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  1. Retset

    Any electricians on here?

    By fluke, I found myself chatting to an electrician yesterday. I asked him and he confirmed all the answers above are correct. Cheers
  2. Retset

    Any electricians on here?

    Thanks. OK, I now understand Thanks all. Just shitty bulbs then. Great relief. We still are not all LED but bit by bit we are getting there and then I guess these issues will (almost) go away.
  3. Retset

    Any electricians on here?

    Thanks for all the replies above which are all similar. My only confusion is that the trip switches are normally very sensitive and when a bulb blows in our kitchen diner (lights ring), it invariably throws the trip switch. Is the difference that we are on a socket, not lighting circuit so the trips will need more current to trip?
  4. We have had a few table lamps blowing bulbs and, at the same time, the 3A fuse in the plug. The wiring in the house is mix of of old and new, mainly all within the last 10 years and an up to date consumer unit. This all happens on the same few sockets which are all part of the house's original socket ring main, albeit mostly new wire. Now, I understand how a blowing bulb might well trip a switch in the consumer unit but can't see how it can blow the lamps's fuse whilst leaving the trip alone! I have one of these and it says all is OK: https://www.toolstation.com/socket-tester/p82826 I should add that it can be weeks or months before it happens again and it does seem to be the blowing bulb that is the trigger to the fuse going. Any ideas?
  5. Retset

    Billy Monger

    I saw it live. Will never forget that impact from the in car footage. The lad is so positive and driven. Didn't see the programme but have seen various interviews on the BTCC.
  6. I use Google calendar on PC (via Chrome) and iOS (via the app). Very pleased with it and used it for many years. I find the multiple calendar feature handy as well.
  7. Retset

    Soldering Iron advice

    The Antex 25W is pretty decent if you fancy a moderately priced upgrade. I have soldered some very thick wires with it when putting connectors onto beefy lipos for model aircraft. However, I feel that if you already have the 18W, you may as well go a bit more powerful than 25W so you can cover a bigger range of jobs. FWIW, I think the Antex irons punch well above their wattage. Makes sure to get a silicone cable on whatever you buy.
  8. Retset

    What are you listening to?

    Rews. They are a two girl rock group with some similarities to Halestorm. I have seen them supporting Halestorm and, recently, at a small gig at a pub in Bristol. They are lovely girls (I am not just talking physically, although they are very pretty) and do such an energetic live performance of what is best described at 'feel good rock music' that I cannot fathom why they aren't much bigger.
  9. Retset

    What are you listening to?

    Something different from me. I know I mainly post metal but I am getting back into Blues Rock stuff as well at the moment. Going to see The Kris Barras Band in Bristol early next year. They have only two albums out so far but both are corkers if you like this sort of music.
  10. Retset

    The ONE bucket wash!!!

    CarPro Ech02, which I use, is pretty much the same stuff as ONR. I don't know if it saves water or not but, for me, the main thing is how quick it is to drag out the hose and make up about 5l of wash solution, rather than 2 massive buckets and a pressure washer to connect up. Also, rinse water can look pretty dirty after a while so I truly believe there is less dirt in the hose rinsed short pile mitt than there is in my long pile mitt whooshed round in dirty water! Having tried this method a few times, I am converted. If the car is minging and needs foaming first, I connect up the PW, do all the good foam stuff, put away the PW, click on my Hozelock multispray, fill my small bucket and do the one bucket wash. Of course, there are other one bucket methods like the Gary Deane one - he puts a number of MF cloths in the soapy bucket. Then, each cloth comes out and is used only once on each facing and is then put aside to be washed. I get the concept but it needs a whole load of cloths and washing machine time. One big bucket is not wasted as it neatly holds all the wheel products, mitts and brushes. The other holds some regularly used bottles like Reload. The grit guards are handy as they save me reaching too far into the buckets
  11. Retset

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    Suddenly, I am getting them, including a few back dated ones! Thanks for the work on fixing them.
  12. Retset

    My new car!

    Something nice like PS4. 225/40 R18 is a popular size and it's usually possible to find a selection of premium tyres as a 4 set on Black Circles for about £400. In contrast, the RFT 235/40 R19's on my 520d were over £200 a corner. IKR! I only have 1200 miles on it so far but still happy with the choice. As well as the oomph, it's ability to drive gently, surfing the 520d equalling torque is also appreciated, especially by the family!
  13. Retset

    My new car!

    It's pretty sleepy round here sanjx and it doesn't have keyless to be hacked remotely so I am not too worried. I think if I was regularly going to big, smoky cities I might be a bit more concerned. I am at the unenviable age where car insurance is cheap but I have to say my mouth fell open when I found this is over £40 a year cheaper than my lesser value F11 520d! Road tax is £20 more so you can see just how sensible I have been
  14. Retset

    OBD II to ethernet cable - SOLD

    I've apologised to both the fine people above but I fell foul of the no forum notifications and haven't been on for a while. Sold to Andrew.
  15. Retset

    My new car!

    Apologies but it's taken me a while to get round to putting on a couple of photos of my 520d replacement; a Golf R estate. I remember vividly reading an article in a car magazine (EVO I guess), a few years ago and seeing the Golf R (which would have been too small in the boot for us) was now coming out as an estate. I was very excited and told everybody who would listen (so almost nobody) that this would be my next car. Of course, it wasn't and I bought a 520d Touring which, in fairness to it, was a very nice car indeed. However, the rear tyres spontaneously exploded (I must post about this) and it was inconveniently large so I went back to plan A and looked for a Golf R estate. Somehow, I kept adding to a budget I barely had and ended up with an 8 mile pre-reg. Bog standard apart from the lovely Lapiz paint. Over the BMW, I gain a huge amount of performance, 4WD, CarPlay and a spare wheel. I lose the powered tailgate, semi keyless and the H&K. The latter is noticeable on the motorway so I will probably get the Helix stereo upgrade which is subs, amp and DSP under the boot floor that plugs into the original stereo wiring loom. Boot/passenger room, comfort etc. all very similar to the F11 but it's almost exactly the same size as my previous E91. Needless to say, I really like the car a lot. It's performance is mega in a slightly turbo lagged massive mid range shove sort of way. It may share the 0-60 in 4.8 of my Elise but the Elise does it in a more high revving NA way. It's a luxury indeed to have two cars that go about the same numbers in totally different ways. Having given both some fast drives in the last week, I do think the Elise is the better driver's car but the Golf does very well for something that has 4 seats, creature comforts and a massive boot! I am a fan of the fast changes of the 7 speed DSG. Like any DSG, you have to make sure the gearbox knows what you are likely to want so that's it's pre-selected but, assuming you do, there is a really fast change and, depending on mode switches and level of commitment, maybe a fart from the exhaust! Nothing I want to change apart from maybe the stereo upgrade. The 18's are staying as they give a good ride/handling compromise (much like the F11 on M suspension and 19s) and a new set of premium tyres is 'only' £400.