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  1. Retset

    My new car!

    OK, my answer is a tad late as I am not on here so much these days! I tried Waze and it's OK but I mainly use Google Maps. I prefer it's presentation to Waze/Apple Maps/VWs own sat nav. It also has decent traffic and road closure info but is a little delayed compared to TomTom. Not as delayed as the CarPlay port which still is MIA! If I am on a long motorway trip where quick traffic info is useful, I stand the phone up in the cubby (works really well), set my music or whatever playing then go back to the phone. It means the main unit just shows the homescreen but at least I can see TomToms traffic info and reroutes. Helluva cludge though. Outside this (and it's not the car's fault), I am really pleased with the car. I way prefer the size of it on the road or in parking spaces and am getting approx 35mpg over all. It's fast as all fook and the DSG box is really fun to use with the paddles and very smooth in Drive. Main downside is the horrendously noisy Potenza tyres. Really, I should change for some PS4s but I am doing a shameful job at wearing down the Potenzas: 8000+ miles and still have 6mm of tread all round Only other slight downside is that the DSG can be a bit jerky in town if I take off, lift and take off again, as you do when the car in front does the same at the lights. More than made up for all the rest of the time I use the box though. So, still happy and still unmodified, unless you count the pedal box and Helix but my insurers didn't!
  2. Retset

    Jeezzz, Look at The Size of These Kidneys!

    WTF? Is this photoshopped or real? That is truly minging. It's probably lovely behind the wheel, if only because you won't have to look at those gopping grills!
  3. Retset

    The ONE bucket wash!!!

    Update: I still use this method and have no swirls on the car.
  4. Retset

    What pads to remove oxidation and swirls?

    I'd get one or two medium pads (often orange) and finishing pads (often white). Try least aggressive pad/compound first and work up till you find what can just remove the swirls. At the end, you may or may not need the lightest compound and pad combo to get a good finish. Often a single stage is enough. Clean the pad between panels with a toothbrush against spinning pad. Clean it off again before brushing your teeth. (joke!). Clean off the panels afterwards with a dedicated product or, cheaper, IPA and distilled water mixed 3 parts to 7 parts.
  5. Retset

    My new car!

    6 month report: Still very happy! I did add the Helix upgrade. It is a transformation audio wise. It is not perfect but it does make stuff listenable to and has enough bass to still make music fun on a noisy motorway. I bought it new from VW after price matching, hired the programming dongle and fitted it myself in a morning. I know that it could sound better if I visited a specialist with a grand in my pocket but this has been a great bang for buck. I also added a DTUK pedal box. The standard throttle mapping is dead for an inch or so and then it goes. The pedal box, which takes 5 mins to fit, eliminates this. It's almost a touch aggressive, even in it's mildest City -3 setting but that is rather more in keeping with the car. Otherwise, I have left everything alone and am delighted with the way the car goes, handles and sounds (no exhaust valves in the estate so it sounds just a tiny bit purposeful all the time). I think it is a small step back from the 5 series in refinement (road noise etc) and rides about the same. I love CarPlay. I am still waiting for TomTom Go to finish porting over (due 'in the Spring') as it's traffic is even better than Googles. Till then, Google Maps is doing a fantastic job and is far better presented etc. than the car's own. Downsides? Restraint to keep a clean licence is about all .... Sadly, I don't see myself getting another BMW. After a tyre nightmare in the last two, I am dead set against anything without a spare. I find it a deeply flawed policy. It's easy to gloss over until you have waited 4 hours for recovery or limped at 15mph on a rapidly dying runflat, desperate to make it by closing time to the only place that have the correct tyres in stock for miles around, in Cornwall on a Saturday and getting there with under 5 minutes in hand.
  6. Retset

    E63 spare wheel

    I had non RFTs on my E91. I caught the edge of a pothole, ripped one and spent 4 hours waiting for recovery. The hole was an inch long - far too big for the can of sealant. I decided to put a space saver spare kit in the boot. Ofc, I never had another puncture and permanently suffered a reduction in boot size! So, when I bought my F11, I made sure to stay with the RFTs. Middle of nowhere, on a rainy Saturday, 150 miles from home and BANG! A rear tyre let go. I limped it to the local BMW dealer who said it was too bad to drive on but, after ringing round, the nearest available tyres were 20 miles away. I limped there at 15mph, checking the tyre every few miles and arrived with almost the whole shoulder missing. Turns out that the shoulder was internally knackered all round which is why a section blew out and why it was splitting so badly. The guy says he sees it a lot on BMWs due the camber of the rear wheels combined with the stiffness of RFTs putting strain on the shoulder. There was virtually no external evidence and I had 6mm tread across the rears. We could just see one or two small tell tales on the other tyre so I bought a new pair for £480. This was the final straw on a car I had already found too big. It was also the final straw for my favourite brand (BMW) as I hate the policy of no spare wheel or space to put your own. I shall not own another. So, I bought a Golf R and love it! Sorry, my rant is not a huge amount of help but you have to decide whether the strap in a space saver in a bag, lose some boot space but have no puncture worries or carry a kit of goo and hope you don't get a big hole in the tyre. I don't find RFTs an alternative as they only do 50 miles and my one blew because it was an RFT then couldn't do 50 miles for the same reason.
  7. Retset

    Goodbye and thank you

    Very interesting read, especially as it involves a car I never knew existed! I hope you enjoy your new steed. I wouldn't have stayed BMW either at over €700 a month!
  8. Retset

    Any electricians on here?

    By fluke, I found myself chatting to an electrician yesterday. I asked him and he confirmed all the answers above are correct. Cheers
  9. Retset

    Any electricians on here?

    Thanks. OK, I now understand Thanks all. Just shitty bulbs then. Great relief. We still are not all LED but bit by bit we are getting there and then I guess these issues will (almost) go away.
  10. Retset

    Any electricians on here?

    Thanks for all the replies above which are all similar. My only confusion is that the trip switches are normally very sensitive and when a bulb blows in our kitchen diner (lights ring), it invariably throws the trip switch. Is the difference that we are on a socket, not lighting circuit so the trips will need more current to trip?
  11. We have had a few table lamps blowing bulbs and, at the same time, the 3A fuse in the plug. The wiring in the house is mix of of old and new, mainly all within the last 10 years and an up to date consumer unit. This all happens on the same few sockets which are all part of the house's original socket ring main, albeit mostly new wire. Now, I understand how a blowing bulb might well trip a switch in the consumer unit but can't see how it can blow the lamps's fuse whilst leaving the trip alone! I have one of these and it says all is OK: https://www.toolstation.com/socket-tester/p82826 I should add that it can be weeks or months before it happens again and it does seem to be the blowing bulb that is the trigger to the fuse going. Any ideas?
  12. Retset

    Billy Monger

    I saw it live. Will never forget that impact from the in car footage. The lad is so positive and driven. Didn't see the programme but have seen various interviews on the BTCC.
  13. I use Google calendar on PC (via Chrome) and iOS (via the app). Very pleased with it and used it for many years. I find the multiple calendar feature handy as well.
  14. Retset

    Soldering Iron advice

    The Antex 25W is pretty decent if you fancy a moderately priced upgrade. I have soldered some very thick wires with it when putting connectors onto beefy lipos for model aircraft. However, I feel that if you already have the 18W, you may as well go a bit more powerful than 25W so you can cover a bigger range of jobs. FWIW, I think the Antex irons punch well above their wattage. Makes sure to get a silicone cable on whatever you buy.
  15. Retset

    What are you listening to?

    Rews. They are a two girl rock group with some similarities to Halestorm. I have seen them supporting Halestorm and, recently, at a small gig at a pub in Bristol. They are lovely girls (I am not just talking physically, although they are very pretty) and do such an energetic live performance of what is best described at 'feel good rock music' that I cannot fathom why they aren't much bigger.