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  1. Sandip

    Relatively new E39 owner

    Hello, welcome to the forum. Get some pics up then
  2. That is a sunroof! Bloody hell
  3. Sandip

    new, but not new haha

    Welcome back
  4. Sandip


    Nice, lovely write up. Looking forward to reading more of your posts, it's a great colour
  5. Sandip

    E39 530i touring in Tonbridge

    That's ropey, and some of the pictures look like they've had an Instagram Filter applied.
  6. Sandip


    Welcome! More details and more pics please
  7. Sandip

    e39 540 power steering pump urgently

    @Tims can you help?
  8. Sandip

    E28 Alpina

    No one looking at this then? https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1983-bmw-alpina-e28-b9/
  9. Sandip

    Windows fogging up - 2012 118d

    Could be a leak somewhere and moisture in the car causing condensation?
  10. Sandip

    Windows fogging up - 2012 118d

    Yep seconded, it controls the climate/temperature in the car and should resolve it. I find it strange that people drive with it off but yank up the Temperature to 30 degrees!
  11. Sandip

    Cooeeee - G31 is a comin'...

    Nice, very nice! Looking forward to more pics
  12. Sandip

    Digital dashboards!

    Nice, any fives?
  13. Sandip

    LR Discovery 3 V8

    There's something about these that I like. Not sure I'm brave enough though. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/general/land-rover-discovery-3-v8--the-brave-pill/41506
  14. Sandip

    It just gets better.

    Nope, wheel off and bonnet loosened I believe. @duncan-uk correct?