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  1. Retset

    Ford Capri...

    Indeed!! I have very fond memories of my Mk2 and Mk3 3.0s's. If they bought out some modern pastiche of it with RWD and a manual box, I would certainly be tempted ...
  2. Retset

    Retrofit folding door mirrors

    I watched this before doing mine. That, and some kind help on here, sorted me out. Good luck Odessa.
  3. Retset

    Removing superglue spots?

    +1 for this but try on an inconspicuous area first I'd suggest. I've used superglue remover and it is fantastic.
  4. Retset

    CarPro HydrO2 (Lite)

    I'm going to add a very late PS: I stopped using it on the body of any car as I want to choose what sealant or product I want on the windscreen and keeping HydrO2 totally clear of the screen is impossible. I've used the entire bottle up on wheels. It's so great for them that I shall shortly order another bottle.
  5. Retset

    VW Arteon 4Motion + BMW content

    I don't know. It's seconds to plug and unplug. I keep the unit in the lower cubby by the driver's door. I shall remove for it's first service.
  6. Retset

    Your retro Fords

    Red now? I have a photo of it at a car show somewhere and it was silver then. Anyway, I want it back now, 25 years or so later!
  7. Retset

    Wander round the local BMW dealer

    I would happily have a hybrid - waft through town on electricity when the cold petrol engine would be hoovering up gas then join the motorway or A road and switch over to petrol, perhaps with a few electrons left to help with an overtake. I was going to get one as a company vehicle (big P11D advantage) but then privately bought a Golf R. Why? Well, not one of the hybrids available was what I wanted for reasons of space/fun/spare wheel/performance or a combination of those. Look at BMW - putting them only in saloons. Well, sorry I need an estate ... I've had a few drives in a Jaguar i-Pace and have to say that, at this top end of the electric car market, it's a very nice thing. Handles more like a car than an SUV, has a totally linear and smooth power delivery and is a nadgers quicker than a Golf R. Why don't I have one? Well, £80K obviously but also I often do 260 miles in a day. Realistically that means wasting 45 mins whilst drinking a coffee that I would rather have skipped. Here lies the rub, then. We need these P11D friendly (possibly more environmentally friendly??) cars to be affordable, spacious, fun and have a proper range before we buy in. If this doesn't happen, Dorothy will be posting his license back in due course ...
  8. Retset

    BMW looking to cut it's range

    It's a farce isn't it? Let's lose a teeny space saver yet make each generation bigger and heavier than the one that came before it. I guess the new grills are a weight saving, being just a bit of plastic and a lot of air ...
  9. Retset

    Your retro Fords

    My old Mk 2 3.0S. I believe she is still around, restored (and silver with black stripes). Back then, 2.8i wheels and some spot lights seemed a great idea I also had a Mk3 3.0S. I love Capris and would have another if I had somewhere to keep it. My wife says my spectacles are heavily rose tinted and that I wouldn't enjoy driving one now. I think she's wrong ...
  10. A bit late but we have two businesses to operate. One is pretty big so we use Quickbooks Online. it's nice to use and £18 a month is fine for the business. The other is much smaller and only has a few transactions a month. QBO would be a waste of cash. For this we use Quickfile which is also MTD compliant and is free! I find it harder to use but this is probably because 99% of my accounting time is spent with QBO. But it works perfectly and, worth repeating ... FREE!
  11. Retset

    VW Arteon 4Motion + BMW content

    Lovely looking car. I've only seen a few on the road so definite exclusivity! We saw one the other day and my wife said it looked nice and asked what it was ... and she is 100% not into cars! I enjoyed the review. Having a Golf R estate now, it was a very interesting read. I wonder if it has similar throttle mapping to mine? A sort of dead zone where a smooth getaway is very easy but foot needs to go down quite a way to keep up with normal traffic? I put in a DTUK pedal pox and haven't looked back. On it's City setting, all the dead spot is gone so the car feels much nicer. It also kicks down more readily. Downside is it's not quite as easy to get smoothly off the line as the DSG doesn't quite smooth things out like a slushbox. I turned off the fake noise after a few weeks, once the amusement factor had gone. Now it sounds smooth but not exciting. Then I put my foot down. And am excited!
  12. Retset

    BMW looking to cut it's range

    I think it's all gone too far with various niche models. I get coupes but WTF is the use of a coupe'd SUV? I'd have though 1 series (hatch), 3 series (saloon, estate, convertible & coupe), 5 series (saloon and estate), 7 series, X3 and X5 would be a solid line up. Oh, and put some spare wheels in the effing lot of them please! Tyre nightmares on the past two BMWs are the reason I'm not having another. Both caused hours of inconvenience that could have been easily avoided with a space saver. And get rid of the comedy grills on a few of the newer models ...
  13. Retset

    Back in a Beemer Whooohoooo

    Wow; that is one of the nicest E39s that i have ever seen! I was in Helston the other day, funnily enough. Stopped to look at all the old tanks at that armour place!
  14. Retset

    Drilling straight

    I can't drill straight for shit. I like the Lego method above and may adopt it