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  1. Digidick

    Time to move the 328i on?

    What do you value it at Rups? I do like them/it always have.
  2. Digidick

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    oh dear, when and why did the Touring go? I remember you’d had all the front sprayed just before our last meet and Fred’s son span out the pub car park showering your car in stones!!
  3. Digidick

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    Fingers crossed for some roof down weather. We need an old guard meet at some point don’t we, get Gaz, Ray, Fred, Mick etc….
  4. Digidick

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    Evening Rups I do love it but despite its size it could be bigger in the rear, all seems to be front end but as a driver you’re well looked after. It’s an early one (2012) but with its private plate still looks quite fresh! You still enjoying the 328, it’s very nice and my fave 3 Series convertible.
  5. Digidick

    Show us pics of your none 5 BMW

    640d Gran Coupe
  6. Good find. Never heard that bit before. Worth a go again then.
  7. I also had a go with your method and like you heard fanny all
  8. Having just worked on my 640d I did it the old fashioned way. Heater on full temp, low speed, cap off and engine running up to temp. Once it’s getting warm a few revs and the bubbles start to appear from the open reservoir. One your getting nice hot air through the vents (indicating no air locks) and no more bubbles it should be sorted. Top it up to max and check the level again once cool, best overnight or for a similar amount of time. it might not be text book but worked for me
  9. Digidick

    25CE00 fault code 2011 535D

    What the hell have you purchased looking at your other coding issue post? is the AC actually tripping out? I’d possibly look at having the map removed and going back to standard for a bit until the issues are sorted or if in fact that would sort your issues. Can the previous owner can tell you who did it?
  10. Digidick

    Wobble 70-80mph thru seat

    Just to update my situation as well. 4 wheels road forced balanced with one front wheel having a slight flat spot on the outer rim so that one failed the road force part but balanced up ok. Car is now perfect and wobble free, £100 well spent.
  11. Digidick

    Wobble 70-80mph thru seat

    I'm taking mine on Saturday for a road force balance. New car to me so don't really know the full state of the wheels, I'll soo find out.
  12. Digidick

    Wobble 70-80mph thru seat

    LOL!! I was typing as you were typing. Look on a website called Balance my car, its shows all road force garages. Mine charges £25 per wheel.
  13. Digidick

    Wobble 70-80mph thru seat

    I have a similar issue with a recently purchased 640d GC. I'm going to get the wheels Road Force Balanced which has helped in the past on 2 cars with a wobble issue.
  14. Mate wants his gearbox oil changing on his 6 speed ZF auto but how much will I end up using?. Did my own 8 speed box (F30 3 Series) last year but only needed around 5ltrs after dropping the fluid, changing the filter and refilling and as you know most kits come with 7 so plan to buy the ZF filter and then the correct amount of fluid separate. cheers.
  15. Digidick

    Gearbox oil change on 180k x5

    What gearbox is it, 8 speed?