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  1. simoke


    I'd second the Maxi Cosi Priori XP, I really wanted a Recaro but when I went to buy one it just wouldn't sit properly in the back seat Couldn't get tight fit from the belt due to the shape of the baby seat itself and also the contour of the 5's cushion. Maxi Cosi was second choice and due to it's locking mechanism it's solid once fitted. Simon
  2. Just bought a cheap Dension Ice Link off ebay, less than 6 months old, complete with a Brodit bracket for attaching to the dash. Got it for £30 so was quite chuffed. Thing is I took a bit of a gamble, I needed a Quadlock version but they were few and far between and going for nearly new money. This one turned up cheap but with the 17 pin connector. I figured it was probably the only the power connectors that would be different and the CD changer plugs would be the same. Wrong! Anyway after a bit of Googling I found the following: http://www.x5world.com/articles/x5/stereo/9527-bmw-x5-radio-module-amp-information.html Actually for an X5 but the I'm sure the wiring is the same for all BM's. Anyway managed to trace the connections out of the 17 pin connector and find the equivalent on the quadlock, did the same with the CD-Changer plug and hey presto fully working Ipod in the car now. Sounds stupid but the sound quality seems better than off CD even though they use the same input. As you may know the CD changer has to be disconnected for the IceLink to work, so the next thing to figure out is a way of swopping between the inputs. Anyway thought the above link may prove useful when tracing problems with stereo wiring or even extras. Cheers Simon
  3. simoke

    Brake Pipes

    Hi guys, looking for some advice. Took the car for an MOT on Saturday, normally sails through but this year it failed on brake pipe corrosion. It needs both rear brake pipes replacing and front offside replacing as well. The guy at the garage reckons the parts are cheap enough but the labour to install is the expensive bit. He reackons on £300 + VAT including a partial MOT retest fee. Does this sound about right? Car is a 2000 530i with 60K on the clock. Haven't spoken to a BM dealer yet, is it even worth asking them? Any thoughts or advice would be greatfully received. Many thanks Simon
  4. simoke

    Sport foglight blanking piece

    I think the one with the gap is the induction air intake, take care in deep puddles!!
  5. simoke

    Tailor made blinds for E39

    Hi Stew, went there as well and had a similar thought. Their first response was that there were looking into the E39 then last week I had a quote back. I think it's fairly expensive but can't help thinking they looked very good quality with a perfect fit, and the ability to open the windows if needed without removing them. They seem to be the only place doing them so I guess you have to expect the price to be high. Could be tempted, group buy would be even better. Simon
  6. simoke

    The Westfield Saga

    Nice one Retset, the joys of Westy ownership!! Always something new to fix or improve. Won't be at Snetterton or Rockingham, will be at Silverstone on 2nd Nov on the full GP circuit - it's well worth doing if you have some free time!! Enjoy the Westy. Simon
  7. simoke

    E39 Business audio cutting out

    Cheers BigPow, been on the look out but I need one with flat pins not round, haven't seen many about. There's one on there at the moment but it doesn't say whether it's in fully working order. Asked the seller the question, reply came back "Yea" didn't fill me with confidence and he didn't have great feedback. I'm currently down to one channel and have tapped another speaker off that to give me 2 speakers - wow!!! Think I'll try FAB and others. Cheers Simon
  8. simoke

    E39 Business audio cutting out

    Not much help but I'm having similar problem myself but, it seems the stereo is dropping speaker channels, I'm now down to left rear only!! I've checked the wiring and that all seems fine. Local dealer wants £440 for a new head unit (only the basic model as well!). Just wondering if anyone knows what to check for inside the stereo itself? Hope you get your problem sorted JKH112. Simon
  9. simoke

    Shimmy cure #99991

    Bit of a late response this one - but! I've been having the dreaded shimmy and wanted to confirm for sure the problem before I shell out on parts. I had new disks and pads 3 months ago and they've only done 2000 miles - sure it wasn't them being warped. New tyres as well and the wheels were balanced by a very sound place I've used before so fairly sure it wasn't this. I came across this post using bungees, I thought theres surely nothing to be lost in trying it. Bought 2 bungees for £2, did the deed this afternoon, took about 20 mins, went for a test drive and hey shimmy cured. 5 mins to take them off again and shimmy returns. So it's time for some new suspension arms and poly bushes I think. I reckon this is a good way to test for the problem before you shell out. Simon
  10. simoke

    So, I finally got a new toy :)

    Nice one Retset, I've got a 1.8 Zetec Westy and love it to bits. They are fabulous cars for the track as well as a Sunday afternoon thrash!! The car looks fantastic and I bet with a 2.0 up front goes well too. True about the top end though, not much going on aerodynamics wise. I'm sure my 530 is much quicker above 70, but then I have to slow down for corners that you hardly notice in the Westy. LSD is great on track, not just for lurid powerslides but really helps shoot you out of the corners. In terms of suspension setup it's well worth getting it done properly, had mine done last year before a track day and the difference was amazing. Where in the country are you as I have some recommendations for places to get it done - very reasonable as well. Next thing to do (if you haven't done so already) is to join the Westfield Sports Car Club (http://www.wscc.co.uk), access to discounted track days and more knowledge on any potential problems than you could believe. Anyway hope you enjoy it, mayby we'll bump into each on track soon? (not literally obviously!!) Simon
  11. simoke

    Wheel Re-furb ?

    Hi Seesure, I've used them a couple of times, good service. They can sometimes be slow to answer emails but are usually good on the phone. Had my E39 wheels done there about 6 months ago, they were in a right state before but came up great. Had another set done before and I wasn't happy with the finish on one wheel, spoke to them about it and no problems they did it again FOC. If you give them enough notice you can get wheels done same day. Simon
  12. simoke

    Protective Cover

    That's great Graham, I'll get down the stealers later. Thanks for your help. Simon
  13. simoke

    Protective Cover

    Cheers for the help so far. I'll try some breakers see what I can get. Roofer it's the front sport bumper, theres a cover that sits between the front and the wheel arch, slightly protudes down below the bumper. I replaced the other side last year when I bought the car as the temp sensor was hanging down. Can't find the invoice from the dealer with the part number on it!! The search goes on. Cheers Simon
  14. simoke

    Protective Cover

    Hoping someone might be able to help me. Did a little bit of car park damage the other day, didn't see a bit of kerb and I've smashed the black plastic cover infront of the near side wheel arch (covers from the bumper to the arch). Anyway having some new tyres and the wheels refurbed so thought I'd replace the cover as it's virtually hanging off. Went to the dealers this morning but they couldn't find the part on their system, the helpful parts guy bought me 5 different bits but none were right. So I thought I'd use the on-line OEM parts finder, still can't find it. Can anyone help? I figured you guys would know more than the average dealer!! It's a 2000 Sport model. Any help would be appreciated Cheers Simon
  15. simoke

    Servicing Recommendations

    Cheers guys, so far Godfrey Hall seem the best price @£228 all in, Robert Stern want £275 and Damon Hill nearer £300. This will be the first time I've had the car serviced, do these prices seems reasonable? Cheers Simon