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    M&Ms and Harribos are great before a couple of bottles of baby sham
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    I like drawing with crayons and I try not to go outside the lines

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  1. Looks alright that Tim. Is it rotten?
  2. duncan-uk

    Blatant blag for sponsorship!

    Beaten my sponsorshop target too so hopefully it’s beneficial to others as well.
  3. duncan-uk

    Blatant blag for sponsorship!

    Thanks Dave. I’m well chuffed. I wanted sub 1:45 and worked pretty hard since the great north last year to improve. Dropped alcohol all of jan and march and shed some weight and felt good in the lead up. Consistent splits too where as in the passed I’ve tailed off around 15k. Treated myself to a beer and pasta!
  4. duncan-uk

    Recycling/Disposing of car fluids

    What I tend to do is mix brake fluid/ engine oil/ atf etc at the local tip. It’s all oil of a sort after all. Coolant as you say flush. Doesn’t seem right though.
  5. duncan-uk

    Recycling/Disposing of car fluids

    I use baby seals to mop up old engine oil...
  6. duncan-uk

    Blatant blag for sponsorship!

    Just got official time 1:39:05. Happy with that!
  7. duncan-uk

    Blatant blag for sponsorship!

    Thanks Mick. I don’t think that’s too shabby for an old git. I did did make an effort forsaking beer for January and March!
  8. duncan-uk

    Blatant blag for sponsorship!

    So this morning I got up at 6am. Suffered a bus replacement service in place of the expected train to get to pall mall for 930. 1hr and 39 mins later (plus 6 secs or 58 depending if you believe my watch or the chip) and 13.1miles I was done. Achieved a PB by some margin 8) so if you think that’s worth something for cancer research any donation large or small appreciated!
  9. duncan-uk

    Family cars. Talk to me

    I quite like the Citroen berlingo/ peugeot partner teepee's as a family hack. though i know people don't rate french.
  10. duncan-uk

    So e39 has taken a swipe.

    So had front wheel off today. No obvious broken hub or bent bit but rocking wheel in quarter to position elicits a knock from I guess the rack. Plausible the rack or rod ends are damaged?
  11. duncan-uk

    New car

    Can some be sent to me please :)
  12. duncan-uk

    M535i Rear Bumper Parts

    Try Cotswold on here
  13. duncan-uk

    M535i Rear Bumper Parts

    A surprising amount can be got from BMW so worth a try particularly for the odds and ends bits else i think its good used.
  14. Welcome along. At 50k it should have plenty of life and that list is nothing too scary. Where are you based and that might help with suggestions of where to go. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk