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  1. duncan-uk

    New Wheeler Dealers

    But is this a revelation? All TG stuff was "scripted" and researched, good TV doesn't just happen. I enjoy watching WD and yes sometimes i'm screaming at the TV "what about those new tyres..." But occasionally i learn something and it educates me, yes its formulaic and perhaps deviates from the reality but it still informs. Isn't that what TV is for? Divert the masses from the drudgery of life and blinker them from the big picture?
  2. duncan-uk

    1986 E28 520i lux, £4500.

    Agreed, watched this journey with interest over the years. I don't need an e28, i don't need an e28, I don't need an e28, i don't need an e28......
  3. duncan-uk

    E39 Imola Red & Numbers Produced

    Just a note that we ask for gold membership for sale.
  4. duncan-uk

    BMW E39 parts - see below

    I was going to say £15 but i also don;t take the piss!
  5. duncan-uk

    BMW E39 parts - see below

    £18 for the inlet manifold gaskets because i like a haggle
  6. duncan-uk

    Exhaust options.

    But i am happy to be proven wrong and i am following your build with interest and sincerely hope you are able to show a nice RR run with a healthy increase for your efforts
  7. duncan-uk

    Exhaust options.

    I'm not slating just presenting the facts as i see them accrued with testing. Yes they look and sound good and may well be lighter but the full system and manifold is £1200 and i have not seen a gain, that'sj ust a fact. FB don't sell them saying gains in conjunction with extensive other mods only stating "with some customers unable to believe the benefits that this product provides in terms of BHP, torque and economy." I couldn't believe i gained nothing..... Noted this is e28 application but they did used to give figures and there were various write ups in TBMW and Retro Cars back in the day extolling the virtues.
  8. Interesting, could it be a dry joint or similar breaking connection as it warms? Used to be/ is a thing on the e28 061 engine ECU's Perhaps something that's now coming to light?
  9. duncan-uk

    Exhaust options.

    I know, that's why i put it on a rolling road to get comparative data. I'm just saying it as my experience tells me.
  10. duncan-uk

    Removing Ethanol from e10

    I agree BMW have designed for ethanol but my concern is not running on it per se from a performance/ economy view point its the impact introducing it on an older car might have. My understanding is it has quite a cleaning effect on the fuel system so assuming the rubber parts are fine its dislodged age old crud i'm thinking of blocking pumps, filters, injectors etc Hopefully i'm wrong but i'm sticking with E5 for now.
  11. duncan-uk

    Exhaust options.

    My point is not so much what I did our you are doing more that the empirical data I have shows the FB set up to does nothing for power. It’s not sold saying “will only work with extensive Alpinaesque engine mods” but with claims for 15bhp if I recall. Sure it’s lighter and will transfer heat better but is that really a huge issue? Back to the OPs question. I would say the sound good. The manifold makes the engine sound lazy at revs (in a good way) and it has a nice burble. Quality is decent though the rear box is not rounded in the front/ rear direction like oe and so I had issues with grounding. is it worth the money? Dubious I’d say and if I was going again I’d just go to somewhere like powerflow and have a system made.
  12. duncan-uk

    Removing Ethanol from e10

    Just use e5 super and be done!
  13. duncan-uk

    Exhaust options.

    I'm afraid i just think their claims are fantasy, the head porting was done by someone with experience of M10 engines so 2/3rds the M30 and the ports are much the same. They were opened out and smoothed but the discussion was it wasn't worth the bigger valves. The schrick cam and porting made a difference as did the Evolve chip in the ECU, i actually had an alpina ECU but never got the chance to RR the car with it. But i had an RR with FB against an stock car and figures much the same, then RR with cam and head and K&N, better, then with chip, better still. Honestly i think the biggest gain would have been an AFM delete and mappable ECU and with that i would imagine 240ish (i had 233) as the fueling curve was still off but none of that i would attribute to the exhaust. Did you get a baseline figure on yours?
  14. duncan-uk

    Exhaust options.

    I had a fritz manifold and system on my e28, first thing i did performance wise on the rolling road (and it went on 3) it made as far as i could tell no difference when compared to stock versions. Sounded good but in terms of power there is not much to be had with one.
  15. duncan-uk

    New Wheeler Dealers

    But does it really matter? - its designed to appeal to a broad spectrum - you only have to look at some of the fixing videos on YouTube to see they are dull as dishwater - it makes it a more rounded programme whether the sale is genuine he is giving tips as to what he's looking for.