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  1. jas530d

    Parts Enquiry

    Hi, Could I have the price for the front wishbone collar bolt and nut please? 2002 BMW E39 VIN: CA98213 Collar Bolt Part# 31306779823 Locking Nut Part# 33326760668 Thanks
  2. jas530d

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Outstanding air bag recall carried out last week, no action required. Complimentary visual health check on steering, brakes, tyres plus a wash and vacuum.
  3. jas530d

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced the heater blower motor and upgraded the washer jets with Mist type Nozzle jets used on Ford C-Max Mondeo MK4 Focus MK3
  4. jas530d

    M47N cam position sensor

    Hi, PayPal payment sent with order ref Thanks Jas
  5. jas530d

    M47N cam position sensor

    Hi, Could I have a price for the cam position sensor; 2001 E46 320d, VIN: FY80301 please? Thanks
  6. jas530d

    E39 Heater Blower FSU

    Hi, can I get the price for 64116923204 please? Thanks
  7. jas530d

    E46 320d Intercooler Hose

    Hi Could I get a price for :- 11617799393 11617799394 Thanks
  8. jas530d

    E39 Coolant Thermostat

    Hi, Please can you give me a price for the coolant and egr thermostats? VIN: CA98213 Thanks Jas
  9. Hi, can I get a price please for: E46 (VIN: FY80301) OSF Window Regulator (without motor)? Thanks
  10. jas530d

    Auxilary heater. Should it work ?

    I don't think the you can set the heater function via the High OBC on UK cars - the option is not available, the remote Telestart kit seems to be the only option.
  11. jas530d

    Mountain Bikes

    While on the subject, any suggestions on Road Bikes. I'm looking to get one and intend to use it for occasional week-end riding. My budget is £150.
  12. jas530d

    FAB Direct

    You'll find it's £295+vat for each headlamp and not the pair. I already have Xenons (pre-facelift) and thought £295 wasn't too bad a price to upgrade until I made enquiries. Nearly fell off my chair when I realised the price is for each headlamp. My dealer quoted me circa £425+vat for the pair that's without the control units - can use the ones from existing headlamps. I think £295+vat for each lamp is way over the top for a used headlamp even though it's comes with the control unit.
  13. jas530d

    530d not starting help

    Hi, can't remember how much fuel I had when it last failed to start on previous occasions, but more recently, - it happened again yesterday and the tank was 3/4 full. - had the engine vibrating problem again last night with a full tank of fuel. - then today failed to start again with tank more than 3/4 ful tank.
  14. jas530d

    530d not starting help

    I too have experienced this problem on at least 3 occasions in the last 2 weeks .... didn't have to wait 10 minutes, but it took more than 5 attempts on each occasion for the engine to fire. During the same period I have noticed an intermittent problem where the engine vibrates (as if not firing on all cylinders) and was prticularly bad last week-end when the vibration could be felt in the car.