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  1. sjj84

    N57 timing chain....my experience

    Would you mind telling me which dealership you found to be the better one, by private message if you wish. I know we've discussed before as we are local and use the same dealers.
  2. sjj84

    Valve Block pipe fitting

    Looks like a normal push fit connector, push the outer ring inwards, make sure you keep it flat. Try pushing the pipe in a little whilst pushing the ring and then pull the pipe outwards.
  3. sjj84

    OK. Its a Z4 (Ruby Black)

    That colour is lovely. I've got one too, mine is silver grey though, a bit of a boring colour. Do you happen to know what make and size those csl wheels are? I'm thinking of getting some for mine.
  4. I had mine done at bmw, the bill shows they only charged for 1 litre, I doubt they do as good a job of replacing it all as you have.
  5. sjj84

    Handbrake switch

    I seem to recall a thread a while back about changing the handbrake switch cover, can't seem to find it now. Anybody remember it or know where to get the covers from? My switch has fallen apart, operates fine but the cover is in pieces.
  6. That tool will be fine, once you've wound the actuators back using your foxwell you'll literally be able to push the pistons back with your fingers.
  7. Foxwell 530 here too. Intended to get Carly, but they then changed to a subscription model, not worth it for me.
  8. sjj84

    EGR cooler 2nd Recall

    Mine shows up the same recall, egr cooler already been replaced three times in a couple of years!
  9. sjj84

    Air suspension drops whilst driving.

    Height sensor getting stuck?
  10. sjj84

    F10 535i Front Spring replacement DIY

    Good work and write up. Always satisfying doing these jobs yourself. I hate spring compressors, they never seem secure! Have you seen the floor mounted ones you can get?
  11. You're playing this all wrong mate, should of gone in the house told the wife you've narrowly escaped death and you definitely need a scissor lift!
  12. Rear springs snapping on BMW's in general is pretty common, I've had them on my e86 z4, e46 m3 and e46 330ci. Not got springs on my f11, have had two compressors though!
  13. Got them in my 535d, tried once. Doesn't suit a big barge, the 8 speed auto is great on it's own. Had an e46 m3 previously with the smg gearbox, now that was far more suited.
  14. It was -1.5 on my journey this morning. We also had flurries of snow on Sunday! My winter's will be staying on for a while longer yet, mainly because my rear summers need replacing and hardly anywhere is open at the moment!
  15. sjj84

    F11 - Ashtray won’t close

    Can't remember off hand which part broke, it was my 3 year old climbing across the car that did it. It was only about £25 for a new one.