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  1. bigpow

    SuperDave RIP

    What a sad sad loss. I remember him telling us about the cancer but like all things in life, time move fast so quickly. Thoughts are with you and the family at this time Peter. RIP Super Dave.
  2. bigpow

    730d f01 I year on 20,000 miles

    Just a quick update. Over the last year the car has been an awesome place to be. On a run you get 40mpg my average has been 36 with mostly motorway and country roads. It's goes well but it's like asking your mam to run down shops... Ride, once the runflats are ditched it's awesome comfortable and quiet. If I was to order new I'd keep. Sunroof, comfort seats, soft close doors and the colours black leather and space grey... I've used the DVD player twice, adaptive lights are a laugh lol and the original 5 digit post code a bit useless (now upgraded). I bought it because it had all the kit of a 5 but felt like a better deal 5 people and kit not a problem It's left me down once which may have been my fault with a water problem with a relay. Servicing was about £350 for 20,000 miles Most prob lost 4k in a year in value. It's now on 44k so loads of life in it and I don't see me selling it till 80k Upgrades this year might be sport wheels but the reality is it looks right out of the box. I would advise anyone to get one but with low mileage...
  3. A police friend put this up and my take on it is to do away with fines, double the points. If your caught speeding then you pay higher insurance. If you kill a child for speeding where you shouldn't be then you'll pay for it for the rest of your life...I think he should have been done for obstruction myself, but only my opinion...
  4. My mate might be selling his I8 if your interested you can knock people down without them knowing. I've got another one selling a V8 R8... they know when your coming with that one. Myself id get an old interceptor and spend 30k on it fitting an M5 engine and running gear... Then get the interior re-trimmed with a banging stereo system. Similar to this... Jenson R - 150 to 180k
  5. bigpow

    RIP Donut

    Another bright light has left us but won't be forgotten. RIP D.
  6. There's good and bad in everyone. Myself I come from the white and fat variety. The above could be constrained as racist because I'm signifying the fact that I'm white. But in the sun I become red. The media plays a massive part in sometimes adding fuel to the fire. but there will always be issues even if everyone was identical. This is human nature in some people that couldn't live with themselves let alone others. Trash in all society at all levels if you seen how student doctors live you heal yourself.
  7. bigpow

    In memory of Donut

  8. bigpow

    RIP Donut

    Poor bugger, RIP Daz.
  9. bigpow

    Tell me about E60/61 vs E39

    E60 530d sport nice low mile facelift. They are a nice place to be. 40mpg Or e39 530 sport petrol 28mpg Or 320d e90 50mpg (more chuck able). All have faults as we know I had both and the 320 felt nearly the same size as the 530 petrol
  10. bigpow

    Tell me about Audi rs4's...

    Get a z4m and a new pug boxer van for work D... All sorted, 4x4's are for farms and dirt tracks. V8's are for sound But an m engine in go kart form ...
  11. bigpow

    Roofer elusive after work

    Tom don't mince your words. You can allways find out where he lives and pay him a visit to provide some personal feed back... There's some prize ones out there.
  12. bigpow

    Write offs...

    I've got a cat D in the family... Saved 30% at least on book price...
  13. bigpow

    House move problems - any advice please.

    Nothing is bought until exchange of contracts. You need to find out if it's stopped moving if so you could pour a new floor in the garage and sort the roof. The asbestos is expensive to dispose of Need pics really...
  14. Now, some of us are starting to get grey pubes... What car would you have to make you smile and cry lol... Some of us already have nice toys, but they can add bigger boys toys as well Bentley Db9 Masaratti grand T 997 996 turbo Brabus Tvr sagaris New m5 640 convertible Panamera Rs8 Xkr Stripped out Holden with side exhaust Scooby 2.8 Capri Jenson interceptor Mk10 jag Skyline 760i (and petrol station) Running costs and crap build must be taken into consideration
  15. bigpow

    Pressure washers - any recommendations?

    Nilfisk have metal pumps so less chance of splitting... Look on hot uk deals...
  16. Mo There's a r21 turbo on eBay at the mo phase 1 I think in white...
  17. Renault 21 turbo on there. I used to love them and only 30 left in the uk ???? How mad is that
  18. Lotus carlton (maybe a bit more lol)... I just had a look Mr2 mk1 Mini Land Rover Rover sd1 VP 37k miles Volvo wedge Loads of odd and interesting kit on there
  19. I seen a Renault feguo not long back for 3k lol. Calibra 4x4 turbo or v6 unloved but they are the cars that become uncommon
  20. Manta, Astra gte, gt4 celica, Clio sport,
  21. bigpow

    Dying leather, anyone done it, any tips?

    You can get the grey back to nearly new. Do a search .
  22. Yeah that doesn't help one bit lol
  23. bigpow

    Piston Heads Delight !

    I don't know Rhodri but I've seen the car about.. I'll try and make the next one..
  24. bigpow

    Piston Heads Delight !

    Paulie, I live in Carmarthen so quite local lol. I'll bring the z4 over on the next meet. I know where that is now lol. Pow