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  1. duncan-uk

    Nav/Info screen z4/x3/ 1 series

    Thanks, its literally just the LCD screen - i get the casings are different as they sit in different dash arrangements but it feels like the "guts" would be the same. Trouble is they seem to be strong money to take a punt!
  2. duncan-uk

    Insurance claim advice

    I believe a hit and run is called leaving the scene of an accident and an offence. You could probably add driving without due care and attention if you wished as the other party was driving at speed turning the wrong way into a one way street. I had expected the police to perhaps make a house call before the damage was fixed to corroborate the events and send them to court. Nice easy win. But no, nothing not even this S172 you talk about. I know they're under staffed and generally do a good job but 5 minutes less in a kebab shop would have seen this done.
  3. duncan-uk

    Insurance claim advice

    Good luck with that. My wife was involved in a hit and run. We had an independent witness and the registration and finally an admission to their insurers but the police did zip.
  4. duncan-uk

    '89 535i £4,500

    Is it a lot of money? If its a solid shell and seems to be a cared for example then its probably about right given the current classic car market?
  5. Drop Sandip a line re gold membership if it isn't working for you else i'm afraid this is in the stealth advert area!
  6. Anyone know if inside the case the actual LCD screen is then same? They look similar and of a similar age so wonder if they can be swapped between cases to suit a different model. The flip mech and shroud seems to be model specific.
  7. duncan-uk


    I liked those and the coupes. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. duncan-uk

    HS2 vs Your Beema.

    I imagine it’s because Dominic has told him it will show the north how much he ‘cares’ about them.
  9. duncan-uk


    It looks very nice but: Cracked dash Why not put the rear seat in properly straighten the exhaust straighten the mudflaps put screws in the lower dash panel under the steering wheel fit an "i" badge has something festering on the rear N/S valance seems to have a bent rear bumper and dented rear valance too I never get why if you are asking top dollar you do'nt fix the simple things
  10. duncan-uk

    HS2 vs Your Beema.

    I believe the rationale is not so much the journey time (as 10 minutes or whatever is neither here or there) but that in having a new high speed line the capacity for local trains is increased on the existing lines and thus improving things for provincial traffic. That said the issue with the UK is travel east/ west rather than north/ south IMO.
  11. duncan-uk

    Diesel vs Vegetable Oil

    I think if you start lobbing it in a modern diesel you deserve all you get. AIUI with modern high pressure systems its a no no but older sloggers its ok. Whats more interesting as i thought one had to treat/ process it to use rather than just filter it?
  12. duncan-uk

    Anyone swapped an E39 M5 for a Golf Gti?

    I was thinking just of the tax on the fags not the pension pot or income tax take. I can't believe its not a win for the government - if it wasn't they would be taxed out of existence!
  13. duncan-uk

    Diesel vs Vegetable Oil

    He does say make sure you're vehicle is suitable
  14. duncan-uk

    525/528i AFM

    It may or may not help but when i sold a 528 AFM it was bought by a chap who wanted it for his ford - he didn't say which but perhaps 80's fords used the same part so that might broaden the search?
  15. duncan-uk

    WD my cloud 2tb storage drive.

    Little use as didn’t suit my needs. Happy to do a deal on here. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F184167244467