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  1. wattsmonkey

    Experiences with Fritz Bits Exhaust ?

    Power quotes in realm of fiction for M30, but I was very, very impressed with the Fritz manifold on the M88 - obviously not a patch on the beautiful snakes nest of the lhd Euro cars, but a beautiful thing and giving a worthwhile power boost. Needed ceramic coating to keep the temperatures down though, and that wasn't cheap. The system makes a brilliant, addictive noise combined with the manifold. It is the banshee scream of the M88 that I miss more than anything!
  2. wattsmonkey

    fuel & brake pipes brackets

    I'm about to reinstate the brake and fuel lines underneath the six before the rear axle goes back on. I know it's a different car, but the routing of the pipes is similar if you need any info. Upon removing the fuel pipes, the end of the return line literally broke off having been weakened so much with corrosion!!!!!! They weren't expensive from the dealer, just an absolute pain to fit.
  3. wattsmonkey

    Nearside wheel well

    Isn't the smaller hole for the ABS? the cable has the grommet for it. The bigger one takes the hard brake line and the brake pad wear sensor on the left.
  4. wattsmonkey

    E28 Air Con

    Having had a can of coke explode inside the black interior of my black M635 parked outside on a hot day, you might think I'd be grateful for aircon, but the incongruous wooden base of the cubbyhole created in a non-aircon E24 is one of my favourite bits! I'm not sure, but I think it might be the same part as fitted to the E9s, it certainly looks similar. Incidentally, the coke came off the leather and glass no problem; the headlining, not so much.
  5. wattsmonkey

    E28 Air Con

    I've removed the complete aircon system from my 635 if any of bits are of interest (it won't be going back in!) In fact, the project car has an aftermarket/dealer fit arrangement. M30 and E24 fitment obviously, but I bet there's a fair bit of sharing. Hope you're good, Captain - have emailed a few times. Cheers, Rob
  6. wattsmonkey

    intake trumpet for S38

    I remember the 6 speed box sitting in your garage of temptation now! I still have your bunch of bananas manifold in the shed. I'm kind of wishing I had a change from black for the project car, just because the M was black too, but I'm very much looking forward to fitting the Alpina front apron (until I get to a speed bump - this thing is flimsy!) Cheers, Rob
  7. wattsmonkey

    intake trumpet for S38

    Bugger - none of the trumpets in Germany have the mounting boss for the throttle linkage. I've bought one anyway, so now I just need to work out whether it is possible to plastic weld a repair section from this into my part-trumpet.
  8. wattsmonkey

    Stuff required for dying leather seats

    As above, Furniture Clinic just amazing. I bought a mini compressor rather than using the cans, as well as a decent airbrush. It's fun!
  9. wattsmonkey

    E28 Steering Bracket Reinforcement Kit

    4mm is too much clearance though. Bracket ain't that.
  10. wattsmonkey

    E28 Steering Bracket Reinforcement Kit

    That would make sense! I've also welded a 150mm length of 3mm steel to the chassis rails to allow for a jacking point - the rails are covered in little dents from sharp-edged jacks used over the years pretty much for their entire length, fitting in with the crappy bracket repair.
  11. wattsmonkey

    E28 Steering Bracket Reinforcement Kit

    Hey there Captain! By coincidence I welded my reinforcing dowel into the project car yesterday. It comes with a spacer washer to use if the bracket has snapped off completely, as you can see sitting on top of the dowel. I was less than delighted to find a messy repair already made on one side of my bracket, leading to much awkward grinding away of lumpy weld crap with absolutely no access (should have waited until engine out, but done now). ... and here's one that snapped off earlier! I can't even remember the car this is from, and have no idea why I kept the broken bracket, unless it was to demonstrate to someone that the bracket can break off - hang on! That must be it! I might have a spare somewhere in the garage, Clive. Let me know if you want me to have a look. Cheers, Rob
  12. wattsmonkey

    intake trumpet for S38

    Thank you so much for finding this, Tim - I have a replacement trumpet on its way from the Fatherland!
  13. wattsmonkey

    intake trumpet for S38

    Hey Duncan! I wonder if you can identify where this anti-roll bar set up came from?! Now irrevocably attached to subframe, with front strut mounting boxed in and reinforcements on rear bar too. Will also drill and split pin rear 18mm bar. I had forgotten your M90 supercharger scheme - should have picked your brains first. The plan is to use a tiddly M62, mounted where the a/c compressor went (it fits perfectly), via intercooler to intake where battery would have been, then into M88 plenum and S38 itbs. With a custom pulley, this will give me less than 6psi, but should restore me to M635 pace, - hopefully with the lovely linear torque curve of the M30 retained. I'll be using the B35 with Shrick cam that has been sitting in my garage for a long time! Plan is to get the E28 Goodies MS2 ready-built ECU, along with MAF sensor.
  14. wattsmonkey

    intake trumpet for S38

    All sorted! Seller really helpful. This is for the project 635, Ivor. Pretty pointless, but I miss my M635, so I'm adding a set of ITBs just to look at. And a supercharger.
  15. wattsmonkey

    intake trumpet for S38

    Well, thanks to Tim I've found one on German ebay, but...he won't post to the UK! I'm sure my clumsy Google translated plea will work wonders...