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  1. Andy G

    1998 528i, up and running

    lol, I'll grab some when I get it out into the fresh air, needs a clean now....
  2. Andy G

    1998 528i, up and running

    Stupid post I'm sure but after nearly 6 years of no use, my dads e39 528i is up and running. Pretty happy really, will give it a service soon but shifts this week have been heavy, so have been too tired! So the story goes, my dad bought his 1998 528i back in 2000, he's the 2nd owner, it's a silver SE, std spec etc, really nice but about 6 years ago he started to worry about large bills on the horizon, so we swapped cars, he's been using my 330i e46 touring for the past 5 years and I stored his 528. I have other cars to use and didn't want to sell it. But wind on to 2020 and due to the issues we've all been facing it was time to get it up and running but over the time the fuel pump had failed, and then once that had been done the alternator failed, and whilst sorting that out the intake bellows between the MAF and the TB had perished, so replaced that and hey presto, it runs really nice. I was toying with putting on a set of alloys but I can't bring myself to do it, it runs its std 16" alloy wheels and the ride is perfect so it'll stay as BMW intended. So all in pretty chuffed its up and running, mot etc next up, ready for the summer......
  3. Andy G

    E34 Touring Interior Help

    As said this trim type and seat fit was an option when new, sport seats were available across the range. Looks a nice place to be though.
  4. Andy G

    Headlight bulb upgrades

    cheers dan. just found this as well, so I'll get ordering
  5. Andy G

    Headlight bulb upgrades

    Looking to replace bulbs, non xenon standard candle pre facelift lights. Are they HB4 or HB3? Osram or anything else?
  6. well that alternator is done, fairly straightforward but, the hose between the MAF and the TB is perished, and as I've disturbed it all, it idles low now and stalls when cold, so new intake bellows ordered.
  7. Andy G

    Calling the experts e34 B10 Allrad

    You just need to resist putting things on it that weren't on it to start with! That'll be the hard part.
  8. I did toy with an amp change but this one is a Bosch unit, the original and is an 80 amp item so I'll replace like for like. Not sure if there's any point in fitting a higher output one though.
  9. cheers guys, yes it was worrying, battery light went out briefly, made some 'odd' noises then came back on, then started to smoke! 80amp and I'll order one today
  10. My Dads e39 528 is now running nicely however the battery light is fully on, new battery so thats one item discounted, however today we noticed that after a few minutes ticking over we had heat and smoke, looked like electrical burning/smoke so engine off and the alternator is quite hot, battery disconnected and car tucked away. Smoke was coming from the alternator so something in their has failed or seized. It is the original so maybe it was time for a change. Looks fairly easy to do, but is it? Any makes to avoid, I see from Eurocar parts there's RTX, Napa etc as well as Lucas and Bosch. I'm thinking Lucas at the moment.
  11. Andy G

    528i non start after long lay up

    Right an update. It was the fuel pump, replaced that and bingo it ran, happy days, although now the alternator has failed!
  12. Andy G

    528i non start after long lay up

    just an update, checked the relays, all seem to work, no fuses blown, had the back seat out, checked with a multi that power is at the plug and it seems to have although must admit I'm that sure I'm doing it right but I'm getting readings nonetheless, but when I grab a small battery and put a pair of leads to either terminal on the pump itself there's no noise and no movement so I am thinking that is the culprit. Looks straightforward to replace and I'll do the filter as well whilst I'm at it. But, is there a single large use anywhere that powers the fuel system? My dad can recall years ago after calling BMW assist following a no start, they trace it to a blown fuse but the fuse was huge! However he can't recall where the part was although there is a spare in the car in case of a future issue?
  13. Andy G

    528i non start after long lay up

    no nothing so all pointing towards the pump, I'll check the pump is operating over the weekend, then trace the issue back after that if does spin up with some external power. But I'm thinking of changing the relay anyhow, however I'm thinking the lack of use has just put the pump into severe old age and died.
  14. Andy G

    528i non start after long lay up

    just read the relay is behind the glovebox! So will replace that anyhow as well as new fuses, then try the pump.
  15. Andy G

    528i non start after long lay up

    in tank or external? would that be relay related?