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  1. Digidick

    Tyre repair kit.

    One of these has got me out the poo on more than one occasion, dead easy to use, works well and will get you further than gunge. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Van-Motorcycle-Tyre-Tubeless-Puncture-Repair-Kit-Emergency-Tire-Kit-TS30BL-/192613161555 You still need the compressor though to inflate afterwards.
  2. Digidick

    Time to say goodbye...

    Not sure if they'd prefer a deal without a part exchange, never done it myself? but I obviously don't know the full details of your car and what price you/they want for it. I'm in Derby so not far from your selling dealer.
  3. Digidick

    Time to say goodbye...

    So it's a done deal, no selling to me?
  4. Digidick

    Time to say goodbye...

    Congrats on the new car. Whats happening with the 530d? My X5 is going soon so I’m on the lookout for a replacement and could be after another F10?
  5. Digidick

    530d remap

    Had my X5 40d done at the same place last year, great service from Mark and the team. I’m in Derby so certainly not local, spent the time over at the Cheshire Oaks shopping outlet.
  6. Digidick

    Farewell and thanks

    Holy shit a 518, no wonder it’s gone. First turn of the key and I’d have got out and walked away. Enjoy the Skoda Buddy.
  7. Digidick

    Farewell and thanks

    Oh dear, not a good experience for you. Was it a 6 cylinder?
  8. Digidick

    Disconnecting the battery

    Nope just reset the clock.
  9. Digidick

    CIC sat nav 7 digit postcode search?

    Thanks for your input, great info buddy.
  10. Digidick

    CIC sat nav 7 digit postcode search?

    Found this reply from another member.......... My F11 is a July 2010 build and originally I could only input 5 post code digits. I then upgraded the maps from 2010 to 2012 and could then input 7 digits but the system was only actually acknowledging 5 digits. I needed BMW to do a software update (cost me £120) to enable the full 7 digit acknowledgement by the iDrive system. Without this update the post code search was useless. Like you, I have also updated to 2016-2 maps and my 7 digit post code search is still working perfectly.
  11. Digidick

    CIC sat nav 7 digit postcode search?

    This what I see on my 2010 X5
  12. Digidick

    CIC sat nav 7 digit postcode search?

    Is your FSC code a lifetime one so you can update again? I have 2018-1 maps here on a 32gb memory stick you can have for £20 and they certainly give me 7 digit postcodes, even the original 2010 maps did. Can’t say why I have and you don’t though??
  13. Digidick

    What's being worked on today?

    Harper Autos 0151 357 1696
  14. Digidick

    Miami airport car hire recommendations

    We think..... Key West (went years ago before kids), Naples (got married there) and then up to Orlando. Miami is just for the airport and its much cheaper to fly to than Orlando but we also wanted a little tour about anyway.