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  1. Horsetan

    Let's take it back to the 80's

    The 200 Turbo version of that could be scary in the wrong hands....
  2. Horsetan

    So much car, so little money

    The cars may be cheap. Hope the insurance is also cheap.....
  3. That, everyone, is the Mitsuoka Viewt. Mitsuoka are notorious for these "retro"-conversions; I think they are aimed at Japanese customers who want the looks of a classic car, but can't afford a real one. Quite a few imported into the UK. The question yis have to ask is.... "why???"
  4. Horsetan

    E24 LED indicators test

    Just after converting the indicators on the oul Six to run on LEDs. The flasher relay has been changed to one that's compatible with LEDs as well. No problems with MoT - the thing passed last week! Click here for test video clips "Only" the brakes, tail markers, rear fogs and reversing lights left to convert now......
  5. Whilst out on our usual long hack today, my horse Topsy stumbled across an abandoned E34 parked, half-hidden, on waste ground beside Old Watford Road in Bricket Wood. She walked up onto the patch so I could have a look. Closer inspection reveals it to be a 1993 model, which was last on the road in 2010 (according to the tax disc). Anyone ever seen this one before, or know who might own it? It has Sytner stickers and clear indicator lenses. Someone must have given it some love at some stage. Despite having the grass grow around it for the last two years, it still looks presentable.....
  6. Horsetan

    2003 VW Bora TDi 100 - fuel consumption update

    I'm just amazed!!
  7. Horsetan

    2003 VW Bora TDi 100 - fuel consumption update

    I think the error margin works out at somewhere around 5%; if tyres are underinflated, it may have an effect. Anyhow, today I have exceeded even that record for the same journey. Beat that, Usain!
  8. Horsetan

    2003 VW Bora TDi 100 - fuel consumption update

    Today I attained a new personal best MPG figure! OMG! OMG!!!!
  9. Horsetan

    Vauxhall vxr8

    Holden / HSV cars are legendary - even the basic "VX" Commodore 3.8-litre saloon that I had for a month in Australia was effortless. The UK / UK-import cars are "overpriced" mainly because there are so few of them brought into the UK - even the official Monaro wasn't a brilliant seller. Holdens gained some popularity as an alternative to the E39 M5 when the latter was in production, and the saloon (basically a stretched and widened Omega) did make it over here in (very) small numbers. I think Linden Special Vehicles in Wellingborough was the main importer at the time, and they offered a bewildering number of engine, brakes and suspension upgrades.
  10. Horsetan

    I've seen other mods an they look shyte....

    The numberplate here almost seems to spell the word "shite". Which is what the car is.
  11. Horsetan

    Rust shocker.

    The 164 was a real looker, in an uncompromising executive sort of way - and tough as nails. Finding one nowadays seems quite difficult, as everyone seems to hold on to 'em. Body was by Pininfarina, and very similar in general outline to the roughly contemporary Peugeot 405.
  12. Horsetan

    Hose Pipe Ban - TOTAL JOKE

    I do wonder whether Nature is having a laugh at us. Here we are in the South-East, a hosepipe ban is not long after kicking in and, this weekend at least, it has been....raining!
  13. Body is past it. And Mr. Chamberlain is at the other end of the country
  14. Next task on the list: - acquire another E24.
  15. Horsetan

    So what's your 5 series story?

    I didn't actually acquire a 5-Series. What I did acquire was an E28 floorpan, which just so happened to have an E24 body attached to it......