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  1. This is in the wrong location Gordon. What car have you got? I'll move it to the relevant section of the board as it's more likely to get picked up.
  2. Sandip

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

  3. Sandip

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Great find Dan! I have Intravee so guessing I would loose that? In other news, I replaced the damaged Drivers side wing mirror with a new one and both now fold on the press of a button. Need to replace the actual mirror on one as it doesn't have the blind spot convex and it's magnified!
  4. Sandip

    E90 sat NAV buttons

    Could you please quote me for p/n 95 12 9 119 423 Thanks!
  5. Sandip


    Welcome! Second Nd on the pics of the M3
  6. Sandip

    Wing mirror glass

    Yeah, sounds like a leak. They should be tinted blue which one of mine is, but I believe they did two types
  7. Sandip

    E39 530i Sport Facelift

    Didn't they come with M Paras?
  8. Sandip

    window blinds

    It was UV Car Shades, which is now car shades so same company.
  9. Sandip

    Wing mirror glass

    Is yours cracked? I have one you can have as a stop gap if urgent, bit grubby and doesn't heat or dim anymore.
  10. Sandip

    window blinds

    I've used ones similar to car shades on previous vehicles. Deffo recommend, although my first set had metal clips which were stronger than the plastic ones...
  11. Sandip

    Wanted: Powerfold mirror for drivers side E39

    No longer required
  12. Bump! Make me an offer...
  13. Sandip

    E39 M5 style mirror glass