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  1. Sandip

    Covid-19 and sales on the forum

    Following the government guidelines on re-opening of car showrooms from the 1st June, we have decided to allow for sale ads on the forum. Please remember to continue to follow any social distancing guidelines set out by the government.
  2. Sandip

    E9 3.5 CSI Turbo Cabriolet

    Wow! How great is that
  3. Sandip

    E28 Alpina

    Still on the market!
  4. Sandip

    E39 Drivers side wing in Sapphire black.

    Last chance before it gets binned.
  5. Sandip

    BMW XB7

    What a beast of a thing. https://www.pistonheads.com/news/ph-germancars/621hp-alpina-xb7-will-do-180mph/42448
  6. We have hidden it due to Covid, there is a sticky for it. We will unhide it according to government guidelines.
  7. Sandip

    E39 OEM M5 front bumper grill

    Make me an offer.
  8. Sandip

    E39 530i touring

    What a weird combo!
  9. Bought this off eBay in the hope to polish it out and replace my one. Seller forgot to tell me it was already repaired and sprayed so not original paint. It's OK condition, no rust on the arch or edges just a bit of surface rust where you bolt it on behind the indicator. Pics of a couple of deeper scratches and the repair. If I wasn't after original paint I'd get it repainted before putting it on. I can't comment on the repair. Make me a sensible offer, I'm down £40 on it but not expecting that back.
  10. It's the M5 grill to replace the sport one with the T-Bar. Has cut outs for ports and is slightly damaged. I don't want to bend it back at the risk of breaking it but I reckon with some heat you could straighten it out. £10 posted - most of that will be the packing and postage costs. A beer for me in the change.
  11. Sandip

    Manual thigh height adjuster

    No need to close, can be left open for others who come across same/similar problem.