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  1. JohnH

    Ivor I PMed you

    Hi Ivor, Durite have a good name. Pleased you found some. Regards John.
  2. JohnH

    Gunson Brake Bleeding topic

    Dummkopf, vere ist za Clear Plastic Pipe leading from the Knipples to the drinks bottle. You need that to see any bubbles in the fluid. It needs to run until is absolutely clear. You only need to crack the nipple 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn other wise you will suck air back into the calliper. The traditional order is the extact reverse of what you did. On a car without ABS start furthest from the master cylinder, so RR, LR RF and finally LF. You may need to do the procedure more than once. Work the brake peddle as well, just to make sure that side of things are bubble free. Other than that, not a bad effort Nice vid by the way.
  3. JohnH

    Gunson Brake Bleeding topic

    Looking really good Paul. Nice V2, shame about the Spit. Remember, dont over pressurize the brake fluid "expansion tank" . 12-15 psi, no more. I take it you will be using your spare wheel, so let some air out. You do have a pressure gauge, dont you?
  4. Where did it go? I saw it early this morning. Paul was about to do a bit of brake pipe bending. Did it go badly? Did Paul go Wacko Jacko? Will we ever know? Come on Warrior, what happened?
  5. Hello once again John, I'm afraid that I've lost the name & address of the co that supply "proper" ceramic fuses for e28s.

    You couldn't oblige could you?

    Kind rgards,


  6. I could never understand why BMW chose to electrify the front two windows if they were only going to do two of them. As one guy in the car, I could always manually wind down the drivers window, but that of course leads to buffeting so it would have been nice to wind down the rear drivers side window a bit. But hey, what do I know. I would of course kept the passengers front so you could talk to people on the pavement and get directions. Plus it would be nice, when you have the dog on the back seat, to be able to let it have a bit of air.
  7. JohnH

    E28 New Old Stock Front Mud Flaps

    My first E28 didn't have mudflaps. My second E28 came pre-fitted with front and rear mudflaps and I was very happy with them. Most of my mileage was on motorways and they did a really good job in bad winter weather, cutting down the crap on the sides of the car, though I thought the rear number plate area was a bit muckier. Its difficult to tell looking looking though the rear view mirror whats actually going on when you are plowing down a motorway at 70mph. Because I was doing a lot of motorway driving (140 miles per day) I was always conscious of mpg figures, not on the obc, but worked out every time I refilled the car, every two and half days. Where am I going with this, well, one day I managed to knock a rear flap off (reversed into a kerb). I didnt think much of it, until I checked my mpg numbers after a couple of refills and saw a slight improvement. Half an mpg. Kept checking for the rest of the month. Yes, half an mpg, so I took the other rear flap off, less crap on the back and now one mpg better off, so I took the fronts off, no real mpg improvement but seamed a bit quieter. The thing I really noticed was that it rolled (freewheeled) so much better. Just an observation.
  8. JohnH

    No Power when Engine is cold - 525i

    Your engine uses several water temperature sensors to inform the engine management system how things are going. I think your car, judging by the date uses two sensors, one to control the cold start injector (, the Thermo Time Switch, which is probably not the problem) as you can start the car, all be it in reasonably warm conditions. The more likely candidate is is Water Temperature Sensor which monitors the coolant temperature under all other conditions, which lets the engine management system (LE-Jetronic) adjust the mixture until its up to temperature and while its running. http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E28/Europe/525i-M30/1986/browse/fuel_preparation_system/control_unit/ shows the part numbers. You can fool the system into thinking things are up to temperature by disconnecting the WTS connector and jumping the pins within the connector, to test this theory. Edit. I'm surprised that it takes so long to get running ok. It may be that you also have water thermostat issues. What does the water temperature gauge look like once it gets running okay. Be aware that it will appear to be a bit low if things are ok. About 10:30-11.00 if it was a clock.
  9. JohnH

    518i Fuel pump stopped buzzing engine not starting.

    Just to clarify my above comment. Pins numbered as per the diagram on the side of the relay. Your connector with the receptacles numbered. You had 87b connected to 31 (ground). Its always best to check the wiring colours under the connector, just to be safe. I realize that the pin diagram may be misleading on your relay, so I included a pic below of another fuel pump relay (E28 520i LE2-Jetronic which has a non-misleading diagram on it. Sorry to be a bore.
  10. JohnH

    518i Fuel pump stopped buzzing engine not starting.

    You jumped the wrong pins. The pin diagram on the relay shows the pin positions on the relay, so the pin (holes) on the connector are the mirror image. You jumped 87B to ground (31). As an interesting but irrelevant aside, you were discussing electric current flow, but actually got it arse about face. The electrons flow from negative (-) to positive (+). That is to say, they flow from the battery ground (-) terminal to the chassis, then from the chassis, through the Brown earth lead to the 31 terminal on the pump, through the pump and exit through the positive green/violet wire to the tachometric fuel pump relay and back to the battery positive (30). This is why you always disconnect the battery earth lead to disconnect the battery. Anyway, pleased you got it working by exercising the joints. ie removing the relay and then reinserting it, scraping any corrosion off the pins/holes.
  11. JohnH

    Under bonnet sound proofing

    I think some radiators have a piece that sticks up at that point. I also think it coincides with the steering reservoir cap. Its funny, though, I seem to remember it being on the other side, where it coincides with the coolant reservoir cap. Maybe its different for different engines. Either way, the sound proofing looks rather good.
  12. JohnH

    cooling system gone bmw e28 518i

    There's something very relaxing about, watching water coming out of a pipe. BMW blue coolant is not expensive, You should visit your local dealer. Re the temperature gauge, my four E28s have always been a little to the left yours. It maybe down to the coolant.
  13. JohnH

    Under bonnet sound proofing

    Hhmmm, I wonder what will happen when it heats up? I do like the 525e "sound/heat proofing" which just clips on. A bit like more modern cars.
  14. JohnH

    Different OEM downpipes 518i

    I think the game plan is to maintain exhaust gas speed. When one valve closes the next opens and the moving column of gas in the exhaust "pulls" the next slug out. Which is why its important to reduce the pipe diameter as the gas cools to maintain momentum. Getting the balance right is the hard part. However, I did fit an el cheapo cat back exhaust to my mini which had smaller pipe diameter and felt a loss of performance, so you can go to far. I have read that the 524td rear back box considered to be the best flow.