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  1. Seesure

    Door wont open

    By trashing the door card a bit....
  2. Seesure

    M5 alarm/remote locking

    Lock the car with the key and check the clowns nose on the rear view mirror to see if it's flashing. Also you could try leaving the bonnet open and see if the alarm goes off after 15 or so minutes.
  3. Seesure

    MAF issue? (e39)

    A bit late - but it's worth doing a MAF test to check on their performance every now and then... Dying MAFs can really wreck the car's feel and performance, so if you can use your private road it's a good check and balance.
  4. Spotted this old luxo barge locally yesterday, bodywork was stunning... Looks to be very low mileage although the MOT appears to have been forgotten...
  5. Seesure

    Magnolia Tree

    Mine is almost over, 23rd of March it looked like this
  6. Seesure

    e39 M5 Oil Choices.

    Up to March 2000 10W60 - Post March 5W30 although the later cars are fine on 10W60 as well. Castrol Edge or Mobil 1 are generally up to the mark. It always used to be Castrol TWS but when that was phased out it became Castrol Edge but owners were told not to use Castrol Edge Sport. These days I think Castrol FST should be fine along Mobil 1.
  7. Seesure

    Goodbye and thank you

    Yup everywhere you go it appears that people has aspirations to drive a van ....... with a few extra windows.... Plus Renault have the Dacia Duster which covers that market for the Wannabees...
  8. Seesure

    Warranty Direct

    Wouldn't touch them with yours.... Take your £800 and stick it in the bank and do that once a year as your emergency fund... There was a long post on Pistonheads recently titled "Warranty Direct Claim refused - M5 engine seized" long and short of it was that the owner had a problem when in France, was told by BMW in France it wasn't an issue and to get it repaired when he got home. When in the garage the engine seized and then the fun and games started with WD ultimately saying they weren't liable and so told him to do one... he did everything he was asked of them and got various engineers to provide reports but essentially they denied they were accountable. Subsequently when he pressed and pressed things started to go legal, plus they then put pressure on PH to have to topic pulled which has happened. The total cost was circa £20k+ and was a 2013 M5. https://warrantydirectclaimrejected.blogspot.com/ Make a coffee and have a bloody good read... https://warrantydirectclaimrejected.blogspot.com/2019/01/claim-against-warranty-direct.html
  9. Seesure

    M5 purchase potentially

    Yes my first one went to 232k... what took it off the road was the chain guides / tensioners which disintegrated. Up to that point it was still pulling hard, although drinking a bit of oil. It had just (within days) passed an MOT but wasn't worth the hassle of repairing as it would most likely have struggled to pass an MOT 12 months on due to rust - although I'd replaced the right hand vanos about 6 weeks before as it had become a very noisy. The figure for parts for the chain guides etc and doing the work was pushing £3k and that was without finding any other potential damage and my replacement car with half the mileage was only a smidge over £7k so financially it made more sense. The MOT tester had also said it was looking a bit "ripe" underneath. All 4 doors had rust along the bottom, rear number plate lights were held in by the rust, rust was working it's way through the bulk head (spotted that when I had a windscreen replaced), rust on both rear arches and sills were pretty rusty. If you are looking to buy a high miler, all you can really do is to look out for the general condition and look to see if the big service items have all been done. Ask about oil consumption - both of mine had started drinking a fair bit (1litre per 800 miles) by the time they were 150k miles plus but it's no real biggie unless it's sub 400 miles per litre. My current car is now just about to hit 180k miles and still goes like the proverbial - although I do have the MOT coming up in the next 4-5 weeks - which will be interesting to see how it fares...
  10. Seesure

    E39 M5 LMB

    Spotted at Bristol airport long stay car park on Friday afternoon.... looked very tidy.
  11. Seesure

    10w60 oil - cheap

    On the E39 M5 yes - Mobil 1 is fine, have used many a litre over the years ....
  12. Seesure

    10w60 oil - cheap

    Couldn't find carpartsless as a seller but found carpartssaver - their Mobil 1 10w60 (5 litres) works out at better value at £40.99 that the Castrol....
  13. Seesure

    Over filling fuel tank

    Sometimes the nozzle is over sensitive, especially if the fuel is being delivered at a decent rate - there's a garage locally where one of the nozzles clicks time and time again if you try to use it at full speed, no sooner than you pull the handle to it's maximum point then the nozzle clicks - it's an absolute pain to use unless you know not to pull the handle any further than about 50%. As regards filling the neck of the filler pipe I don't see why it would cause any issues to the car...it will overflow if you fill it too much any way...
  14. Seesure

    Lucky escape I guess

    No drifting lol - I've got to book the car in for a service as it's due, so once it's up in the air my indy will have a good dig around. (I'm certain the state of the roads is probably the main contributory factor, with many of them around the Vale of Glamorgan having both stupid amounts of speed bumps and a plethora of pot holes). And yes, I'm glad I had all four done as that one could have gone pretty much at any time especially with my heavy right foot...
  15. Seesure

    Lucky escape I guess

    I'm normally pretty good at keeping an eye on tyre wear... but this swine caught me out... As the back end was getting a bit wayward I decided it was time to change the rears as they were spent and as the MOT is 8 weeks away thought I might as well get the fronts done as they were low and probably didn't have much mileage left in them... So off they came one by one and the offside front was the last... At which point the tyre fitter suggested I might want to get the front alignment done.. Couldn't believe how bad this one tyre was... all other 3 tyres had pretty even wear across the whole tyre, but the inner edge of this one was something else !! I think I need to park with the wheels on full lock occasionally just to keep an eye on things as I've never had a tyre wear this bad before...