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  1. Mark

    Rover 75 estate -2.0 V6/automatic/silver/67k miles

    Hi, Do you have any more pics of that passenger side? Is it just the scrape or is the whole left side damaged?
  2. Mark

    1997 Glacier Green 528i Touring £500 PICS

    If you weren't so far away I'd have this for a daily hack... Looks to be a bargain
  3. Mark

    Looking for diesel touring model £9000

    That's the kind of thing I'm looking for... He's not massively into speed so even a 520 would do. Always find it best to buy a car from a forum member as they are better looked after generally.
  4. My friend is looking for a new daily and I've convinced him to go for a 5 series touring model... Trying to find a nice one for him He has a budget around the £9k mark Any recommendations guys? Mark
  5. Mark

    Big spec bmw 745li for sale

    Is this still available?
  6. Mark

    E61 520d Msport 2007

    Cheers I'll send you a PM
  7. Hi all, I'm still lingering about after all these years I maybe coming back though based on advice from here... Most of my knowledge is on the E39 so I'm a little bit in the dark with these newer cars. I've been offered a 2007 520d Msport (touring ) but it has 154k miles. It has full BMW service history but is that mileage anything to be concerned about? I'm also not sure if it's the M47 or N47 motor... It's up for £5700... does that sound right? Hope you can give me some pointers Mark
  8. Mark

    Should I get an E38 740i Sport?

    What are the 728's like then? Would love a740/50 myself but have been offered an old 96 728 with double glasing for sensible money and wonder if it's worth a punt? Are they any better on fuel than the V8/12's?
  9. Cheers bud, i'm still loitering Might be here a lot more if Shaid gets his way lol
  10. Mark

    Hgv owner drivers

    I went out and shelled nearly £2.5k on my class 2 and class 1 licence (2 week course) with the big promise of never ending job opportunities and fantastic money... In reality ive seen £8/hr class 1 jobs and currently on the tippers for local construction company at just over minimum wage The owner driver route does look tempting though but the risks do scare me off.
  11. I keep looking at E39 540 sport tourers got somebody interested in the leggy so who knows...
  12. Ah ha, you still linger on here as well