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  1. fellie

    Triumph street triple R

    Well as part of my resettlement package and leaving the RAF after 23 years in 2015, I took my full motorbike license. Had the Honda cbr600f as my first bike for a year, and the triumph 675 I've had almost a year now. Anyone else consider themself a biker?
  2. fellie

    Hello bmw5forum

    Hi all, nice to see the forum still flourishing ! Once more I find myself perusing e60's on autotrader. Nothing wrong with my insignia, apart from it being horendously uninvolving, it's neither bad or particularly good at anything Oh and after 4 years I'm bored of it haha. What would you guys that own \ have owned an e60\61 recommend engine wise. Cheers
  3. fellie

    Hello bmw5forum

    Possible purchase made... Not a BMW :S
  4. fellie

    Triumph street triple R

    Lincoln's a long way from anywhere
  5. fellie

    Triumph street triple R

    www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/lincolnshire-road-safety-partnership/motorcycling/performance-plus/120336.article £99 I have a feeling if I start track says I'd never stop lol. And that's probably be same if and when I try a litre bike, there'll be no going back haha.
  6. fellie

    Triumph street triple R

    Excellent !! Lots of travelling, very envious. The triple is great, the inline 4 bored me within a month, the triple has power from very low down, love it. I'll be at donington on 22 mar, bsb practice day. Early May I'm doing a ' performance plus' course at cadwell park ; half classroom and half track and slow skills etc. Did it 2 years ago and found it useful.
  7. fellie

    RIP Donut

    Sad news. You'll never meet a nicer guy. RIP Darren. Thanks for the last 13 years buddy.
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  9. Well CAR magazine says so !! Even beats the Coupe position wise I'd have at least 7 of those 10 in my lottery winners garage
  10. fellie

    Hello, I'm new :D

    Hello all, Not new as such Thought I'd pop my head in and wish you all a Merry Chrsitmas and Happy New year.
  11. fellie

    Hello, I'm new :D

    Both Duncan, you were right lol. Divorce, ops, moving ( house and job x 3 ).... to much to list lol. H&J Frank, there for lunch today actually, I'm guessing your local ?
  12. fellie

    Hello, I'm new :D

    Back to 5s ... Not sure, been in this Insignia Sri cdti 2010 with 50k since January, equivalent 5 would have been a 2005 /6 plate .... So maybe when I change jobs at 40 ( in a years time )
  13. fellie

    red E34 525 TD

    with the distinctive '525 TD ' plate today north east of Lincoln looked very tidy and straight
  14. fellie

    What is everyone up to...right now?

    Drinking pints of spicy and coke on an empty stomach ....
  15. fellie

    How do I remove a snapped bolt?

    Failing that, drill then tap it out. Or.. how many threads available, shortened bolt ?
  16. fellie

    Number plates

    Just had new plates made up, all legal ( postcode and BS numbers ), £24 inc p+p, top quality ebay number 220284048423 Ordered 8pm Tuesday, arrived 2pm Thursday
  17. fellie

    Karcher Pressure Washers

    Pressure washer to remove initial dirt, and wet the car. Snowfoam to absorb / lift anything more stubborn. Blast that off. Wash the car, mitt of some description, not a sponge ! Blast again with pressure washer. Uses less water than a hose with better and faster results
  18. fellie

    Happy Birthday Mr Donut

    As old as me again mate ATB
  19. fellie

    Inconsiderate Parking

    Good luck when you find yourself in a situation that requires you to use on of these parking spots, and some 'yoof' in a nice car has taken the spot There are equal arguements for both sides of the story, car parks should simply have requisite sized spaces. There is no excuse then for damaging another vehicle, (because yet again, your struggling in a standard sized space to extract children / the mobility challenged). If anyone knows of a childminding service available in the Lincoln area, Ill gladly not take my kids to the supermarket ever again ( in reality.. I do it all online for that very reason ) Seems a few people need to put their tar brushes away to, never have I parked blocking traffic, even if it means hauling a wheelchair for a mile, or simply not going to the shop .. .my attitude was pretty selfish as seen above, before we found ourselves in the current ( long term ) situ and had to take the wife out in the car. I wouldn't wish anyone to genuinely need a blue badge ( seems many don't that actually do have it ) ... but seriously ladies !!
  20. fellie

    Inconsiderate Parking

    Being a user of both the disabled, and 'mother and child' spaces.. I'd bet a fair whack on the only people complaining about said spaces are those that don't have to use them !! I'd like to challenge such people to get an adult in a wheelchair, a 3 and 7 year old boy safely out of the car parked in a regular spot, across our local supermarket car park, because yet again, there's no free suitable space ! Happens a lot, because the few spaces that are available are always full, possibly by those that don't have an ounce of compassion .. despite numerous letters to the supermakret explaining the situation, we now frequent a different 'brand' Y'can't whine about a dent in your car door, if your the sort of inconsiderate $%&"^$£ that uses a mother and baby space, ( designed specifically for such users to open their door fully to extract a brat ) or a disabled bay and left them no option to park in a regular bay ( yes I realise that there's no dents forthcoming if your already parked in that kind of bay ) Ideally, as mentioned already, car parking spaces would be of the correct size for all ... but it's all about packing the punters in for maximum profit :S
  21. fellie

    Detailing costs. Trial thread.

    Trial thread for posting up experiences of detailing costs. Please post within the guidelines of the forum rules.
  22. fellie

    Scam or not?

    Something's not right ... Personally Tris, I'd thoroughly ignore him .
  23. fellie

    Threaded bolts on sump?

    Pair of snips behind bolt head if possible, turn bolt whilst increasing pressure with jaws.
  24. fellie

    Heater blow power is carp.

    Climate filter blocked up ?
  25. fellie

    BMW M1 epic detailing!

    Why don't BMW make anything like this anymore.... Be a perfect shape to introduce more of BMW's 'green technology' into ?