stone.....
  7. Sometimes they squirt a bit of oil up the exhaust to create that extra bit of atmosphere using the visual effect...
  8. Seesure

    Heater Fan playing up

    Lol - you forgot you need a third hand to get the the tabs released and then to pull it out...other than that easy to do once you've found it....
  9. Used and abused.... LOL some serious wear and tear to that seat.... Crap advert, crap photos and the only sentence worth reading was : REQUIRES ATTENTION HEADLIGHT AND DRIVERS INDICATOR INTERMITTENT FAULT REQUIRE HEADLIGHT MODULE , SHOWS DRIVE TRAIN FAULT ON THE DASH NOW AND THEN , FRONT SEAT BADLY WORN AND MARKED , ARMREST BADLY MARKED / WORN. Tells everything you need to know.... the rest of the advert was just a data dump of features on the car....
  10. Seesure

    Tailgating, is it just me?

    Too often though, the tailgaters don't actually have the skill or knowledge of how to overtake.... so they try and make up for their shortfall by being dicks about it all...
  11. Seesure

    Tailgating, is it just me?

    Although on Sunday night I had to do a 100 mile journey and caught up with several drivers just about nudging 30mph in 50mph zones... I over took a few of them when the opportunities presented themselves but what was interesting that at least 3 sped up when they realised I was overtaking and two others put on full beam... a couple of them seemed to wake up and were glued to my boot lid for a minute or two before dropping back in ZZZZzzzzz mode.... Seems like the empty roads are highlighting that the vast amount of the population are pretty crappy drivers when it comes to road craft...
  12. Seesure

    BMW E39 M5

    Lol - must be the slow eco-green version...
  13. Seesure

    Won’t Start!!

    This ^^^^ Sounds like there is just not enough power to get the starter motor moving, hence the noise you are hearing... no biggie, just get the battery charged or use a running car to jump start.
  14. Seesure

    BMW E39 M5

    Not sure I could justify that asking price....I'm just too dammed tight It's almost double in price to what I paid for my LMB car back in 2004 and that had 29k on the clock...that car was such a good price it always make me think that prices are way too high these days.... Have to admit there is an E63 AMG Tourer up for grabs on Pistonheads that has caught my eye... Price seems doable and it's almost a case of what's wrong with it.... https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/mercedes-benz/amg/an-exceptional-example-of-a-rare-mercedes-e63-amg-naturally-aspirated-7-seater/10433079 Ticks all the boxes for me especially with the extra jump seats... would help with the airport runs and other trips that my close social circle do... there are 3 couples in it....!!! So many times have we had to take 2 vehicles when going somewhere... (See what I'm doing.... justifying it to myself )
  15. Seesure

    BMW E39 M5

    I had a look on Pistonheads and am gob smacked.... the cheapest being £16,995.... https://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds?Category=used-cars&M=272&YearFrom=1998&YearTo=2004