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  1. JohnH

    E28 OBC retrofit - worth it?

    I've been thinking about this. What exactly do you get that the standard display doesn't give you. Air temperature, though some of the standard displays had that. Fuel consumption, okay, within 10%, Code feature. Who in their right mind uses that. If one thing is going to cause you grief its that feature. Its a nice enough thing if you have a boring motorway commute, tapping the stork, cycling through the options assuming its an obc 2 The obc 1 from the earlier cars had some completely un-understandable timing and distance features and dozens of leds that you cant see because the steering wheels in the way. So. If you can get one cheap, its nice enough, and fills in a Sunday fitting it. I guess its okayish.
  2. JohnH

    Jacking Points Assistance

    Hi adragonr. You are going to need to sit down and think about this. As you have discovered, the small bit of external rust is just the tip of the iceberg. These cars rust from the inside out. Everywhere there is a production weld, there will be internal rust. Basically the whole floor and sill area is a rust trap as are the rear subframe mounts and the front chassis members and the shock towers, the front in particular, not to mention the boot lid area, front and rear windscreen surrounds, doors, etc. My advice, is to get the underside and wheel arches pressure washed off, then get under there with a screw driver and prod everywhere. You really need to take the carpet and insulation out to check the inner sills, accelerator pedal mount etc. If you decide to continue you will need to strip the car down so that you can work on it without fear of fire. By the way you didnt mention whether you had bought a fire extinguisher. You will need one of those. Also fire and welding blankets. The https://www.mig-welding.co.uk/ forum has some good welding tutorials. You should take a look. I say all this, because I'm in the same position as yourself and have come to the conclusion that the work involved, trying to do this in a piecemeal fashion, will be never ending. The supply of new body parts from BMW and other sources is drying up, so prices are rising. I think that I'm not going to continue with mine. I find grovelling around on the garage floor in the midst of winter isnt much fun either. Let us know what you are going to do.
  3. You're right Taffy its the bloody berk. I remember him screaming and shouting his way through the moon landing, until viewer reaction got the producers to shut him up. What a Berk.
  4. JohnH

    What colour should front towing eyes be?

    I actually went back though some pics of my old 09/84 Bahama Beige 528i and I concur. On its way to Heaven. I do miss that car.
  5. I kind of recognise the guy from somewhere. Cant put my finger on it. Is he at MIRA? Where's the rest of the vid?
  6. JohnH

    Ignition switch removal.

    If the E12 column is similar to an early E28 then this topic may help.
  7. JohnH

    What am I missing: Driver's door lock mechanism

    Thats good. Let us all know how you get on.
  8. JohnH

    Build 2

    I must admit that I had my two classics with one company (RH Specialist Insurance, aka Hiscox) and the wife's and my other cars, with who ever was cheapest on compare the meercat. I would still take the money as they will put the premium up come what may. (I have written a few car insurance systems over the years and know they are all slippery bar stewards). Edit. Just seen your pictures. The door looks bad, but the other damage looks quite intentional. Do you think its anybody you know?
  9. JohnH

    What am I missing: Driver's door lock mechanism

    Hi Luke, how did it go?
  10. JohnH

    Build 2

    That's bad news Shaun, there's some real scumbags about. Pleased you got the car back, but dont understand why you didnt let the insurance company write it off, just so long as you retain ownership, and make that clear to them at the time. You get the money and retain the car. Mine has been written off twice, by the same insurer and made no difference to the premium the following year. You should talk to them.
  11. JohnH

    What am I missing: Driver's door lock mechanism

    Study the parts diagram on http://bmwfans.info look in Bodywork.
  12. JohnH

    Electric blind switch location

    How about the 3rd brake light?
  13. JohnH

    Another E28 road trip

    No? What? Why?
  14. Not sure what to make of that, other that an e-to-i opportunity! What was wrong with the old one? Regards, John
  15. JohnH

    Electric blind switch location

    So cheap and only 100 euros P&P via DHL. How much to Canada? Cant quite see the switch. Very irritating!