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  1. duncan-uk

    Suspension refresh. Advice please

    My car is square according to the last geo I had but I have too much rear camber and not enough adjustment. It's only just over by a gnats chuff and it's equal and I can only conclude the Febi bilstein arms I fitted are ever so slightly shorter than oe and the eccentrics can't pull the bottom in enough to counter act it. Tyre wear is fine and it drives fine but if I ever take the suspension apart I get it aligned. Makes a big difference Ideally you want a hunter equipped place. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. duncan-uk

    Suspension refresh. Advice please

    Where are you based?
  3. duncan-uk

    Suspension refresh. Advice please

    But has it been for a 4 wheel alignment after all the work?
  4. duncan-uk

    Suspension refresh. Advice please

    Did you have it aligned after the work?
  5. Pockets not quite that deep Tom, I'm thinking 335i Touring.
  6. So my 530d Sport touring manual is a fine car and in healthy shape but i can't keep it forever. So what would be a suitable replacement? No immediate plans but worth thinking about... Its about the right size, drives well is brisk enough if not fast and engaging enough when needed and pushing on, will do high 40's on a long trip and is a a good looking car. Ive not given up the will to live but the later and bigger 5s don't really float my boat. E61 i like but thinking i need newer. Mrs isn't keen on another diesel. Do your worst!
  7. duncan-uk

    Touring tool kit

    My roof bar "spanner" is different its all in one and has a crude torque limiting feature bit like this but not.
  8. duncan-uk

    Radiator Fan switch not triggering

    That makes more sense! So wiring to the switch is all checked out and continuity good? Its not doing something odd? as car heats up/ idles leading to an intermittent connection? What happens if you run 12v to the switch directly by passing fuse and relay? does it behave then? Have you tested switch out of the car in pan of water? Suggest just because something is new doesn't always mean it works. Sounds to be something basic
  9. duncan-uk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    And how's it looking?
  10. duncan-uk

    Radiator Fan switch not triggering

    Where is the switch in relation to the temp sensor? Could it be in a cooler part? How are you viewing temp via OBD didn't think this would even be possible on something as low tech as an e28? Do you mean the gauge?
  11. duncan-uk

    Astounding economy!

    My e28 ran out less than a mile into the test drive
  12. https://club-ottomobile.com/en/october/500-alpina-b12-e38.html?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=Club_OttO_Sep_Oct_2020_EN&utm_medium=email You're welcome
  13. duncan-uk

    Immaculate E39 530i SE

    Welcome. Phil crouch in Amersham knows his stuff.
  14. duncan-uk

    Red Dot warning

    Changing a module can trigger the dot as they talk to each other and if there is an anomaly its flagged but MOT check is the first port of call. I have a couple of "can't be read" comments on mine but everything else stacks up in the history and before i fixed it it was better some days than others. So if it all seems right i wouldn't worry to much.. My e28 had a few obvious typos in the history but was verified with receipts etc. I think at 150k if it feels good i wouldn't be too troubled!
  15. duncan-uk

    BMW Car Magazine

    To be fair they’re all a bit thin at the moment.
  16. duncan-uk

    Joining the E39 fold...

    Worst case there is £1500 in it in spares without too much effort. The advert wasn't great but seemed to be honest in that it it was just badly written rather than full of the cliches used when selling a dog! fingers x'd!
  17. duncan-uk

    Joining the E39 fold...

    Just found it, i was and seemed a decent car hence watching. Reckon at the price you've done all right!
  18. duncan-uk

    Joining the E39 fold...

    Welcome! Nice choice - have a feeling I was watching this but can't see it in my history - dare we ask what you paid?
  19. duncan-uk

    E39 523i manifold/throttle body/ intake upgrades?

    If you can find the parts i'd definitely consider the TB work. The 523i was held back so as not to compete with the 528i which itself was held back. IIRC the M50 3/525i made 192bhp and the M52 3/528i 193bhp despite the capacity hike and the 3/523i 170bhp. The later M54 525i is back up around 190 i think so there is definitely a worthwhile gain to be had which isn't always the case with NA tuning but i'd take 20bhp
  20. duncan-uk

    E34 Touring - 525i to 540i 6 speed

    Stirling work sir!
  21. duncan-uk

    Interesting 850csi on eBay

    Probably helpful if you can spell Alpina!
  22. duncan-uk

    BMW Car Magazine

    And that's probably why the human race is stuffed! But yes i do like a printed product.
  23. duncan-uk

    Immaculate E39 530i SE

    For OCC its not a daft price either!
  24. duncan-uk

    What is a fair price for an E34 M5?

    Bits of this. Bits of that. 'Bitsa' Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  25. duncan-uk

    OK. Its a Z4 (Ruby Black)

    Might need this to keep it shiny https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/142874-z4-storm-force-car-cover-ccc357/