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  1. sjj84

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    Does eco pro make that much of a difference? I've never tried it.
  2. sjj84

    BMW Insured Warranty, what to do?

    I have it on mine, just gone up to 83 a month for fully comp with 100 excess, also got cover on my z4 coupe. Spent an absolute fortune on it over the years and barely had any claims. I find my local dealers don't have a clue what is and what isn't covered, either that or they're trying to get out of warranty claims as they get a drastically reduced rate from it. Wish I'd put the money into an account, I'd have enough for another car by now!
  3. sjj84

    Corrosion on F11 doors

    Take it to your nearest BMW body shop, they'll take photos and submit a claim to BMW. As you say the corrosion warranty is something like 12 years, I had work done on a 10 year old car before.
  4. sjj84

    Best mpg ive ever seen!

    50 mpg over 75 miles yesterday, happy with that from a 535d. Journey back was worse at 47 mpg as there was plenty of slow moving traffic on the m25.
  5. sjj84

    Front discs - expected mileage?

    Mine is on 70k miles, original discs as far as I am aware, pads were down in the mid 30's I believe. They've currently got 5mm left on them. What are they when new? 10mm?
  6. sjj84

    F11 door drainage

    This is correct. If it's only pouring out when you open the door you have a problem. Easily rectified though, take the door card off and you'll see the vapour seal starting to come away.
  7. Spoke to my local dealers yesterday, they reckoned their wait for egr replacements was currently between 2 and 4 weeks and they've been told the back log should be cleared by the end of may at which point parts will be available over night. Think I'll leave mine until June to be checked!
  8. Yes I did consider that option, but I'd also need a new obd adapter I think as mine is bluetooth and I believe iOS only works with wifi? Bimmercode originally came out on iOS only and later on android so I'm hoping eventually that bimmerlink will come to android.
  9. I also had an e46 m3 in carbon black, a lovely colour but a full time job to keep clean!
  10. The write up for bimmercode on android suggests that you can indeed do backups to revert to if needed. Annoyingly they also do an app for diagnostics which looks ideal but it's only on iOS.
  11. Thanks for that buddy.
  12. sjj84

    Extended warranty costs

    I seem to recall that with the extended warranty you can have it serviced at any vat registered garage but they must use BMW parts. Phone them up if you want a definite answer, I've always found them to be extremely helpful on the phone. Cost goes up dramatically after 60k miles, at which point you are better off paying monthly as the cost doesn't increase when you pass 60k miles. As an idea of cost, I have a 2006 z4 coupe with full cover and no excess which costs £50 a month and a 2013 535d again with full cover but a £100 excess which is £80 a month.
  13. Spray some leak detector around the connections, you'll see bubbles if it's leaking.
  14. sjj84

    AC Error on Bimmercode

    I found an android app called B-Tools that shows ac in it's list of readable modules. There's a lite version which is all that I've got at the moment which was free, might be worth a try, not sure if you can clear codes with the lite version or if you need the paid version. Please report back if you try it, I'm contemplating buying it if it's any good.