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  1. Seesure

    Tiff drives every m5

    Thanks Dunc - really enjoyed that video. That E34 looks the dogs....!!!
  2. Seesure

    E39 M5 Values - Polarising subject

    186k on the current car bought with 112k on it. Although to be fair my trips around the UK have dropped a fair bit so the mileage is racking up slower than before plus I bought a "temporary" Merc C200 (2003) whilst the M5 was having issues last summer, - it took almost a month to get it back on the road after the AA cleared the codes and my gargage struggled to keep it running long enough to get any codes triggered... Turned out to be a combination of fuel filter and fuel pump issues... I use the Merc 1 week in three just to keep the battery alive and to make sure the car is warmed up and all the components are given a work out. It get's at least two 60 mile trips in that week with each of them being about 40 miles of motorway. .
  3. Seesure

    E39 M5 Values - Polarising subject

    In 16 years I've managed to rack up over 280k miles in my E39 M5s....I'd rather drive them and enjoy them
  4. Seesure

    Anyone swapped an E39 M5 for a Golf Gti?

    5th ammendment. ...
  5. 186k....need to get the sills looked at, starting to look a bit crusty...
  6. Seesure

    Anyone swapped an E39 M5 for a Golf Gti?

    Interesting review - although it looks a bit tight in the rear....
  7. Difficult to tell, I could only hear something that sounded a little like it might be a bearing of some sort, certainly didn't sound like the chain slap I heard on my previous S62 before the the guides and tensioner disintegrated, that was a very noticeable and loud noise...
  8. Seesure

    Anyone swapped an E39 M5 for a Golf Gti?

    This was an M135i pulling on to the M4 a while back, not sure what he''d done to it but it made some loud bangs as he was changing gear...similar to a sequential gear box in a Clio I once drove at Palmersport. When he drops down and pulls away on the slip road the camera car was in 4th gear but had changed to 3rd by the end of the slip road... certainly very quick acceleration from the M135i, as you have an M5 now, I guess a M140i or M135i wouldn't be the true "Beast" or have the "Special" factor that you get now. Excuse the music.... M135i.mp4
  9. Seesure

    E61 m5 priced a bit low?

    £14,989 now.... unless it's a different car...
  10. Seesure

    E39 M5 - Looks interesting

    I think Roofer had one in that colour many years back.... 2nd favourite of mine to the Cadbury Purple...:)
  11. Spotted this up for sale today.... High miles but photographs well... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283714811162?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&fromMakeTrack=true
  12. Seesure

    E39 M5 Values - Polarising subject

    Personally.... If you have one, drive it and enjoy it... don't worry about appreciation or depreciation costs... Use it for what it is intended, no point in buying one to stare at, they are a piece of art but the real enjoyment is in using rather than looking...
  13. Seesure

    Washing machine tripping RCD!

    Check the ads in the local free newspaper, I found a guy advertising in my local paper who will pretty much fix any kitchen item. He never charges for a call out, usually does two trips, one to identify the problem then he'll order the parts and come back a few days later. The only item he didn't want to fix was a microwave when it was the circuit board that had failed and although he could fix it, the cost of the board and his time would have been more than the cost of a new microwave. Over the years he's added extra life to a raft of washing machines, ovens, tumble dryers and even an MFI dishwasher which I bought in 1995 and eventually got rid of last year... He still advertises for work - although I think it is to keep him busy, he lived at home with his mum until she died about 4 years ago, never married, always drives cars that look as though he bought them from the scrapyard, but he is honest as the day is long. He never seems to charge more than £30 for his time and effort. Parts seem to be at cost or with very little margin. I also found out a few years back that he has a part share in some vintage jet airplane which he leases out to airshows and drops the engine on that with his mate so they can work on it... Guys like this do exist and are worth their weight in gold...
  14. Seesure

    Service advice.

    On a good run my Indy is 40 minutes away, in traffic it can take an hour to get to him.... I've used him since 2005 when he diagnosed a faulty 02 sensor on my car for which he charged £120 to replace... the main dealer I had visited previously had said the EML was on due to a faulty Vanos which required replacing on both banks... total estimate circa £5k... A good Indy is worth their weight in gold and I've found mine to be super knowledgeable and trustworthy... plus they will talk to you and discuss options and understand the issue you may have without blindly just reading codes...
  15. Seesure

    Service advice.

    Personally I'd always try and find a specialist for the brand who will understand any foibles etc with BMW. I'd also be looking for somewhere that has good feedback on line as well as in the forum communities.