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  1. Savo


    Nice car! Welcome to the forum.
  2. Savo

    Newbie in Doncaster!

    Wish I had one
  3. Savo

    New (old) member - E39 525d M Sport

    Beautiful cars!
  4. LOL If the car was just for me I would probably have an e39 530i manual however the wife can only drive an auto. The Lexus took unbelievable abuse for nearly 8 years and was still going strong when it was hit, the autobox is it is fantastic and they never rust. BUT the fuel economy is really really bad. My old e34 525i sport was covered in rust and less reliable but a lot more fun to drive. Anyway we've made a decision, 2003 Mercedes E-Class 2.2 CDI CLASSIC AUTO http://www.usedcarsni.com/2003-Mercedes-E-Class-2-2-CDI-CLASSIC-AUTO-148588262?grtkey=1450310037_bb7a874a31c43c4349885994888b8c4a I paid £2500 for it, not the fastest car in the world but hopefully it'll do the job. Our other car 2003 Audi A4 Multitronic broke down outside the house and I broke my Achilles tendon trying to push it off the road so I'm in crutches for the next couple of months . Multitronic gearboxes are awful, I made a bad mistake there. Anyway its buggered so I have bought the Lexus for £250 from the insurance company and am going to have a stab at getting it back on the road. The insurance company want it re mot'd, it needs a wing mirror and a wing, both doors and the rear wing are also scored so it'll look well Anyway thanks for the advice and maybe I'll be back with BMW next time. Andrew
  5. OK so the insurance company have given me £1750 for the Lexus and will be taking back the hire car in a week so I need a car. Is there anything in particular I should be looking for when I go to see the 525d
  6. I've also posted this in the MB forums. Hi, sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I'm in need of a bit of advice on buying a car to tow my caravan The caravan has a maximum weight of 1500kg. I have been using a 1998 Lexus GS300 for the last 7-8 years and the car has been very reliable with no major problems in all that time. Sadly the car was wrecked while parked on the street and the insurance has written it off. I have up to £3000 to spend on a replacement, there is a GS300 for sale locally but I am considering buying something else as the Lexus averaged about 17-20 mpg the whole time I owned it, about 16 mpg on a run towing the caravan. The MPG is horrific but they are totally reliable. My wife who can only drive an automatic will be using the car daily for her 5 mile journey to work. We have 3 kids so it can be a bit of a squeeze with the Labrador in back while heading away in the caravan. So basically I need a fairly big heavy reliable automatic car costing up to about £3000, a diesel estate would be nice as would 7 seats. I live in Northern Ireland and need to buy the car probably in the next week or so. To make matters worse I ruptured my Achilles tendon last week and am now in a cast from my toes to my knee I'm after any advice on what to look for at that price range. I have been looking on autotrader etc and have spotted these. C Class 2.1 C220 CDI Avantgarde SE 4dr 2004 145,000 £1995 E 220 AVANTGARDE CDI AUTO FACELIFT 2006 170,000 £3650 E 280 2005 122,000 £3650 Black leather C 200 Cdi Avantgarde 2005 124,000 £3100 E-Class CDI ELEGANCE *ESTATE http://www.usedcarsni.com/2004-Merce...THER-155552351 BMW 525d Touring 141,000 2005 £3600 (says he will take £3000) https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/bmw-525d-touring-auto-2005-diesel/1141747657 Any advice appreciated, maybe look at the BMW? I loved my E34 525i sport bank in the day. I am concerned about running costs / reliability. Thanks Andrew
  7. Savo

    Finally did it

    looks nice
  8. Savo


    Well its taken a while to get back to you tonkykong (if your still here LOL) The ride in the GS is sportier than the BMW, the automatic gearbox is brilliant, I have been driving it hard now for nearly the last six years & it has been extremely reliable and it still looks great with absolutely no rust, I regularly tow a 1500kg caravan with it including down to the south of Ireland & over to England. I have replaced disks, pads, some bushes, contacts in the starter motor, throttle position sensor (all easily done by myself) & had the exhaust welded. The car is extremely well made. The down side is that its really heavy on fuel, I get about 17 mpg on short journeys in the town & about 25 mpg on a run. I don't think I would go back to another 7 series but would love an old E34 525i Sport again as a weekend car. My old 525 was probably the most fun to drive car I have owned but sadly didn't stand up well to being owned by me
  9. Savo

    very funny joke

    Man walks into a shop and asks for an apple... red or green? don't fuck me about my house is on fire.
  10. I had a 1986 360 GLEi 2.0i 115 bhp. I thought it was quick at the time.
  11. http://www.theautochannel.com/news/2002 ... 36086.html The guy likes to drive
  12. Savo

    My E39 M Sport

    The car is beautiful. Totally agree. Andrew
  13. Savo


    1998 MKII Lexus GS300 99,000 miles 3.0 Auto I don't know much about it other than is faster than the 735 and slower than my old 525 sport. I didn't like the wheels at first but they are growing on me. (the rear tyres are 265/35/18) It needs lowered. I got my 735 back from the dealer last Monday after nearly 3 months of waiting while the engine was repaired. When I got the car back the cruise control didn't work and the radiator was loose, then on the Friday night the STOP ENGINE message flashed on the dash. So I wanted rid of the car and the dealer had the Lexus for sale. I Lost over £1000 on the car in less than 2000 miles! I'm really glad its all over now. If i'd had the choice of the right 528/535/540 I would have bought one but I am starting to love the Lexus. Hopefully in the future I will trade the car in against another BM. Andrew
  14. Savo


    I still have my old 525 sport, but I now have a new toy... What do you think... Andrew
  15. Savo

    Advice please...

    Just off the phone. Car will now be ready for Monday night. You couldn't make it up...