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  1. duncan-uk

    Starting Problem 1975 520i

    Seeing as the issue seems to relate to the ignition switch have you tried a replacement or by-passing it?
  2. duncan-uk

    Effin' Autodoc

    I had issues with autodoc and couriers - they couldnt have been less helpful saying i need to take it up with courier but as you say contract is with AD and they with courier. Paypal did sort a claim for me though when sold some dodgy airpods on ebay so i'd start there.
  3. duncan-uk

    Value of e39 540i for insurance

    You need to search autotrader, ebay etc etc and find as many examples as possible of the same spec. to argue for the valuation you would be happy with. Mad as it sounds i suggest washing and polishing, hoovering out etc before the assessor comes. When i had similar the valuation wasn't too bad and i kept it as cat N fixing for buttons and pocketing the change. Issue i had is i couldn't find any manuals for sale and they wouldn't accept a comparison with an auto...
  4. duncan-uk

    E34 525i SE

    99% sure. As i say it was a good car to start with.
  5. duncan-uk


    Only gold and platinum members are permitted to post sale ads.
  6. duncan-uk

    E34 525i SE

    It was £5.5k or something. I think I know the car as one very similar used to be parked near me and OCC is not a million miles away. when I saw it it was clean and tidy and I suspect a long term owner old boy car judging by where it used to park. ok it’s an m20 but I think it’s a nice old bus.
  7. duncan-uk

    528i won't start

    The wiper track wears on them so you can open them up (black case with P/N on it 2x3") and shift the wiper track a touch and see it it improves. https://www.mye28.com/tech/rods_pages/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/afm_by_fr_wilk.pdf
  8. duncan-uk

    E39 auxiliary lead addition problem

    I think the Aux only switches if there is something to detect so say a aux-in lead or blue tooth. But what i learned was the firmware needs to be right on the unit is a KW number and needs to be KW30:02 or later i bought an X5 head unit with CD and worked with a lead and the bluetooth adapter. https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/138352-e39-oem-aux-in/?tab=comments#comment-1484066
  9. duncan-uk

    SuperDave RIP

    2 years, wow
  10. duncan-uk

    528i won't start

    To see if flow stops?
  11. That's 2016 though? GDPR came in during 2018 so assume that info regarding former keeper is not printed on a newer V5? Though not bought a car in a while!
  12. duncan-uk

    528i won't start

    Control or supply, either once running ie starter has disengaged they injectors stop firing or its not getting further fuel. I think if the former it would stop dead almost immediately or fail to start. As such i still think is priming the system but not switching on the pump once fired so running out of fuel.
  13. duncan-uk

    528i won't start

    There is a 7th Injector under the inlet manifold i believe but it sounds like a running issue ie injectors not getting the signal to fire or being powered up. If the usual suspects are checking out its going to be time to get the haynes manual out and start checking pins on the ecu to confirm what the ecu is seeing. On the motronic a multimeter can be used to check most of the sensors suggest L-tronic is going to be the same. Time to start playing detective. Have you checked all the earths? i think the injectors are grounded at the back of the head.
  14. Presumably because of GDPR?
  15. No need to gift wrap it Mick, just send it to me as it is!
  16. duncan-uk

    530i and Euro Emission Standard

    That would be 0.11 then?
  17. duncan-uk

    E39 ski bag and trim

    I don’t have a saloon but if I did I would be all over this. Fitted one to my ‘M3 saloon. Very useful. Managed to bring a 6” sleeper home I found on a beach that now sits over my mantle piece and carried various other diy items. Someone needs this.! GLWTS.
  18. duncan-uk

    Wheel wobble

    Not that i could see but i have had the seat move in the hub previously hence looking at new hubs. I don't think there is one culprit but lots of little areas that add up!
  19. duncan-uk

    Wheel wobble

    I tried discs, pads (various) skimming discs on car, arms & bushes, track rods, drop links, arb bushes and would still return. Finally cured after changing hubs and bearings. I have a suspicion the hub insert seats wear/ move
  20. duncan-uk

    Touch-Up paint?

    Thanks, perhaps I applied too much though was trying to apply as little as possible but the instructions suggest smearing with a gloved finger! Resorted to t-cut which left a good finish but still some "dents" to fill. The colour match is excellent and a vast improvement on the graze I was working with so not unhappy, perhaps its a layering process on deeper grazes. I shall try being more sparing though the stone chips clearly need a bit more to bring them level but pretty sure it will be an improvement whatever and far better than dabbing with a touch up brush!
  21. duncan-uk

    Touch-Up paint?

    yes, just seems to go off very quickly. So almost as if you want to use the solvent before its dry.
  22. duncan-uk

    Touch-Up paint?

    So question on the chippex. I’m struggling removing the excess. Is there a trick or just patience and lots of wiping with the cloth and solvent?
  23. duncan-uk

    SOLD: E39 Sport offside under bumper cover

    The bit that gets smashed? I'll take it.
  24. duncan-uk

    Touch-Up paint?

    This is good to know, i have some in the garage for when the weather is warmer to sort a few bits.