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  1. zarnd

    MOT advice

    You can MOT your vehicle one month less a day in advance of your MOT expiration date. If it passes, you have a 13 month less a day MOT on your vehicle. If you MOT the car before that then it is just a normal 12 month MOT as it was tested too early. cheers
  2. zarnd

    e61 M5

    I had a long weekend in the Czech Republic last weekend and took the M5. Did just over 1700 miles in it and it was fantastic to drive. Will try and post some pictures up of the trip etc... cheers
  3. zarnd

    E39 M5 Front and Rear Struts Replacement

    I would as you are there.
  4. zarnd

    A few pics from f my new (to me) m5

    Looks nice and the colour is great. Enjoy.
  5. zarnd

    Approved Used Warranty about to expire

    I have paid out around 1500 in monthly payments for extended warranty for my car and had 4,000 worth of work done on it last year plus 3,000 just after I bought it under AUC warranty so for me it is worth it, especially with the breakdown cover for me as taking mine to the Czech Republic in July for a long weekend. cheers
  6. I had correct fitment BBS LM's on my old e39 M5 and sold them on the car. Shouldn't have sold it at all, least of all with the wheels on it! Did look very good though!
  7. If less than 1,000 produced worldwide, maybe. Production numbers is crucial.
  8. zarnd

    My New M5

    If you want one get one sooner rather than later as prices of the tourings are only going one way... Enjoy the new car! cheers
  9. zarnd

    My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    Be interested to see it when it's completed. cheers
  10. zarnd

    E60 M5 with a big scare

    Best bet is to charge it on the car and not remove it, otherwise it won't recognise that it has been charged. C-Tek would be the way to go. I have left mine for a few weeks at a time without charging and no issues. cheers
  11. zarnd

    Timmay Tips Equivalent

    I have Hayward and Scott on my e61 M5 and it sounds fantastic, plus the build quality is great too! cheers
  12. zarnd

    E60 M5 finally bought

    I have Hayward & Scott back boxes and my kids are 5 and 18 months and there is no problem with it at all when driving. Even passed the wife test
  13. zarnd

    E60 M5 finally bought

    Looks a good example! I love my M5 Touring, took me a while to get used to the gearbox so I could drive it properly but it is rather good! The only thing I have done is change my back boxes which has made a nice difference! cheers and enjoy
  14. zarnd


    My wife is Czech so I go to CR a few times a year. Prague is great. Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square, most of the old town is worth wandering around. There is a clock in the main town square (can't remember the name) which is worth going to and loads of bars to frequent, House of Mirrors etc... cheers
  15. zarnd

    2000 E39 M5 - auction sale £24k...

    My bearings went at around 48k from memory. I sold mine a few years ago and the MOT check website shows it has done 60k plus now. Reg number of mine was LS02DKD. Mine also had intermittent starting issues, inside the fuel flap was starting to corrode and the boot was starting to corrode as well and the nearside wing mirror didn't always fold in with the drivers side. I sold mine with around 51k on the clock to Nick Johnson who sold it on to I believe the current owner. cheers

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