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  1. Jobs a Good un and flew through it's MOT this week.
  2. n0chex

    Carly BMW Diagnostics dongle

    Carly BMW Diagnostics dongle .
  3. Apparently these kits are in demand and my local stealer parts department stated he sells at least 1 or 2 a week.
  4. **UPDATE** I was struggling to remove the broken Pin in the female socket so I had to make another trip to the BMW garage and get the repair kit which was £13. It has solved my problem now and working fine, just needed to unclip the 3 pins fit them into the new plug and cut and crimp the new pin on the Brown which was badly corroded.
  5. Thanks for that information and will check that.
  6. I = 21W / 12V = 1.75A for the rear left indicator and my theory is still arcing like points on a old car that has caused the burn damage not the bulb or extra load from somewhere else.
  7. Here is the colour of the wires and it is the Brown that has been arcing.
  8. Here is the female end and need to pick up the parts to repair tomorrow which cost £30 for the bulb holder and a further £12 for a repair kit which contains a new plug and new crimp connectors. BMW parts stated that they sell a lot of these hence why they have in stock at all time SO if a known problem why no recall?
  9. I'm 53 and a time served Electrician since I was 23, never seen a bulb do this type of damage from the inside out. I have seen plenty of sockets/switches burn out just like this from arcing from loose terminals or corroded terminals. If the lamp was causing the arc as being slightly un seated then surely it would be on the inside of the plate not the outside. The inside looked perfect no discolouration or corrosion anywhere to be seen. My cause for concern is to find out how this has happened so I can stop it happening again and maybe as you stated it could happen to any car but why and what caused it.
  10. For the pin to get that hot wouldn't the bulbs element blow first before melting the solid metal pin? also this is the indicator bulb so On/Off maybe 3-10 seconds a time.
  11. No warranty as I purchased the car Private just a little over 6 months ago. Going off Ebay I think the new part I need will be around £50 but not the cost which is worrying it's a part like this which shouldn't need replacing with a car this age unless it's already been removed and damaged before which I can't really see. German technology or is it more like Chinese cheap metal which caused the pin to corrode and snap which then caused electrical Arc between the 2 points melting the plastic plug.
  12. Ok so I had a few warnings on the dash over the last few weeks over a rear left indicator bulb warning so I decided to buy a pair of bulbs and change both. On inspection of the first one with the hazards on I did notice the left rear dimmer than the right so I automatically though just change the bulb, after the new bulb was installed same result dimmer than the right side. I took the electrical plug out to inspect for corrosion and noticed one of the 4 pins was broken off and stuck in the female plug and on closer inspection looks like it has been arcing for a while. As the car is only 3 years 9 months old only I think this is unacceptable and what do you guys think! Car was near 60k new!!
  13. n0chex

    Carly - free full version

    I was thinking of buying from Amazon, how is it upgraded to the full version for FREE? I see a "New Version" on the Android store is this the one?
  14. n0chex

    Bye bye F11, hello G32

    Looks Nice and the colour with the wheels look spot on, was this in Halliwell Jones Southport showroom?
  15. n0chex

    Side View Camera Failure

    Purchased 2 Brand New Genuine camera's from Ebay £86 delivered and fitted and coded in 30 mins ,thanks to Mathew for his knowledgeable help he has saved me £200 what the Indie Specialist wanted.,