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  1. Sandip

    E34 M5 Project

    I'd say a donor into a 520 touring
  2. Sandip

    E32 740i with Hartge bits

    Nice turnaround!
  3. Sandip

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

  4. Sandip

    Carly and Intravee II

    I recently got a Carly adaptor, as I've had trouble upgrading the Intravee with my laptop. Do you leave the adaptor connected or do you remove it after you're done with the customisations? Can Intravee and Carly be used together or will there be a conflict? I don't mind not using the Intravee moving forward in all honesty. Thanks
  5. That's lovely. Ditch the phone, and update the NAV DVD to get the latest maps (or would that not work?)
  6. Sandip

    E61 550i touring - Jap import

    Anyone else thing the engine cover makes it look like a key fob go on seesure, you know you want to
  7. Sandip

    E39 M5 door / wing mirror glass replacement

    I got both mine from eBay, good condition used ones. I have power fold mirrors, so more difficult to get but the do come up.
  8. Sandip

    PDC sensors - where from?

    My replacement was eBay, and works just like the others.
  9. Sandip

    PDC sensors - where from?

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/191844128154 Here ye go. Obviously wrong colour but that's the seller.
  10. Sandip

    PDC sensors - where from?

    I have one eBay one, the distance for each sensor is displayed on my dash and they all show the range as being the same.
  11. Sandip

    E39 Granada 530D

    Not to everyone's taste but that's clean!
  12. Sandip

    BMW 540i 6 Touring (HK32-CODE) Thoughts?

    I'm no expert, but that sounds like a lot wrong for it for the premium he's demanding. They are rare though especially in this day.
  13. Sandip

    New Comer New e39 535i *Modded* and e60 M5

    Welcome! Second the pics.
  14. Sandip

    Cosmetic Mods on PCP

    I did say complete other end of the scale
  15. Sandip

    Cosmetic Mods on PCP

    Wasn't there a YouTube guy who had is M car taken back by BMW because he modded it, looks as well as tuned. Complete end of the scale, but I've read it's happened.