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  1. duncan-uk

    Diesel grades

    We're all allowed our different opinions so keep it friendly. FWIW I tend to chuck whatever diesel in I can find with the occasional shot of redex or what ever and currently considering doing a diesel purge. My e36 m3 asked for 98 RON. It had a sticker on the gauge reminding you and one in the filler. It got shell v power mostly or 98 if filling elsewhere. It would of course run on 95. Whilst gains may be imperceptible day to day by the butt dyno I cannot believe she'll et all are simply selling higher priced fuel with no evidence to back it up. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. duncan-uk

    B47 Engine reliability

    ^ But then land rover ask you to take the body off the chassis for certain jobs and have you tried to change a bulb on a modern car so its not just BMW
  3. duncan-uk

    My 1985 528i auto - 29k miles!!

    Well thats rather lovely, does it need much?
  4. duncan-uk

    525ix engine swap

    ^ Is that a specific iX issue with the sump or just a factor of stroking the M50?
  5. duncan-uk

    Odd electrical gremlin

    As above. Try the adjusters. Just unplug them. I also had an odd fault with cd changer being unplugged causing an issue but most likely adjusters. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. I'm not sure the suggestions are any old rust bucket, some interesting thoughts being shared i feel.
  7. ^ on that the panda 100HP and Suzuki swift look fun too.
  8. I've heard this about the puma, the Sport Ka is supposed to be a bit of a hoot too. My main issue with the Puma is it looks like its on tip toes somehow.
  9. duncan-uk

    Relatively new E39 owner

    ^ Wot he said!
  10. duncan-uk

    E39 530 Touring - radio/cassette replacement

    So that’s the basic unit. I don’t believe you can add aux in to that but you can solder a Bluetooth thing into the cassette mech.
  11. duncan-uk

    E39 530 Touring - radio/cassette replacement

    This is what i have learned thus far! Also Will Holman soldered an aux line into the basic cassette unit but can't find his post
  12. duncan-uk

    E39 530 Touring - radio/cassette replacement

    Do you have a picture of your set up to clarify? what I have found is you need an e53 head unit with later software. My 03 wouldn’t take a aux in. I fitted a later CD player that’s gives me aux in but I’m still looking at adding a blue tooth device to do away with the wire what I do find is when charging you get some interference on the radio so I need to add a ground loop suppressor.
  13. duncan-uk

    E39 530 Touring - new wheels

    I'm running turbines on a sport touring for the winter. I'm surprised how good they look TBH. Normally it's standard 17" style 66 sport wheels as above. I've resisted 18/19 for cost of tyres etc and the roads round here are shocking. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. duncan-uk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    This is on my list of jobs to do. Currently I have an old think pad that runs car soft but not enough guts to run inpa. As a mac user I've been thinking of an emulator for a while so I can ditch the think pad. Do you have an idiots guide of what I need to do? Would be much appreciated. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. duncan-uk

    530d or 535d?

    I line that you can remember the VRN and not the owner i remember buildings and projects but rarely the people weirdly.