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  1. JohnH

    E28 535ise Fuel line replacement

    The pipes run across in front of the cross member and then swing underneath it at the RH end You should be able to fiddle them through.
  2. JohnH

    528i, missing, poor running, won't rev/idle

    With LE-Jetronic, the fuel pump will run for 1/2 a second to prime the system when you turn the key to Run. It then stops until the engine revs reach 3-400 rpm as its turning over/starting
  3. JohnH

    528i, missing, poor running, won't rev/idle

    Was it running ok before you laid it up?
  4. https://www.flickr.com/ works well for me.
  5. I made a video using my Moto G6 Play. When I replay it on the phone the sound is perfect. In fact its better than I heard it when I created the video. If I download the video to my pc, and then play it (using VLC media player) the picture is perfect, just the same as on the phone, the problem is with the audio. Its as though half the sound has gone (not left or right channel). Its mainly the higher pitched sounds that seem to be reduced in volume. Is there some way when downloading to specify how to treat the sound portion of the video? Windows 10 treats the video as mp4.
  6. JohnH

    M535 Bodykit Fitment

    E28goodies has the installation EBAs for free down load https://e28goodies.com/files/page/3/
  7. JohnH

    Grew up reading Warlord comics

    Eagle and occasionally Tiger for me, then VIZ during my second childhood.
  8. JohnH

    MOT Here we go

    Missing grill or whatever its called?
  9. JohnH

    Nearside wheel well

    Brake pad wear indicator. ABS and brake pipe go through the other one.
  10. JohnH

    MOT Here we go

    Nissan??? Good luck with that
  11. JohnH

    Bellino 9 Litre Spare Fuel Tank

    I'm not sure Mick. Swmbos got me gardening, removing moss from the roof, cleaning the driveway and I've also been instructed to help the tree dood lop the top off one of my oaks. No peace, no rest, no E28 work. Also no aircraft, no condensation trails and Mediterranean blue sky. No traffic, but loads of walkers up and down the lane. As you say, stay safe you all.
  12. JohnH

    Bellino 9 Litre Spare Fuel Tank

    You are right, of course, except its March 1984 according to http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E28/Europe/525i-M30/1983/browse/vehicle_trim/trunk_trim_panel_2/ My old Sept'84 528i definitely had the padded mat.
  13. JohnH

    fuel pump

    The smaller M10 & M20 engines generally didnt have an in tank lift pump. I cant see the point in changing it as the same pump is used by all E20s from 518i thru to M5.
  14. JohnH

    Pressure washer questions

    My old Karcher K402 EU (1.945-924.0) Pressure Washer is still going strong after 20 years or more. Its small, powerful and used mainly for cleaning automotive bits and pieces as its hand carryable. I've also got a nilfisk P150.2 that I,ve had for a few years and use it mainly for cleaning the patio and driveway using a patio cleaner attachment which I cant fault. My only complaint is that the nilfisk dosnt have a soft start motor and is prone to blowing breakers if it cant get enough current, so I have to be careful where I plug it in.