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  1. Trisman

    Any Laywers on here

    Is it letters of administration (as there's no will) or just a letter accepting how the estate is being divided up? If the latter, surely you can do that yourself? (Or is it Italians being Italian, ie: super-bureaucratic?!). Best to avoid most Lawyers if at all possible, so I can understand why you're asking on here...
  2. Trisman

    DVLA FORMS doing my ed in :)

    They're a clear as mud aren't they... I used to do this crap at the local DVLA offices, but Hey...! They closed all those... You can't do it at post offices, unless they've changed the rules? (Can you imagine the poor sod behind the PO counter knowing what to do with these damn forms?). Basically, as long as your name and address is on the form in the Grantee boxes and nothing is in the Nominee boxes, you should be fine. You can add a Nominee when you sell the plate.
  3. Trisman

    Need a nice Touring

    ^ ^ Dunno! But as it's a much thinner fluid, it could be better on cold days? Likewise, I don't know whether brake fluid would be an option. This stuff is thinner, but brake fluid is also thinner than ATF & is mineral based... The stuff specified (Aeroshell 41) is apparently used in aircraft undercarriage systems. Dunno what that says about lubrication qualities, but surely it should have good low temperature performance?
  4. Trisman

    People who refuse to learn car basics.

    ^ ^ Go on, I'd love to see the comments...!
  5. Trisman

    Bl**dy Vandals!

    Barsteward. I hope they catch him... If they're a local, things like this have a habit of coming out.. Bragging in the pub, a 'guess what I did'.... A story about sad kids who can't play footie & the shear expense of repairs in the local press might start something going. So, a charge of criminal damage & a bill for some landscaping. Maybe next time they'll buy a f"%&ing field....
  6. Trisman

    People who refuse to learn car basics.

    ^ Classic! (710 cap). I think I've remembered how this starts... Years ago, at school, aged about 12~13? we were given the task of drawing a cut-away to show how something worked, with labels etc... A mate did a cut-away of a car. It showed an engine, with a pipe running to the rear for the exhaust. My mate genuinely thought that cars were pushed along by the exhaust gasses.... But we were kids. There are probably a few adults, with licences, who believe something similar.... Scary. These people have jobs & walk amongst us...
  7. Trisman

    Need a nice Touring

    CHF fluid? I think that's the stuff for old Jags (XJ40s) & some Citroens? Thick green stuff IIRC. It's also synthetic, the stuff for the tailgate ram is mineral based. I've no idea what would happen if (say) ATF was used in the tailgate system, but when I looked into it, there were enough warnings about not using it to make it worthwhile searching out the correct stuff. It's a lot thinner than ATF (& what I recall of CHF) & I read warnings about seals & grenaded pumps, so why not use the proper stuff? Plus, the pump was either about £800 or £2,000, so if it had failed, some normal boot rams would have replaced it. Not as much fun... (Boot goes up, boot goes down... Boot goes up, boot goes down. Repeat until the thermal cut-out engages... Sad D'oh... )
  8. Trisman

    New road tax rules

    The yellow slip being sent back (to notify the DVLA that the car's been passed to a trader) has the same effect regards tax as the main part of the V5c being returned to Swansea. In other words, the old keeper gets a refund of the tax. If the dealer wants to use the vehicle on the road, they either have to use trade-plates or tax it in their name. If they do the latter, another keeper is recorded. Also, if the dealer does tax it, (& hence register it in their name) when it gets sold, the new keeper still has to tax it & the dealer gets a refund. There's a long thread about this issue on the DVLA's consultation/Q&A web page. Dealers were not happy.... Unfortunately, there's no way around it, except for the old keeper to give the entire V5c (with all the supplement, inc. the yellow slip) to the dealer.
  9. Trisman

    People who refuse to learn car basics.

    ^ ^ Good Girl!! At least she's prepared to get her hands (well, gloves) dirty! A friend of mine destroyed her Jeep Cherokee because, despite me going on about it, she never checked the oil... She though it got done at the MoT!! Turned out the thing hadn't actually been serviced for years, it's a wonder it ran at all! So, embarrassed by that experience, she panicked when her Peugeot showed nine bars on the ten bar oil level indicator. "I can do this, I am WOMAN & I am smart..!" So, she filled it with oil. As in, to the top of the valve cover. Fortunately, it wouldn't start.. So she then called me & the AA followed soon after. At least she tried!! But I've kinda given up. I try to explain the basic, common-sense stuff, but I can feel the pain as the life dies-out & the eyes start to glaze-over... Also, the power steering felt funny on a Subaru. Turned out the offside front tyre was down to just over 10 PSI, after a trip to Chester... Still not as bad as a mate who got sick of topping up the water in his (leaking..) rad, so he just stopped. So did the car, permanently, soon afterwards... And another mate was pleased when the back brakes stopped squealing so badly. Because the backing plate of the completely worn-out pad wore through & the piston didn't make quite as much noise as it wore itself & the wreaked disc. Eventually the piston popped-out & he was moaning how much a new pair of calipers, discs & pads cost.......
  10. Trisman

    Need a nice Touring

    This stuff: Weird, thin purple stuff. Loads left if anyone needs some.
  11. Trisman

    Need a nice Touring

    ^ ^ Yup! Apparently ATF is too thick & it wreaks the pump pretty rapidly. I got the info online somewhere, I'll have to have a look & see if I can find the link(s). The stuff you're supposed to use is an aircraft spec. fluid. It is surprisingly thin & ludicrously expensive if you get it from BMW. I got some from a specialist aviation fluid supplier. It came in a 1 litre tin & cost less than £20 inc. post. I think I may have some left. (The pump didn't take much!). EDIT: I think they're positive displacement, reason I say is there is a pressure relief valve in the pump housing (called the emergency valve!). Given the pressure it probably needs to generate, (40 bar IIRC?) wouldn't it have to be positive displacement? As for the fluid spec, looks like its: AeroShell Fluid 4 Mineral Hydraulic Oil MIL-PRF-5606H
  12. Trisman

    Unable to log-in using Firefox.

    Yes, all working! I got the same screen on a computer at work. I always seem to be logged-on at home, so no issue there, though after first reading this thread I tried to log-out, but couldn't!!
  13. Trisman

    Need a nice Touring

    The pump in Tourings is identical to the ones in Saloons & it's more than adequate for lifting a bootlid, 'least when there is enough of the correct fluid in them! (They do not like power steering fluid!). As mentioned, the problem with the Touring's set-up is the crazy angle through which the ram has to apply force to the hinge to lift the tailgate. On saloons, there is a decent distance between the pivot point and the mount for the ram. On Tourings, the mount is very close to the pivot, hence the need for substantial reinforcement & the marginal operation on initial powered opening. The hydraulic pistons & springs that hold the tailgate open on standard, non-powered tailgates are pretty hefty, when they fail (as on my car...) you get a good idea of just how much work they have to do to keep the damn thing open when you try to lift the unassisted tailgate... A more powerful pump might start ripping things to bits!
  14. ^ Though FWIW., the tops of the front & rear bumpers stay chrome on earlier sports, on later ones the trim is body-colour. Ditto the door bottoms, black on most cars, on later ones they're body colour. Early SE cars seem to have black sills? Dunno if that was carried over to past the introduction of Sports, but no sports had black sills, they're all body colour too. (Black cars excluded!) My old Imola E38 728i Sport is back on eBay FWIW. (link) That should give an idea of what's black, what gets left alone & the bits that are body-coloured. Front grill is aftermarket, it should be black surround with chrome slats.
  15. Trisman

    E39 slip ring.

    ^ ^ You can't modify the slip-ring, you have to modify the wheel. The hole for the wires etc. needs to be enlarged & some of the meat around the hub taking off.