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  1. Chopping rust out.... ... so as not to fail mot.
  2. Truly shocked. Being an aged person, The NHS keep sending me test kits, which I look at and put to one side. Not any more. Rest in peace Dave.
  3. JohnH

    Torque wrenches, what are we all using?

    Whats important, is whether its consistent or not. If its withing 5-10% then alls good. I use various old fashioned non ratcheting Britools. They make a nice Clack-Clack when they reach the setting. It doesnt matter how loud the radio is.
  4. JohnH

    Radiator replacement E28 520i 1987

    I've got both a 520i manual and a 525e eta auto radiator., knocking about. Apart from the transmission oil cooler fitting on the bottom of the rad, they are both the same size, 315mm.
  5. JohnH

    C.V. joints

    I think they just slide apart. I really cant remember. Found the xref. Not sure if it helps or not!
  6. JohnH

    C.V. joints

    Sorry Taffy, havent got a clue. Seriously I dont know. I have rebuilt a couple of sets in the past and just used the GKN (the OE supplier) kit for the vehicle build date (528i SE 9/84 and 525e 10/86). I've only done it because of torn rubbers and as I've said before changed the assembled shafts side to side to allow the balls to run on an unworn part of the joint. The earlier car didnt use reinforced trailing arms and the later one did. I seen to remember Bavaria and I had a bit of fun listing out the various combinations of components. I see if I can find it.
  7. JohnH

    Build 2

    Hi Shaun, Looking good. What are you doing front suspension wise. Are those coilovers? Looks interesting. Regards John.
  8. JohnH

    BMW E28 520i 1987 manual, high idle

    Follow Andy's advice. Its also worth checking for air leaks. Easier said than done. You really need a smoke tester. What happens when you take the filler cap off when its running? Do the revs change? The other things to look at are the throttle cable adjusted to tight and the Throttle Damper also adjusted so it is pressing on the throttle lever to much. PS, the engine s looking good to me. Nice and tidy.
  9. JohnH

    BMW E28 520i 1987 manual, high idle

    You are running LE2-Jetronic. Haynes manual 1560 has the wiring diagram in section 12, page 256 Fig12.13 I cant tell from your photos but my old Feb 1986 520i had an idle control valve on the back of the manifold. You need to set the throttle butterfly so that it is very slightly open using the screw on the throttle body (TB). You really need to remove the TB and hold it up to the light. Slightly more is better than not enough. I think 10 thou is what you want. Having set the butterfly, set the Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) so it clicks off just as the butterfly reaches its closed position. Finally adjust the Idle Control Valve (ICV) to raise or lower the idle rpm. 800-900 is about right. There may be a cap on the end. If so lever it off and behind it is a slotted brass screw. The Throttle Damper can cause problems as well. Its function is to stop the butterfly closing to quickly when you lift off the accelerator in slow traffic. If its not working properly you will get a Lean Surge as the rpms drop too fast below idle speed and then bounce back up again. Keeping the throttle butterfly with a wider stop position helps to alleviate this. Hope this helps a bit.
  10. JohnH

    E28 2019 Calendar

    Me too two, My E28 is off the road at the moment (major rust, but I will work on it) but the MINI Cooper's ready. Have a good one Mick. John
  11. JohnH

    E28 2019 Calendar

    I really feel the need to go and sit on that hill again, and listen to the crack of a 25 pounder.
  12. JohnH

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Mick. Have a good one. Regards John.
  13. JohnH

    Temp gauge

    #8, with single wire.
  14. JohnH

    correct lubricant 518i manual steering box

    I think that non PAS was standard on the 518 (non i). According to the diagram above in handbooks 1st and 2nd edition (for the 518) PAS was an option extra. It was standard on the 518i.
  15. JohnH

    Air Filter Housing 1982 E28 528i

    ^^^ Pleased to help. US E28 533i 535i also have fuel vapour capture & recycling using an activated charcoal filter. You should study realoem.com to see the components that they use. Realoem shows that the "intake muffler" for Australian and Swiss cars is different from all other 528is, but you cant see what it is. Swiss cars also had more stringent emissions standards than the rest of Europe. You may get more info on how the activated charcoal filter is controlled and vented by talking the yanks over on mye28.com. Cheaper parts may be available in the US. Good luck. Edit. There are one or two Aussies who frequent mye28.com, so you should find out whats what.