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  1. JohnH

    the 518i and the m52...

    Excellent work. Are you putting anything inside the sill to stop rusting? What paints and coatings are you using?
  2. JohnH

    the 518i and the m52...

    Good job Alan. Mines been sitting on axle stands for the last four years with similar issues. My bodies packed up and I find getting onto the floor, rolling around and then getting up again, very difficult. Anyway my new year resolution is to get the damn thing finished this spring. Keep up the good work you are inspiring me!
  3. JohnH

    new guy

    Welcome. Nice looking car, dont mess with it too much.
  4. JohnH

    Rear Cv boot replace

    Looking good Paul. Your are almost there. It all looks nice and clean under there, did you power wash it at some stage?
  5. JohnH

    Towing a E34

    I'm really confused now, the You Tube vid pic above shows the tow hook on the left hand side, yet when you view the actual vid its on the Right hand side.
  6. JohnH

    Replacing fuel injectors 518i

    That made me laugh
  7. JohnH

    Replacing fuel injectors 518i

    Just for fun, now that you know how to jump the fuel pump relay, pin 30 to 87b, why dont you use your 9v doodah to work each injector. Dont make any sparks . And yes, we want a vid. PS. I agree with the other guys. Timing, air leek.
  8. JohnH

    Replacing fuel injectors 518i

    How you remove the connector, depends upon the type of connector you have! Its all to do with the wire clip that goes around the connector. On the early ones you can press the wire (on the left hand side underneath in your photo) and it will release the wiring connector. On the later ones (which I think yours is) you need to be more brutal, but what ever you do DONT pull on the cable. You just need to rip the connector off. There is probably a special tool to grab the connector and tweek it off. What you can do is get a pick and carefully pry the wire off to release the locking tabs at either side. Be very careful as you can bend the wire. Slowly, slowly. As an aside on later M20 engines in E30s you have a similar problem. All the wiring for the six injectors are lumped together in long tube that clips onto the injectors, so you cant get at individual injector of connectors. They do use the same kind of clip that yours have, and to remove them you just leaver the whole assemble off, detaching all six connectors at once. Good luck.
  9. JohnH

    Ivor I PMed you

    Hi Ivor, Durite have a good name. Pleased you found some. Regards John.
  10. JohnH

    Gunson Brake Bleeding topic

    Dummkopf, vere ist za Clear Plastic Pipe leading from the Knipples to the drinks bottle. You need that to see any bubbles in the fluid. It needs to run until is absolutely clear. You only need to crack the nipple 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn other wise you will suck air back into the calliper. The traditional order is the extact reverse of what you did. On a car without ABS start furthest from the master cylinder, so RR, LR RF and finally LF. You may need to do the procedure more than once. Work the brake peddle as well, just to make sure that side of things are bubble free. Other than that, not a bad effort Nice vid by the way.
  11. JohnH

    Gunson Brake Bleeding topic

    Looking really good Paul. Nice V2, shame about the Spit. Remember, dont over pressurize the brake fluid "expansion tank" . 12-15 psi, no more. I take it you will be using your spare wheel, so let some air out. You do have a pressure gauge, dont you?
  12. Where did it go? I saw it early this morning. Paul was about to do a bit of brake pipe bending. Did it go badly? Did Paul go Wacko Jacko? Will we ever know? Come on Warrior, what happened?
  13. Hello once again John, I'm afraid that I've lost the name & address of the co that supply "proper" ceramic fuses for e28s.

    You couldn't oblige could you?

    Kind rgards,


  14. I could never understand why BMW chose to electrify the front two windows if they were only going to do two of them. As one guy in the car, I could always manually wind down the drivers window, but that of course leads to buffeting so it would have been nice to wind down the rear drivers side window a bit. But hey, what do I know. I would of course kept the passengers front so you could talk to people on the pavement and get directions. Plus it would be nice, when you have the dog on the back seat, to be able to let it have a bit of air.