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  1. sjj84

    BMW Insured Warranty, what to do?

    Paying annually is cheaper until you hit 60k miles at which point the price raises dramatically. If you start paying monthly before you hit 60k miles then the price stays the same.
  2. sjj84

    F11 air suspension

    Did you sort your friends car? My f11 had new air springs fitted a couple of weeks ago, after that if a load was put in the boot, the suspension pumped up as expected but then wouldn't lower once the load was removed. New compressor sorted it. Doing a bit of research the air is released through a filter filled with silica balls, once these get clogged up the air struggles to pass through them to release the air in the system. There's write ups online how to replace them, BMW don't do it they just change the whole compressor as it all comes as one unit.
  3. sjj84

    New set of tyres

    I've got Goodyear Eagle f1 3 runflats on my f11, just had them replaced with the same again. Mine wore on the inside at the rear badly rather than the middle like the rest of you are reporting. The tyre man seemed to think that was quite common on big bmws
  4. It's certainly the right temperature to be back on summers now, although I thought it was forecast to get cold again? I've swapped to my summer shod car, not used it for 2 months. 5 series will need a set of tyres before the summer wheels can go back on.
  5. Changing brake discs and pads is so simple a 12 year old could do it. Independents likely to be better than main dealers anyway, they can only survive from building a good reputation. Main dealers plug a computer in and replace the parts it tells them to.
  6. sjj84

    Drive-train error message

    Mine never came back on and drove fine. Had a fault code stored in the memory though. I, like a few others have got a fox well hand held obd2 reader, it picked up the error code for me even after the car had been restarted and wasn't showing anything on the dash. I've also got a Bluetooth dongle and use bimmertool on android. Didn't check with it this time so don't know if it would have picked it up or not.
  7. sjj84

    Drive-train error message

    Could be anything with that message, getting the codes read will give you more of an idea. I had that exact message last week, also disappeared once restarted and never returned. Having the code read showed a fault with the egr valve.
  8. Always hurts that one. Mine was in the dealers for an egr valve replacement. Sure it only had it done a couple of years ago too.
  9. sjj84

    New car purchased today!!!

    I have Goodyear Eagle f1 assemetric 3 star marked runflats on mine, wear seems to be pretty good and they're quite quiet. Probably due a replacement and the only reason I'm tempted to dump the run flats is nowhere seems to want to repair them.
  10. sjj84

    New car purchased today!!!

    Do you recommend h&c then? I've heard the name banded about a few times, might use them next time.
  11. sjj84

    New car purchased today!!!

    They all trot out that little story. Every time I've bought from a dealer there's always somebody else coming that day intending to buy it, even though they've had it in stock for weeks.
  12. Had to replace mine too, seems quite common
  13. sjj84

    OK. Its a Z4 (Ruby Black)

    Great thanks. Any issues with the wider front tyres? I've read of a few people having rubbing, albeit on lowered suspension
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one that does that!