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  1. In what way? It's got a Fiscon from memory - I think Andy had it fitted. Phil
  2. I think the pads are Porsche 996 GT2 fitment from memory?
  3. I was always torn between the loudness of the exhaust when I didn't need it against the absolutely glorious howl it made when you gave it the berries. I needed a satnav option to include as many tunnels as possible
  4. It's changed hands again and the new owner has contacted me. I've pointed him at this thread so hopefully he'll be along soon!
  5. Bought a Boxster initially while they buggered about for 5 weeks sorting out the payment and ran that through the summer - fantastic car! Ordered a BMW 330d Sport+ in July because of the blinding offers which was supposed to be delivered in September but it's now delayed until December so I'm currently running round in a variety of cars I've been borrowing Phil
  6. Update - had a letter from the new owner asking about a few bits and ended up having a good chat with him on the phone. Guy called Adrian and he's put a new engine in amongst other things. I've sent him the link to this thread so hopefully he'll pop along and join up. Cheers! Phil
  7. £6k
  8. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261412244063?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  9. Hmm, wonder if it had more problems than they thought?
  10. It was at the end of my road, never seen anything like it before. It was at night, pouring with rain, and I followed another car in so I didn't actually realise what was going on until we were in it Puddle was roughly where the red circle is and was gone by the morning. Phil
  11. It was coming in through the Kidney Grills
  12. Now sold to a couple of chaps from Reading. They brought some proper diagnostic kit and said it had bent conrods in 1 and 5, an oil pipe/feed to the gearbox had been damaged the the oil had leaked out and the cats were probably shot. They are going to rebuild it though so she should live again. Cheers for all the advice and sympathy. Just need to decide what to buy now! Phil
  13. No, it's perfect. It was literally a drive through a big puddle but it sucked some water into the engine and damaged the undertrays. Phil
  14. It's on eBay and the fun has already started
  15. I'm gutted. Half tempted to source a new engine and/or get the existing one rebuilt and supercharged - it's an awesome car. Phil