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  1. JohnH

    Drivers Side Sound Deadening Needed

    Nice seats. I have always preferred cloth, as your takeaway doesn't slide all over the place, plus they don't freeze your arse off on sub-zero mornings..
  2. JohnH

    E28 clutch master

    Clutch master cylinders can be resleeved and rebuilt. Give pastparts http://www.pastparts.co.uk/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=8 a try. They rebuilt my twin brake servo set up on my tii and did a superb job. I cant recommend them highly enough. I see that genuine oem master cylinders are about £200 these days. Considering that they can remanufacture an ATE remote servo for £231 I would imagine that a master cylinder could only be half that or less.
  3. Yes, it also had the gold wheels. I used the golf as my station run rat runner. Had it a couple of years, Gave it to the dustman, who used it for a few more years. Never liked it really. Also had an Opel Kaddet 1.2, that I also gave to the dustman a couple of years later.
  4. They do sound great, both of them. I had forgotten about the Essex V6. A great engine. Havent seen a Vauxhall Carlton Estate for some time. It was a great booze and fag runner, through the chunnel and over to Adenkerke. Happy days. Dont miss the fags.
  5. I used to like winding mine down the An ( a public test track) early in the morning. The strange thing was it would really hug the road at maximum warp, if the front bumper and under tray were removed, otherwise it would float a bit. Great fun. Heres a pic with its replacement.
  6. Rover SD1. I do miss my old V8S.
  7. JohnH

    528i won't start

    Exactly Duncan, Steve should hear the fuel pump running constantly at this stage, then if Steve leads a wire from Battery + to Coil 15, he can then completely bypass the ignition switch. Jump Diagnostic connector 14 to 11 and the engine should then attempt to start. He may need to tweek the throttle.
  8. Your best bet is to search myE28, there are numerous threads. Key "site: mye28.com aircon" into google search (without the quotes). Change "aircon" to any other search term if you dont find what you want.
  9. JohnH

    528i won't start

    Diagnostic connector diagram; To invoke the starter jump pin 14 (battery +) to pin 11 (start signal). Make sure the transmission is in neutral or park before doing this. Stand to the side of the car and lean over to jump it. To trigger the alternator jump pin 14 to pin 12. You need to do this once the engine starts, otherwise the alternator will not charge the battery. This takes the place of the blue light in instrument cluster. The engine note will change when the alternator "engages". Have you tried connecting a cable between Battery + and the coil 15 yet? Just connect it up and start it using the key.
  10. JohnH

    528i won't start

    Yes, but what we are trying to do initially, is bypass the obc code relay, which may be what is cutting the ignition after a moment or two. At this stage we are still using the ignition switch to trigger the starter, fuel pump and alternator. The next stage will be to use the diagnostic socket to initiate those functions.
  11. JohnH

    528i won't start

    Yes maybe because Steve hasn't disconnected the immobilizer relay and reconnected the green wires running from it. We will wait and see what he says. If he hasn't, as a short term solution / test, he can connect the battery positive directly to terminal 15 on the coil and completely bypass the ignition switch, C101 etc. All he needs to do is trigger the starter using the pins in the diagnostic socket. He will need to jump the alternator as well once it starts. If he follows sir regents instructions for jumping the fuel pump relay everything can bypass every thing bar the DME.
  12. JohnH

    528i won't start

    Are you saying you haven't activated it using the OBC or do you mean you have disconnected the immobilizer relay under the dash to the right of the steering column. No it dosent, it uses the distributor to fire the ignition. The ecu is aware of the rpm so knows to fire the injectors every so often. Yes its called the rev counter. The ecu is aware of the rpm and kicks it off once it gets to 300-400 rpm.
  13. JohnH

    Possible future e28 533i owner

    You may get some more informed opinions on the US E28 forum. https://www.mye28.com/
  14. JohnH

    528i won't start

    No you are wrong. With LE jetronic, the pump should kick over for half a second when the key is turned Run. This primes the fuel rail. The pump wont start running again until the engine reaches 300-400 rpm. Maybe the in tank fuel filter is gummed up, or the external one. You should workout how to run the pump by jumping the fuel relay. I believe this has be discussed before.
  15. JohnH


    More specifically its BMW's Electronic Parts Catalogue (etk) that is used by both parties, but with different features selected. For example bmwfans also lists the items weight and if you select Euros (bottom right) it will show you BMW's current European price. It used to be possible to access BMW groups actual etk online, using a BMW supplied id and password which was doing the rounds a year or two back.