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  1. tinshark

    E28 Adverts or old Pictures

    I had an M535i ad poster which I think was a copy of a magazine ad. It featured a red M535i standing alongside Concorde's nose wheel, with a slogan something like 'The M535i needs a turbo like Concorde needs a propellor'. It was a bit lame really, but hey, it was the 1980s!
  2. tinshark

    M535 decals

    Pikey answer - have a look in your local independent motor spares place, they often have reels of various trim stripes, different colours and widths etc. Maybe cheaper than the dealer, if you can find what you need.
  3. tinshark

    my m535i

    That's my old car! I'm feeling all nostalgic and misty eyed now. Laptop just froze 4 times as I tried to post so I'll be brief as I can't be @rsed If you have any questions about the car, fire away, I may be able to help. I don't remember the exhaust hanging quite as low as that - has it still got a stainless system? Enjoy the car Brett! Some photos from back in the day:
  4. tinshark

    Swapped the V12 for an XJ40

    And then coming over here and using your bandwidth The Jaguar 'Basil'40 is cheap, nice to drive and easy to get parts for. I also think they look good. If you were considering an E32, then an XJ40 is a nice option. Mind you, it doesn't stop me looking at E28s on Ebay! Still fancy another chrome-bumper 520i or 525e... Come over to the Jaguar World forum 12quid Kid, and let us know how your damp carpets turn out.
  5. tinshark

    Swapped the V12 for an XJ40

    The duckbill is a rubber spout which drains water collected in the scuttle vents. It is located somewhere underneath the wiper motor, and if it blocks up with bits of twig, leaves etc. the water finds its way into the cabin instead, and into the front footwells. You might find it's been removed or had the flat end cut off by a previous owner to keep it properly drained. Also have a look at the bulkhead. They are notorious for rotting on the 1993-94 cars, and naturally, driving on wet roads will cause water sprayed up onto the bulkhead to leak through the rusty bits. Whip the carpets out, and pull up the thick foamrubber sound deadening underneath, and if you can, pull up the tough rubbery padding on the inside of the bulkhead where it meets the footwell - this will probably all be damp. Worth making sure the bottom of the windscreen is properly sealed as well. While you're at it mate - check your filler cap and the drain in the rubber surround gaiter. The rubber gaiter around the filler neck/cap is prone to clogging with leaves and dirt due to it facing the sky. The small (about 5mm) drain hole (which exits over the diff for some reason) easily gets blocked. Rain water then fills the recess, and can rise above the filler neck and seep through the cap into the neck and the tank. Use a 3 foot piece of stiff wire to clean the drain and make sure you have a nice new OEM filler cap, not a BP special. But apart from that, the 'Basil 40' is a flawless design! Really Seriously, enjoy it, they're a really nice drive.
  6. tinshark

    Swapped the V12 for an XJ40

    Good man! Looks smart too, is that a Doeskin interior? Same 16" 5-spokes as mine too. My trip computer reckons I get up to 27-28mpg on a long run - mind you, I drive like James May's gran - and overall I don't find it too thirsty. Make sure your 'duckbill' (scuttle vent drain) is cleaned out our you'll get soggy carpets! what am I saying, you'll end up with wet carpets somewhere along the line anway
  7. tinshark

    E28 520i

    I had one for a couple of years. Not amazingly swift, but really smooth and a nice ride. I had mine kitted out with new cambelt, cold start valve, radiator, stat etc. and it always started and ran really nicely. Used to average 30mpg on a tankful which was OK. Flat out, saw an indicated 125mph on a journey in France It felt like driving a hovercraft I'd like another one, preferably with a metal floorpan.
  8. Here ye go - Tusker's motor
  9. tinshark

    Coolant temperature and thermotime sensors

    Hi Stewart, Not that you'd want to take advice from a thick Jag driver but to be honest, they don't look like the ones. B93490 is listed as a sensor for Jetronic (the transistorised system as used on the 520i). I suppose these might be interchangeable with Motronic sensors, but I wouldn't assume so without checking. As for the other B93494 with a single pin, I would say that's the sensor for the dashboard temerature gauge, not connected with the engine management at all. I would be more tempted to try these babies from Eurocarparts: http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecommerce/Search_Results.asp Good luck mate. I assume this is to do with improving your car's idle? Simon
  10. tinshark

    Sold one of my E28s, bought . . . . . .

    Very smart mate, classic Long Good Friday style. I reckon that's the right approach! Most Jags are not exactly investment material. Just enjoy it. Yeah, I think the fuses on my car are located in 4 different places. No rhyme or reason to it at all, and it seems to have been changed about 3 times during the life of the XJ40. Still, I suppose it stopped the mechanics getting bored. Yep, XJ40s do seem to like a little tickle under the belly with a welder. The bulkhead is another hazard - many people find that, when it starts to go, they can grow rice in their front footwells.... Enjoy the S3 mate - a rare sight on the roads these days!
  11. tinshark

    best route to clapham london........?

    Personally mate, if I HAD to do it, I would come in on the M4, A4, off at Gunnersbury Park and onto the South Circular, through Putney to Wandsworth, then down Trinity Road to Tooting and head up the A24 a mile or so to Clapham. I guess this longer route would probably take as long as Tom-Tom's A5 suggestion, though with more motorway driving and less town traffic. As long as the M25 and M4 behave themselves... But really I wouldn't fancy it at all on a Saturday afternoon, to be frank!
  12. tinshark

    Don't you just love scammers

    I got similar daft e-mails when I stuck my M535i on Autotrader. One dude claimed that his dear, deceased wife had promised their daughter a car exacty like mine when she turned 18! Can't be many 18YO girls who are promised a 20YO disintegrating 3.5L saloon for their 18th, luck girl
  13. tinshark

    E28 touring

    Oops! Looks like I was hot on your heals there, Stewart!
  14. tinshark

    E28 touring

    a - its in Norway so i can't easily check it out But you would easily find a buyer for it in the UK, if it turned out to be a bit rough or not what you wanted, so no worries b - i'd want to make it RHD No you wouldn't c - i'd want a different engine There's no shortage of them available d - i haven't got the time or space It would encourage you to sell your surplus vehicles! And would you say you have time to fiddle about with the M535i? But you still manage it e - its auto Exactly - all you have to do is supervise! Go on Dunc.... Besides, what better car to hall a self-assembly patio around in
  15. tinshark

    My new car - made in England!

    Thanks lads, I'm definitely enjoying the honeymoon. Stewart - the wood inserts are all straight, the interior is very good, just needs a better clean than I've had time to give it! I also need to lay my mitts on an owner's handbook to help me figure out the computer functions and bizarre lights/ wipers operation. I quite like that! Tinworm or Trilbyshark, definitely! How do I change my name though?