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  1. helmbarrie

    Screeeeeech. Crash.

    Anyone lucky enough to own an Emola red sport tourer should not dream of changing it. A very rare and desirable colour. I could not find a sport tourer in Emola red and have never seen one on the road.
  2. How much much would the following add to the value to a 3 year old 530i - Sunroof,comfort seats, 18 in alloys?
  3. helmbarrie

    530i sport wanted

    Dear Fellie Thanks for your reply and the info on the Ebay cars. I noticed the cars did not reach there reserves. However I was off on a 3 week USA holiday and I returned today. Now the holiday is over I am about to get serious about finding my 530i. Cheers Peter
  4. helmbarrie

    530i sport wanted

    Thank you gentlemen for your suggestions to where Imay find a good 530i. I will follow up your leads.I agree about BMW dealer prices though. So far they are eye wateringly high.
  5. helmbarrie

    530i sport wanted

    I have finally decided to get my third BMW. I had decided they had become just to popular but heck they do drive so well. I want a 5 series and after looking for a while it has to be a 530 i Sport with leather and auto. It would be wonderful in metalic blue or the rare Imola red. Who wants to sell one ? Cheers and glad I found this site.