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    Previous BMW's:
    '83 525i Auto, '96 - '98
    '87 528i Auto, '98 - '01
    '91 525i Auto, '01 - '03
    '95 525tds Auto 2003
    '87 528i Auto, '03 - '08 (Converted to 3.5 Motronic)
    '86 m535i, breaker
    '86 635CSi manual, '04 - '06
    '86 M635CSi, 2007
    e28 M5 no.8, '07 - '08
    '87 535i SE Auto, 2012
    '84 Bronzitbeige 525e, '15 - '16
    '95 Daytona Violet 318ti Compact, 2017
    ‘91 Glacier Blue 735i, 2017/18
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  1. That’s a reasonable four figure e28, which you don’t often see these days. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1719942284873382
  2. I went and had a look at that e28 in 2013 when it was priced at £8950. I found the manner of the proprietor quite unnerving. Can’t put my finger on it but he seemed to invade my personal space somewhat, and I found myself looking for the nearest exit. The car didn’t appear to have moved for a long time and in my view would be a nightmare to own. The issues would just keep coming no matter how much money you threw at it. It’s been on 12.5k for 3 or 4 years now, so is probably due for a hike. Any bets on what his new price would be?! My guess would be circa 20k.
  3. I ran them for years with Dunlop SP Sport TD2000 230/55/R390 rubber as fitted to late e34s. They could be got for circa £100 each in the noughties but might be getting a bit scarce now. None of the fitters mentioned any issues mating them with the rims and they seemed to work well. Slightly increased rolling radius I think so bushes needed to be tip top.
  4. Hmmm, yes I was wondering about that - and expressed some reservations. My e32 is maybe not mint but in pretty good shape for a 27 year old car and I'm in no hurry to roll it over for a money pit. Anyone around there that could have a look for me?!
  5. I'm in 'talks' with the seller. Problem for me is that he is in Devon and I am in Scotland. I've been enjoying the seven but the call of the e28 is loud! And this one looks the part. Apart from colour it is a ringer for D501EYY which I bought in September 1998, and D804GYH which I bought in October 2003 - now both sadly no more. now if I can just persuade him that an e32 is something he should 'have some fun with'...
  6. How about this one, is that genuine? http://www.suffolksportscars.com/EEX759.php?permalink=alpina
  7. tdk

    1995 318Ti M Technic (Sport) 'Individual' £650.

    Sold! Didn't go very far, just over the hill to a forum member. Think it's gone to a good home...
  8. tdk

    1995 318Ti M Technic (Sport) 'Individual' £650.

    This is available again, same Ts and Cs as when advertised by Andy. It is however now in Scotland near Edinburgh. it's been fun to drive, although I have avoided freshly salted roads, but I've plumped for an e32 and 'Jose' as my kids have named it needs to find a new home. Theres nothing really wrong with it, a few 'quirks' as you would expect with most 20 plus year old cars. Off the top of my head a clicking relay when you first turn on the ignition and the horn works by pressing a cruise control stalk. There's no cruise control but Andy couldn't make the horn buttons connect on the 8 series steering wheel he put in it. PM me if interested.
  9. http://www.angliacarauctions.co.uk/en/classic-auctions/latest-classic-car-catalogue/saturday-28th-january-2017/1974-bmw-e3-30-s-lhd/ This looks really nice. I 've been trying to go and look at it, but unfortunately not been able due to it being in Kings Lynn which is pretty out of the way. Probably a good thing as I would probably want it and be tempted to make a absentee bid, which might be successful and then my problems would really start. Perhaps it might be of interest to someone else here?
  10. tdk

    1995 318Ti M Technic (Sport) 'Individual' £650.

    It's mine now! Not a five and certainly nothing like an e28 but this is a great little car. I actually wanted an e36 in 1995 before I had my first (of seven) e28. My boss had a common or garden 318i four door as a company car back in the good old days when RBS wanted to be one of the four biggest banks in the world. One of us got what we wanted! Good to meet you, Andy.
  11. tdk


    Count me in too, I'm without e28 at the moment and always keen to get an eye full. Ton has my old eta and I'm only in Inverkeithing so would be great to meet you and see one of your toys.
  12. tdk

    The Story of my 528i SE

    Add my name to the list for originality. Even down to a period Blaupunkt. I did enough messing around cutting holes in parcel shelves and playing around with suspension in my youth, now I want it as BMW intended. I also have a thing for metric rims, particularly the bottle tops for the lower models and the M535i only ones which were on my chrome bumper one. For years I ran Dunlop SP2000 230/55/r390s on them which were original fit on late e34s and then available for circa £100 each. None of the fitters ever had an issue putting TD tyres on a TRX rim.
  13. tdk

    The Story of my 528i SE

    Is it this one; http://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C783210
  14. tdk

    The Story of my 528i SE

    Where's the 525e advertised?
  15. tdk

    The story of an e28

    What exactly does 'project' mean?! To be honest I'm not exactly flush with time or money with a new job starting in two weeks which will mean six weeks away from home training and a pay cut, although I get to be based back at my local airport once the initial training is complete. Not that I'm pleading poverty! Just need to concentrate on what's important- family and full understanding of my new tools of the trade. I would have really loved a low mileage Royal Metalic Blue 520i in superb original condition but with a rather smelly interior. But I am susceptible to suggestion...