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  1. Digidick

    Another Thermostat 11518512234 - Price Please

    Great cheers. When will it be sent out? reg is M31 RMH
  2. Digidick

    Another Thermostat 11518512234 - Price Please

    Thank you - Payment sent Delivery address and reference number in the notes. Forgot to add registration number for the 2 year warranty does that matter, can add it on here??
  3. Thermostat 11518512234 price please. (2015 F30 330d) Does it come with the seal? cheers
  4. Digidick

    E60 530d Thermostat 11517805811 price please

    no worries, it was needed for the weekend so had to order sharpish.
  5. Digidick

    E60 530d Thermostat 11517805811 price please

    PM also sent but part has now been ordered elsewhere.
  6. 11517805811 main stat price please cheers Rich
  7. Digidick

    Rear Sports Spring - E39 530d and poss others.

    Sorry for the late reply, only just spotted this. what year is your E39, mine was a 2002? The spring might not have a part number but will fit all E39 530d Sports.
  8. Genuine BMW and in great shape. Purchased ages ago as a pair when I had my E39 but only swapped the side I needed. 35 squids inc DPD delivery.
  9. Digidick

    anyone got Bimmercode or Carly in Leicestershire area?

    I'm in Derby with Carly if any good? Can code few other bits as well.
  10. Digidick

    Vibration through car at 65-75mph?

    You still haven’t said if you feel it through the steering wheel. If you don’t then it’s probably rear wheels so by swapping them from front to rear you should then feel it through the steering wheel and that would point to rear wheel/tyre issue. so swapping wheels isn’t a cure it’s to help track it down.
  11. Digidick

    Vibration through car at 65-75mph?

    If you can feel it in the steering wheel it’s likely to be front wheel but if it’s through the car/seats I’d start with the rear wheels. Just had a similar thing on my F30 330d and once the rear tyres where replaced and wheels rebalanced again it went away.
  12. Digidick

    Tyre repair kit.

    One of these has got me out the poo on more than one occasion, dead easy to use, works well and will get you further than gunge. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Van-Motorcycle-Tyre-Tubeless-Puncture-Repair-Kit-Emergency-Tire-Kit-TS30BL-/192613161555 You still need the compressor though to inflate afterwards.
  13. Digidick

    Time to say goodbye...

    Not sure if they'd prefer a deal without a part exchange, never done it myself? but I obviously don't know the full details of your car and what price you/they want for it. I'm in Derby so not far from your selling dealer.