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  1. stranter

    Tell me about E34 V8s and about automatics

    It's down to a 530i touring and a 525i touring. The 525 looks a nicer car. Thanks for all the info about the V8s - it's put my mind at rest. A V8 is tempting, that noise is addictive and I've never owner a V8 BMW. This will be decided by Saturday evening and I will hopefully be back in a 5er by the end of the weekend! Hooray! Stewart
  2. stranter

    Tell me about E34 V8s and about automatics

    Thanks for the replies! Ok, all being well I'm going to view a 1993 K 530iA Touring on Saturday. Is there any way I can check for oil pump thing? I presume to fix it, it's a sump off, reattach it and reattach the sump type of job? How do you go about adjusting the chain? So, given it could be a nikasil engine, I presume I just need to check for lumpy idle and the badge on the passenger side if the engine? Stewart
  3. Hello, I'm still after an E34 touring and up to now I've discounted the V8s as too complicated and thirsty to contemplate. I'm thinking about changing this and going to look at a few, so I've got some questions: 1) Are there and inherent problems with either of the V8 options? 2) Just how thirsty are they? And I'm also curious about automatics. Are there sealed for life units? I presume this isn't a good idea and it's better to change the oil? Are there lots of problems with automatics? Stewart
  4. stranter

    Been to see this 525tds touring...

    That's the place. We were in the area, and I managed to persuade my wife to go with me to look at it. I like the spec of the car, it's got a lot of extras. But it's got issues too and no service history and the water pump looks old. I went on Saturday at about 5. So where's this tds touring for £450? And what's the mileage? Stewart
  5. stranter

    Been to see this 525tds touring...

    Yes that's the one. It's definitely not worth what he's asking, nice bloke though. Although the advert doesn't say the items I've mentioned not working, the "very tidy car for year" is stretching it a bit. Worth about £850 imo. I'll steer clear of that 540. You know, that really annoys me about looking at cars. Even if you phone up, they still are economical with the truth. I'd have gone ballistic if I were you! That was a blatent chancer trying to sell a knacker. So, how to I go about checking self levelling suspension. If it goes, how much is it to convert to standard suspension? (I'm assuming it is better than do this rather than to try and repair it). Stewart
  6. stranter

    Been to see this 525tds touring...

    Awesome guys, some good advice. It seems its faults aren't impossible or terminal or expensive. From the description, I was led to believe that it was a a very good example. I reckon it's an average example. It's priced at top whack though. I'm gonna leave it because I don't reckon it'll sell at that price, so I might see if it falls low enough to go and see it again. In the meantime, I'll put the finishing touches to my E30 and get it sold! Stewart BTW: It's good to be back
  7. Hello, I'm new to E34s, but not new to this forum and I'm looking to get an E34 touring. It was £1295, but only had 130k miles (proveable with MOTs) but no service history. It had air-con (think it worked, but it was cold outside), cruise control, leather 4 x e/w, OBC, double sunroof. Engine sounded good, started no trouble. It had the following faults: 1) The double sunroof was totally inoperational - no tilt, not slide, no nothing. Could be a switch, could be a motor. Given it didn't move at all, could it just be the switch? Or is the tilt and slide on the same motor. If it is a motor, how tricky and expensive is it to fix? 2) The central locking doesn't work. None of the doors lock centrally from either side. Duff control box surely, rather than 4 duff actuators? Again, how difficult and expensive to fix? 3) The nearside rear window didn't work, either from the front switch or the door switch. Motor? How tricky and expensive would this be? Other than those three things, it seemed a nice car. Its rear load cover is missing, has some bubbling on the front offside arch and oddly, missing the kidney grills. It looks a straight car. Stewart
  8. stranter

    I'm back!

    Hello, Just wanted to officially announce my return to the forum. Selling my E30, going to get an E34 estate. Been to see one today and want some advice on the niggly items and how tricky/expensive they are. Previously I have owned: C333 RWP - A white E28 518i D492 SDT A white E28 535i I now own a mint chrome E30 318i (soon to be sold) and a 08 Fiat Bravo. Stewart
  9. stranter

    528i Coolant system bleed procedure?

    Yes, you need to have the heaters set to hot. Stewart
  10. stranter

    Where does your temp needle sit?

    Well you don't want it running too cool as that uses more fuel and increase engine wear. It might be worth investigating a stuck thermostat and malfunctioning temperature sender. Check your earth straps too as they can cause eroneous temperature readings. Stewart
  11. stranter

    Stag weekend suggestions

    Bournemouth is a great venue for a stag do...
  12. stranter

    Fuel Pump Whine

    IIRC there's no lifter pump there. Sounds like the fuel pump might be starting to be on it's way out.
  13. stranter

    Fuel Pump Whine

    Probably means it's on the way out. What model do you have? There might be a duff in-tank pump causing this. Stewart
  14. stranter

    Big Brother will soon be watching!

    Think I'll be resurrecting my old German plates if this happens. It's not that I speed excessively, it's more the government knowing every single inch of road I travel. You wait 'til the day comes when these don't make enough money (not enough drivers left with valid licenses on the roads and everyone religiously obeying the speed limits) and the government sells this data on our every movement to a marketing firm. You can see the e-mail now: "We have noticed that everyday you drive past Spangly Dangly's Gym, we'd like to take this opportunity to offer you discounted membership..." Stewart