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  1. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Headlamps very poor

    Make sure the dipped beam bulbs actually work. I had this on an E32 where both had blown and the LCM just put more power into the sidelight bulbs. But they are shite, even when working correctly. Some decent bulbs are required.
  2. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    The price of originality!

    It's an '83 car. A lot of SE manuals had an LSD as standard early on but this looks like a standard car with SE options. Looks lovely though.
  3. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    ZF 6hp26 oil change

    Beware of static electricity if you start farting about taking the Mechatronics unit out - you'll destroy the ECU instantly. It's not really a job to do lying on your back on the drive with the car on stands. For what it costs to get the job done by professionals, it's just not worth DIY'ing.
  4. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Alexa vs Google Home

    I'd choose this one personally.
  5. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    autobox fluid

    E34's with self levelling use Pentosin. ATF is automatic transmission fluid and all automatic gearboxes use it.......... There's Dexron, a General Motors developed fluid (red stuff) that most E34's use except the 540i that used a synthetic. Some very early six cylinder E39's used Dexron but these are the cars with the pre Steptronic box, basically an E34 type unit. The others used either Shell or Esso fully synthetic dependent on engine size. Some early Japanese market cars used the Jatco gearbox, a gearbox built by a firm funded by the Japanese motor industry and sold to BMW. This was used so that BMW's had local content. Diesels used the GM gearbox apart from the old tds that used a ZF. So it's not cut and dried what gearbox has what oil, and you need to use the sticker on the box or the coloured plastic plug over the refill/level plug to work out what it needs.
  6. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    eBay/Paypal account advise

    And Paypal will just help themselves to the money in your account. This is why you need to remove the bank account every now and then to stop these bastards stealing from you. Or just don't sell on Ebay. That's the easiest thing.
  7. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    eBay/Paypal account advise

    That was your first mistake. I sell bits on Ebay but anything over 100 quid is cash on collection or a bank transfer. When the balance gets to about 2-300, I empty it and delete the bank account. I then add it later on when there is enough money to take out. Paypal are unregulated thieves, as are Ebay. Whilst Ebay may take your side, Paypal may not, even with the strongest of evidence on your part. I suspect this will not end well for you but just might be a lesson for others.
  8. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    E28 Prices!!

    Twin SU's were fine as long as they were good. They never went out of tune if they were unworn and set up correctly. I had a 1275 S with the usual mods, bored +60 (1339 cc), a Kent Megadyne 285 cam (A Vizard special), 10.5:1 compression, a properly gas flowed head and twin 1.5" SU HS4 carbs plus an Aldon distributor with the correct advance curve. It went like a rocket on a 3.44 diff, and had so much grunt I pulled the engine out one Saturday and replaced the diff with a 3.1 which it pulled without an issue. It did a solid 70 bhp at the wheels which is what a standard S did at the flywheel, so a real 95-100 bhp or so.
  9. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Spotted a mint E32

    I know that one, a 1988 730i. It lives in Shirebrook not far from Mansfield. It is a tidy thing as well.
  10. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Jacking Points Assistance

    Zobel was fairly common in Europe but it wasn't really a UK colour - I'm not sure it ever appeared in UK colour charts. E30's and E23's were all available in Zobelbrown. This is a Zobel (Sable) btw..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sable
  11. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    M47 crank pulley removal advice needed (solved)

    They're not bad to remove with the right tools. You need a 4ft long 3/4 inch breaker bar (1/2" will probably break) and a big ugly screwdriver in the flywheel teeth. Petrols are just the same. If you don't have a 400nm torque wrench, re-use the old bolt but paint mark it beforehand.
  12. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    autobox fluid

    My own record is 243'000 on a 1992 320i E36. That was the first generation 5HP that used Dexron II oil that most definitely needed as change every Inspection II. It was the most neglected E36 I'd seen; I dropped the oil to change the filter as it was hesitating when pulling away. The filter was like a chocolate cake and the oil absolutely disgusting. Older 5HP's used forged clutch drums that were all but unbreakable - later ones of the E39 and E46 era had cast ones that could split. Reverse was a favourite. Edit: 234'000. Still impressive though.
  13. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    autobox fluid

    80k is a good time to do it as the box isn't worn. 140k through, different story. A few years back I went on a trade visit to ZF UK who have a rebuild centre in Nottingham pretty much opposite Sytners. The guy there told us all about this; by 150k or so it's too late. The gearbox will be well worn and new, thinner oil will lead to the clutch drums 'banging' against the circular thrust washers and breaking them. Interestingly, most faults were due to a mechanical failure such as a clutch drum splitting open as opposed to old fashioned wear and tear.
  14. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    autobox fluid

    That could benefit as at 40k, it shouldn't be very worn at all. I would expect the fluid to still be fairly clean. Gearbox oil doesn't get quite as hot as engine oil, nor does it have combustion gases and acids to deal with. However, consider that old trans oil is black for a reason - that's the friction material from the clutches. The filter is huge and does an excellent job however but with this, the law of diminishing returns applies.
  15. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    autobox fluid

    It's called an opinion. I notice you've been insisting yourself all over Pistonheads as well with your usual charm. Over there, I can't tell you to fuck off. Here, I can though. XXXXXX