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  1. JohnH

    Tiff drives every m5

    Steve, couldnt agree more. I remember a mate of mines, father getting an NK 1800 in 1968 and thinking it was a very old fashioned car and that the Fords of that era were cutting edge. Roll on 1980 and the E28 turned up, and it was basically indistinguishable from an E12 and that was a really old fashioned looking car when it came out. Roll on 1991 when I got my first E28 and I remember thinking it was Really Really old fashioned compared to the Rover SD1 it was replacing. They get better and better every time I see one now! Yes, good post Dunc. I still think Tiff and Fifth Gear is the best car program, though I do think they have had one or two dodgy presenters.
  2. JohnH

    Bellino 9 Litre Spare Fuel Tank

    Sorry I've confused things. I didnt mean there was a 12litrish can, but that it would be nice if the was a larger than 9ltr one. Your Classiceurosparts reference is interesting. Come on Mick flip the wheel and stop keeping us in suspense.
  3. JohnH

    Bellino 9 Litre Spare Fuel Tank

    I think Mick's one is a 9ltr and its under a 14" wheel. I suppose what I meant to say, is, are there any others for larger diameter wheels. It would be nice to have a 12ltr for an M5 7.5 x 16 wheel. What stops them rattling about? Do they have some packing?
  4. JohnH

    Bellino 9 Litre Spare Fuel Tank

    Of course. Of course So. Can you get them for 15" wheels?
  5. JohnH

    Bellino 9 Litre Spare Fuel Tank

    I might be wrong about this, but I thought that you put the wheel in first, upside down, then the tank second. These tanks were supplied by several manufactures. I know Volvo used to supply them. I always thought the more useful accessory was the tool tray that fitted into the upside down wheel.
  6. JohnH

    misfire solution ?

    I dont think it has a valve, just a pipe leading from the valve cover to the side of the throttle body. Its heated where it connects to the throttle body to stop it gumming up. http://bmwfans.info/parts-catalog/E28/Europe/520i-M20/R/1984/browse/engine/crankcase_ventilation_2/
  7. JohnH

    E28 m535i Switchable auto

    It may be that your web browser/ad blocker options are playing with you. I'm running Ghostery and Ad Block Plus on this browser and am not having any problems however, sometimes I have to revert to Internet Explorer for niggly sites.
  8. JohnH

    E28 m535i Switchable auto

    Okay, follow the following steps! I have entered my old etas VIN Now tick "I'm not a Robot" Sometimes you have to tick a few photos (I didnt in this case), and you get, Page down, and voila; BMW in their infanite wisdom chanded some of the SA codess what they now call ' 201 Rape Methyl Ester Version (rme) Rapeseed methyl ester version (rme) was actually in 1986 "201 4-speed automatic with 3 selectable shifting programs " Frank if you cant get it to work, post the last 7 digits of the vin and I will try for you.
  9. JohnH

    E28 m535i Switchable auto

    My old old 525e had an EH sport auto. If you use http://bimmer.work/ and 1865545 vin it shows 201 Rape Methyl Ester Version (rme) translated, means 4 speed sport auto 200 means bog standard auto.
  10. JohnH

    No electrical power (of any kind)

    The team is assembling! This really is a case where a picture is worth a thousand words. I would love to see a pic of the battery installed, just to rule things out. Iokarus, I broke down on the M25 with a water pump failure. It was dark, damp and not a place you'd want to be. The RAC didnt send a pukka recovery driver with a flat top as requested. I elected to get towed off the motorway, about five miles and it screwed my 528i auto gearbox. I can understand the situation your wife was in, it cant have been easy for her.
  11. JohnH

    No electrical power (of any kind)

    Do you have a Digital MultiMeter (DMM)? If not buy one. Any cheap DMM will do (£5). Check the battery voltage. Should be 12.8V or slightly more. I dont want you to think I'm having a go at you, but you said that electrics was not your strong point. You do know which way to put the battery in? In other words, which is the positive (+) terminal and which is the negative (-). The negative should have all the Brown Cables attached to it, and those to the chassis ground. What kind of connector is on the other (+) cable? Does it have a large round knob on it? You have done up the battery connectors with a spanner and they are good and tight?
  12. JohnH

    No electrical power (of any kind)

    Not sure I can help you, but a few questions to try and narrow things down. Why did you change the battery? Do you get any lights on the dash? Do you get any sound when you turn the key? Clicks, buzzes, anything? Possibly some bad news to bare in mind. Towing an Automatic of this generation can irreparably damage the gearbox if it was towed at more that 30mph for more than 2-3 miles.
  13. JohnH

    Another year and another MOT for the little Donkey

    Women are a bit odd aren't they? Mine wasnt very happy when I sold my old SD1 V8S and bought my first E28. She calls all my various E28s Daisy, because she says they are like being driven by Miss Daisy. No, I dont get it either.
  14. JohnH

    Hitting a brick wall with a non-starter.

    The 528i runs LE-Jetronic and not Motronic, so be mindful when looking at US sites and Duncan's guide. One of the features of LE-Jetronic is that when you turn the key to start, the ECU re-pressurises the system with a quick burst of the fuel pump. It then stops pumping until the engine rpm is high enough to run (about 300-400 rpm). In other words faster than the starter motor rpm, so you may get a quick burst of fuel then no more until the engine is running. I would take a look at the ignition, which is independent from the ECU. It may be an ignition switch problem, or an OBC code relay failure. You can bypass the ignition switch circuit by running a jump wire from battery positive directly to terminal 15 on the coil. (Double check the terminal, it'll be the one with green wire under the rubber thingy.) It may be the fuel/main relay (the big tall one). You can bypass this by removing the relay and jumping the various connectors. I cant remember which ones, but the Haynes manual for the 520i & 525e has the wiring diagram for LE-Jetronic. Edit, I made you one up;
  15. JohnH

    This doesn't look right! Any advice?

    The power steering pump uses Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) which is contained in the large container with the orange label. Check the level using the instructions from the Bentley shown in your photo above. Not having a cap on your brake fluid is rather disturbing. Surely the dash warning light for Brake Fluid Level is illuminated.