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  1. Just replaced both and the passenger side has one broken lug. Drivers all 3. Any use to someone? £10 posted? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. duncan-uk

    E34 parts

    Tim I’m thinking of is in Northamptonshire but yes if you can see the part so much the better. Is linwar motors still in Southport area?
  3. duncan-uk

    E34 parts

    Welcome Tony. Looks a good project what’s the story with it? for parts try a post in the wanted section or member Tims. He usually has an e34 in stock.
  4. duncan-uk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Passed another MOT couple of advisories on a ball joint and brake lines starting to look a bit flaky so time for some wire brush action. Will do both ball joints when i fit the ARB bushes which are the last thing i've not changed which i hope will remove a low speed clonking i have. Think i will find a day next week to give it some love
  5. duncan-uk

    Go-faster snails

    Not as good as a mussel car...
  6. duncan-uk

    Insurance Advice

    No. Different wing. It’s a oe used wing so matches and saves painting.
  7. duncan-uk

    e39 pollen filter to bulk head "snorkells"

    Yes. Received thanks
  8. Hi guys, Be interested to get a price on these please: 64318379620 64318379621
  9. duncan-uk

    Insurance Advice

    Indeed and worth far more to me than the modest sum offered to take it away - devil you know and all that. This is the damage and what a write off looks like according to my insurer... and fixed bar the bumper damage - going to try chippex on it
  10. duncan-uk

    What are you doing now?

    Kids in bed. Wife is out. Glass of red in hand. Motorbike show on tv and a warm spaniel on my lap. Not a bad evening [emoji41] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. duncan-uk

    Insurance Advice

    Ahh now this is interesting. The NCB doesn't protect your premium it is a percentage reduction on your claims history - in protecting yo are preserving this discount. However the underlying premium based on your rick/car/history etc will change. So lets say its 50% that's safe with protected NCB but after a non fault accident lets say your underlying premium goes from £100 to £200 so you pay £100 rather than £50. Its like the insurance market is there to screw you any which way. And of course you are supposed to report an accident even if you don't plan to claim...
  12. duncan-uk

    Insurance Advice

    Cat N - its a f***ing joke - damage so minor it didn't even occur they could make the repair exceed the valuation of the car. I got a quote from Cotswolds for the bits they say i needed and its was £350 including VAT and delivery so £1600 plus Vat to fit a wing and paint a bumper and fit a bit of trim is ludicrous - as i say that's before they even added looking at the track rod and alignment.... One used wing (cost maybe £40) and two track rods (£72) and an ATS alignment to get me mobile (£44) plus some T-cut and half a day of my time. So i'm ahead but considering we were totally innocent my insurance co couldn't have been less helpful! Still need the bumper painting and the insert replacing and i will do a full KDS alignment in due course but i can live with it for now. Had i known i would have sucked it up in hindsight.
  13. duncan-uk

    Insurance Advice

    Don't get me started. Wife had a no fault accident (driver turned up a no entry and hit the wife and kids then buggered off) we got the reg and finally and admission of guilt. I'd held off fixing car pending the outcome as damage quite minor. After admission I asked insurers to arrange to fix (wing, bumper insert and then paint and polish wheels and bumper plus a track rod and alignment) £350 in genuine bmw bits by my reckoning. Quote to repair was £1900 plus vat before even looking at track rod so car a write off.... I've accepted a valuation and kept car (another story of pain including having to pay to get car relayed home) now fixed but in the midst of this my premium went up whilst claim under review and then even once absolved of blame my premium still goes up because "statistically if involved in a no fault claim the risk of you having another accident increases" go figure..... I say claim and get all you can. Either way you'll be paying it seems Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. duncan-uk

    3.64 CWP

    He's in herts.
  15. They look great but i know i couldn't be bothered polishing them twice a week!
  16. duncan-uk

    RIP Niki Lauda

    Hell of a character. I know what burns feel like and what it’s like when bandages stick. Aparantly after the first race back he just ripped them off like s plaster RIP
  17. duncan-uk

    e39 pollen filter to bulk head "snorkells"

    Thanks, i shall send payment imminently.
  18. duncan-uk

    What have you done on your E28 this week........

    No :( spell check should say had
  19. duncan-uk

    1998 E39 540 Touring - Manual Box - Potential Value?

    Maybe but the box and engine have a fair value. If if I saw a 540i facelift sport touring manual I’d be very tempted to replace mine.
  20. duncan-uk

    E39 undertray

    Sunday bump. It will go for whatever it fetches or it goes in the skip. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. duncan-uk

    E39 undertray

    Seem to have a spare. P/N 51 718 240 512 Part 9 here: https://www.bmwautoparts.net/en/catalog/parts/51_2427/0/47551/0/0/0/0/51718240512 £60 posted?
  22. duncan-uk

    1998 E39 540 Touring - Manual Box - Potential Value?

    That's probably par for the course. Is it worth running it through an mot? Miles are sensible so might get a reasonable figure with an mot? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. duncan-uk

    1998 E39 540 Touring - Manual Box - Potential Value?

    Depends on the rust but scrappy ones seem to fetch 2.5-3 or so on eBay So if half reasonable maybe more Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk