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  1. Sandip

    E39 Indicator flash on unlock

    You'd probably need something like Carly
  2. Sandip

    Do these discs look new to you?

    My last few experiences were OK with Kwik Fit. 4 tyres - worked out the cheapest I could find anywhere after the promotion and fitted at home 4 wheel alignment - sorted in a garage. Closest garage with a hunter machine, even non-Kwik Fit and a decent price. Air Con regas - ice cold air con sorted. From my experience, it's very difficult for any one of their mechanics to screw things over, it's all mainly the machines.
  3. Sandip

    E39 job lot bag of bits and pieces

    Make me an offer.
  4. Make me an offer
  5. Contains angel eye bulbs, led and non led, clips, trim pieces and some other useful or non useful stuff. £15 posted.
  6. Last chance before...well I don't know what I'll do with it otherwise.
  7. Sandip

    E39 touring cd changer

    My kidney grill set is great
  8. Sandip

    E39 touring cd changer

    I've got a cd changer if you're at a loose end.
  9. Sandip

    SOLD: E39 black kidney grills

    Bumpety bump
  10. Sandip

    SOLD: E39 heated wing mirror glass x2

    Already posted
  11. Sandip

    E39 M5 on eBay

    Now that's just selfish