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  1. duncan-uk

    Touring Rear Calipers - Slider Pins

    Same on pretty much every BMW front and rear i believe.
  2. duncan-uk

    C110 scanners

    So breaking out the laptop to read codes can be a faff and seen these C110 scanners that seem to do most of the basic diagnostics i need. Not bothered re coding etc. Question for those that have used them - are the fault codes given with an explanation say "crank position sensor" etc or just a code that one then looks up with a broad spectrum of possible faults? ie how specific are they?
  3. duncan-uk

    C110 scanners

    Thanks Steve, seems worth a punt even just to keep in the car.
  4. duncan-uk


    Out of interest can you confirm price and availability please? Also: 31311136465 Thanks
  5. duncan-uk

    Breaking E28 eta 525e 1985 Platenen Green

    Tim. Humour me what’s the engine, box and loom cost? Text me if easier. Ta
  6. duncan-uk

    E39 head unit replacement

    It will be on label in format kw xx;xx
  7. duncan-uk

    Front Wheel bearing replacement guide?

    I changed mine on an e39 and all i will say is the bolts holding the bearing were FT! had the hub in a vice and a big bar to undo and still hard work. If you have access to an impact gun its sooooooo much easier!
  8. duncan-uk

    E39 head unit replacement

    What firmware is the current head unit? if its KW30:02 or later you should have an aux in option i believe meaning you can either by an aux in lead or fit something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bluetooth-Handsfree-Music-Adapter-AUX-In-Cable-Fit-For-BMW-E46-E39-X5-E53-X3-E83/133414421623?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I have a later CD from an X5 (05 i think) and with this i connect to it via bluetooth and switch to aux and get my music at a consummate volume to the the radio or CD where as with the lead it used to be quieter for same volume. These were my findings until i went for the above on a whim. Might still fit a suppressor as i get radio fuzz with the charger plugged in (though not when using bluetooth)
  9. duncan-uk

    Using Battery With lower AH.

    Is that how it works in your house? My wife thinks the pixies do this kind of domestic admin!
  10. duncan-uk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Did you get a play on the TG test track?
  11. duncan-uk

    Blown Head Gasket

    I had a crane like that which came with an M30 lump and an engine stand - didn't used any of them so sold them on - had i had bigger garage they would probably all still be squirreled away! When i changed my head i had the manifolds off in situ and its still a hefty lump! Keeping the manifolds on sounds a great idea as the exhaust manifolds particularly are an arse to do, slightly better engine out but if they can be left be so much the better!
  12. duncan-uk

    e39 mirrors - titan silver

    So some flaking paint which i'm sure one could deal with and slight mark on passenger glass.
  13. duncan-uk

    e39 mirrors - titan silver

    Some flaking to the bases but work as they should & will check glass for any marking. Not power fold just standard Will try and take some photos £50 posted?
  14. duncan-uk

    Gearbox oil change on 180k x5

    Andy what are your thoughts as to failure after an oil change as in oft reported? My take is if the box is displaying no untoward symptoms then is presumably in reasonable shape and a change can't hurt. But when people change oil in an attempt to improve a box or solve an issue when the damage is already done and an oil change does nothing (perhaps even makes it worse) and the box subsequently fails as it was destined to anyway - people then blame the oil change?
  15. duncan-uk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Feels like I've only just taken mine off!
  16. duncan-uk

    flat battery tonight. Great.

    Late to the party but I'd say the cold killed the battery rather than a deeper fault, I've had a few batteries die at this time of year and gone are the days when you could nurse them along for a few month with a good charge - they just seem to fail these days rather than degrade.
  17. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Fiat-open-end-tool-kit-spanners-500-600-850-Couoe-Dino/184484362313 Mine, let me know if interested.
  18. duncan-uk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    In for a penny.... Might as well whilst its apart for peace of mind.
  19. duncan-uk

    E32 740i with Hartge bits

    Nice, must be so nice to work al freso when you have the climate and much easier to get motivated- working on a cold damp driveway in the damp UK is less than fun!
  20. duncan-uk

    My M6 Gran Coupe Thread

    ^ Best i take it as your carbon footprint is too big, do you both a favour
  21. duncan-uk

    Wheel alignment weighting.

    From where you are try discount tyres in Apsley. Always been very good.
  22. duncan-uk

    Camber bolts Position question

    Yes but mine are mirrored not both on same side.
  23. duncan-uk

    Camber bolts Position question

    Do you have a print out though to see the rest? I believe the correct procedure is to true the rear then align the front to suit. Maybe its been done arse about face?
  24. duncan-uk

    Camber bolts Position question

    I would expect them to be mirrored (or near as) to have equal camber unless compensating for something being off. Did you have a print out showing the alignment before and after? On my touring i have no further adjustment on these and I am on the edge of the prescribed allowable camber - both are a gnats chuff into the red - but they are equal. On mine i can only presume it is a discrepancy in the lemfoerder arm lengths vs OE as both sides were new top and bottom but the eccentrics can't pull the camber in enough (bottom of wheel in) which suggests to me either the bottom arms are too long or uppers to short (or combination of both) by a small amount over OE. However as thrust angle is dead on and everything else equal and the remainder in spec so i haven't worried - car tracks straight and true and doesn't wear the tyres abnormally. This has been aligned at least twice since the work. My rambling point is if the car drives right and the print out says its in spec i wouldn't be over concerned as to the actual position of the eccentrics.
  25. duncan-uk

    My M6 Gran Coupe Thread

    Agree, I think this and the M2 are the only recent BMW's i have any interest/ enthusiasm for - I'll add perhaps the M3 (yes not 4) but the rest i can leave.