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  1. duncan-uk

    Titan silver e39 bonnet and grille.

    Thanks but looking for stock ideally on a bonnet!
  2. duncan-uk

    Titan silver e39 bonnet and grille.

    Good condition please. What you got?
  3. duncan-uk

    Firing order

    Was thinking as an easy check as you have them?
  4. duncan-uk

    VED rates to jump

    This is new cars though isn't it based on purchase price and tapering over 5 years?
  5. duncan-uk

    Firing order

    Hmm - swap fuel rail off the other engine? ie see if the other injectors work? I have a feeling Sharky fitted mustang injectors but that could be me miss remembering?
  6. duncan-uk

    Anyone know where I can get this.

  7. duncan-uk

    Firing order

    Yes I remember. Probably worth good money now that lump! forgive me if I was staying obvious I just assumed you’d gone for the worst case scenario. if everything checked out and the swaps were for known good parts then I suppose yes we have to consider the worst. particularly now as you have noted the recent clutch/ flywheel work. I would have thought though still it would stop dead in this scenario and not spark as it’s not being told too but worth checking. was a lovely car when I knew it. Featured in tbmw mag too. any recent pics?
  8. duncan-uk


    Well thats a different debate and something i have thought about a lot - there needs to be a shift in the way we live and work to improve the planet "improving" what we do now isn't really the answer. Its a very complex problem requiring different thinking!
  9. duncan-uk


    Having long since lost faith in the government's messaging (wasn't much to start with if i'm honest) and having suffered an avoidable bereavement due to covid, the effects of which will be felt for years i am certainly a believer in Covid. The last 2 years have prevented our family being together at some awful times becasue we followed the rules.... My take now is this - i have 3 jabs, i continue to give people space, avoid crowds and wear a mask in shops, trains etc i carry hand gel. For work i take all sensible precautions in terms of meeting my clients - fortunatley i work from home and did before the pandemic. None of this is hard or particularly curtailing my freedoms. I accept before long i am likley to catch it but assume as a reasonably fit and otherwise healthy man it will be mild or asymptomatic. I accept it is likely to be around for a good while probably more diluted as seems to be the case with the variants seen but i see no issue (in that the worst case it does no harm) than continuing to be cautious. I will make my own rules. My only take is whilst i was never one for a crowded venue anyway (friday night town pub, club, theatre intervals etc) i certainly avoid busy places now if i can. Crowds i found irritaing before but actually a little anxiety inducing now - not to the extent it will stop my life but definitly a change. Stockholm sydrome isn't quite the right term but the last 2 years have had an impact on me and i suspect others in many ways we are only just seeing. On the positive side i hope people see the value now in experiences rather than material posessions and see that we don;t need to commute to an office and that the world of work can now head in a more sustainable direction in terms of travel and offices. The cynic in me says part of the reason the government want us back in offices is that a lot of weathy people have a vested interest in commerical real estate....
  10. duncan-uk

    Firing order

    I don’t mean to be funny but you are leaping to the least likely/ most complex fault. not saying it isn’t just I’m not sure you’ve ruled out the easy stuff.
  11. duncan-uk

    Firing order

    But have you tested anything? Are the sensors giving the readings they should? AIUI a dropped pin means it won’t fire at all as it won’t know to TDC or the ecu to see a signal to fire injectors or spark. Really simple. Are you getting a spark at the plugs? If not are you getting a spark out of the coil? if not is the coil switching? are the injectors firing fuel?
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/125098281139?hash=item1d207048b3:g:bs4AAOSwn-dgVGWp Not mine but this sort of thing would help then a square pin head unit i guess which are buttons!
  13. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow but have a loom included. might have a square pin head unit too.
  14. duncan-uk

    Calling z4 owners.

    So since I’ve sold the z4m I have some bits going spare. see listings here. open to offers. Have some more bits to list also. https://ebay.co.uk/usr/duncan-uk
  15. It is. The speakers would be fine. The amp is square pin but one assumes an adapter is available or you could splice on a plug?